Girl Pawer in Dierenrijk Nuenen

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28.3.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

Now the gender of Frimas’ babies has been revealed – they both are girls! They have no names yet but let’s hope the cutie pies will have nice unique names.

A wonderful family portrait of the proud mother with her baby girls.

 photo 55653388_2073332089387048_2137827955928203264_n.jpg

The small ‘power girls’ still need lots of closeness to mama.

 photo 54080403_2522608567768577_2606562248319041536_n.jpg

 photo 54437471_2524118707617563_2464441372472508416_o.jpg

What could be a more secure hiding place than under mama’s belly? 🙂

 photo 53786348_2521157554580345_5807401400350539776_o.jpg

Nobody wants to challenge my mother!


 photo 54516400_2519610768068357_2586119651394060288_n.jpg

It’s obvious that ‘Restaurant Frimas’ is a very popular hangout for the girls.

 photo 55711555_2533521346677299_442745745930452992_n.jpg

Mama, you’re tickling me! 🙂

 photo 54523646_2525617627467671_5005849705645604864_o.jpg

Wrestling is perfect exercise for us …..

 photo 55892489_2533522963343804_7883596283523366912_n.jpg

…. bu our small fights are just for fun. We love each other  and spend even a lot of time cuddling and hugging.

 photo 54798692_2522608001101967_9221079409081974784_n.jpg

All you need is love!

 photo 54277997_2515040051858762_3051243628635619328_n.jpg

Hey! There’s something interesting …..

 photo 55549683_2527133557316078_6019982146695856128_n.jpg

Wait for me, sis!

 photo 55816579_2524118384284262_7327797789952311296_n.jpg

Shall we wet our paws?

 photo 53905705_2513511322011635_1365927371110088704_n.jpg

Oh bear, do you see what I see?

 photo 53847870_2513510492011718_156655951414296576_o.jpg

There’s an utter sitting on a small island!

 photo 54435433_2524115527617881_5963877268081082368_o.jpg

….. and here are more polar bears …. hmmm, maybe they’re not polar bears …. their paws look different from ours!

 photo 55468436_2533523906677043_28556365672742912_o.jpg

There are  many sweet animals in the Dierenrijk Nuenen. May we present two of them for you?

 photo 10940455_999797093383073_5407649621878197144_n.jpg

You’ll find more photos by Hans Muskens here

Dear Hans! Thank you so much for another fantastic series of photos!

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  1. Dieses Jahr haben wir viele Mädchen.
    Die Kleinen sind sehr aktiv. Frimas
    kann stolz sein auf ihre Kinder !

  2. Mervi,

    das Vergnügen mit zwei Zwillingspärchen ist wunderbar und eins ist süßer als das andere.
    Das Bild Nr. 2 ist so berührend.
    Die Kleinen haben viel zu entdecken und haben auch niedliche Nachbarskinder!

    Danke an dich und Hans Muskens für den schönen Beitrag!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    This double cuteness must certainly enchant the visitors in Dierenriyk Nuenen.

    Since male polar bears in zoos often have a difficult life and have to travel several times in their function as a sperm donor when they have grown up, I´m happy these sweeties are girls…

    Frimas looks somehow tired on some pics. This is quite understandable since twins always mean a challenge and accelerated effort for their mothers.
    I liked the utter, the tiny white goats and the fluffy raccoons too.
    Thank you for sharing!


  4. Diese Zweier- bzw. Dreiergespann ist auch ein sehr erfreulicher Anblick und wie es scheint ein munteres Trio. Und wieder gibt es einen neuen (Foto-)Reportr in KWM: Danke Hans MUSKENS – das sind alles SEHR schöne Aufnahmen, auch die vom Oterchen, den süßen 3 weißen Zicklein und den putzigen Waschbären!

  5. Lieber Hans, danke für all die entzückenden Bilder! Die Maedels sind so suess und quirlig, wie all die Babies heuer und die Mamas haben ganz schön viel zu tun..

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  6. Dear Mervi and Hans
    Frimas certainly will have her hands full with two girls as I know from my visits to Milak in Aalborg.
    I hope to get to see them myself some time this year.
    In the meantime the photos and story are wonderful

  7. dear Mervi and dear Hans,
    thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures from the Dierenrijk Nuenen
    I never saw such a picture a Mother bear with her cub in her paws, this is so tender and lovely, so sweet
    the Polar bear family look so nice and also the other dear animals are lovely,I like all the pictures
    dear greetings