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2.3.2019 – Photos by Anna Novikova

While we’re waiting for the day when Gerda decides to present her twins to the visitors I want to show you some great photos of Kai and some other lovely animals.

Kai doesn’t know he has become a father again.

 photo kaj2_1.jpg

It looks like he’s looking for Gerda ….

 photo kaj3_1.jpg

…. but he has to wait quite a while until he can meet the lady of his heart again. Not in the same enclosure anyway. Maybe he’ll be able to catch sight of his family anyway.

 photo kaj5_1.jpg

Snow is such a comfortable bed – what a pity it will melt away later in the Spring. 🙂 Well, the two legged creatures may have another opinion of this. 🙂

 photo kaj7.jpg

 photo kaj8.jpg

 photo kaj6.jpg

The snow leopard looks especially beautiful against the White background.

 photo 52744613_2282887128702594_8527520737139884032_n.jpg

The cold snow keeps the meat fresh.

 photo 51747281_2282887815369192_6437276616509882368_n.jpg

 photo 51968863_2282888085369165_47087212524732416_n.jpg

What a cute pink tongue! 🙂

 photo 52123783_2282887445369229_5041907996204990464_n.jpg

This leopard have decorated his head with snow.

 photo 52544877_2283805148610792_3043722256137060352_n.jpg

I love these photos of the wild cat!

 photo 51956019_2283099415348032_1265708861923262464_n.jpg

 photo 52407066_2283099445348029_4355054803299074048_n.jpg

Not all animals like the cold Winter weather but prefer to stay in their warm ‘rooms’. This mandrill seems to be quite satisfied with the snacks.

 photo 52713795_2283691638622143_436773297552621568_n.jpg

The cute marmoset is waiting for the catering service.

 photo 51984812_2283691515288822_4354248071001931776_n.jpg

Hmmm, is this really eatable?

 photo 52001222_2283691505288823_5988961736810561536_n.jpg

Oh yes, this is very yammy!

 photo 51863762_2283691688622138_4737325326642708480_n.jpg

This was all from Novosibirsk today and Kai says ‘bye bye’. I hope we can soon see photos of Gerda and her babies. Dear Anna, thank you so much for these fantastic photos!

 photo kaj1_1.jpg

 photo kaj10.jpg

 photo kaj9.jpg

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  1. Hallo vielen Dank Für die Schönen Fotos, Und alles Gute an Gerda mit den Zwei Bärchen.Hans Odermatt

  2. Dear Anna

    Thank you for the nice photos.
    I have a question about Kai.
    Is there a second enclosure
    for him, if Gerda and the
    babies will come out ? 🙂
    I hope so. I like the pics
    with the leopards in the
    snow – beautiful cats ! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  3. Liebe Anna,

    Kai ist ein prachtvoller Bär. Leider sind Eisbären keine guten Väter, deshalb ist es besser,
    wenn sie ihre Kindern nicht zu nahe kommen.

    NatĂĽrlich sind wir gespannt auf Gerda und ihre Zwillinge und vertreiben uns die Zeit bis dann mit
    den anderen hĂĽbschen Zoobewohnern in Novosibirsk. Die Wildkatze und der Schneeleopard fĂĽhlen
    sich im Schnee genauso wohl wie die Eisbären.

    Danke fĂĽr die tollen Fotos und liebe GrĂĽĂźe!

  4. Dear Anna!
    The photos you took are simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them!
    Kai is a handsome and quite impressive polar bear and seems to feel good on his bed of snow.
    I wonder if he could smell his offspring?

    The pics of the other inhabitants of this zoo are beautiful too, whether the lovely snow leopard or the splendid leopard, the fluffy manul or the thermophilic apes.
    My sweetheart is the pretty manul since I love these cats!

    I would like to join the good wishes for Gerda and her kids!


  5. Dear Anna!
    Thank you for the pictures from the zoo Novosibirsk. You have still the winter.
    Kai is an impressive bear. Unfortunately he will stay alone for about 2 years. I hope he will get many toys in this time.
    The big cats look wonderful in the snow.

  6. Dear Anna,

    thanks for winterreport with wonderful snow- and animalpictures.

    And also thanks to you Mervi.

    Hugs Inge aus Cph

  7. dear Anna,
    thank you very much for all these wonderful pictures of the lovely animals from Zoo Novosibirsk, what a great wintertime
    Kai looks very good and strong and so do all the other dear animals. Kai I like to see how you enjoy this cosy time.
    dear Mervi thank you for sharing with us
    dear greetings to you both

  8. Liebe Anna, liebe Mervi,

    das sind wieder sehr schöne Fotos von Kai im Schnee.

    Aber auch die Großkatzen, besonders die Schneeleoparden sind wunderschön.
    Die Ă„ffchen bleiben lieber in der warmen Stube. Recht haben sie.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  9. Dear Mervi and Anna
    Thank you for the photos of the snow and the beautiful animals.
    I am sure that the keepers and visitors in Novosibirsk will do their best to keep Kai occupied.