Tonja’s baby has made her first tour outside the den!

Mar 15th, 2019 | By | Category: Tierpark Friedrichsfelde 2019

15.3.2019 – Source: Tierpark Berlin

Today Tonja and her baby girl have been ‘rehearsing’ for the big event tomorrow. The cubbie is very mobile and curious so mama Tonja will be busy keeping an eye on her.

The baby took some very determined steps when she came out with her mama.

 photo outing6.jpg

I don’t know if the baby fell in the water or jumped in but luckily mama was nearby to help her.

 photo outing5_1.jpg

Of course, Tonja was keeping an eye on her furry treasure all the time.

 photo outing4.jpg

A little help from mama was needed when the baby got up from the water.

 photo outing3.jpg

After the swimming it was nice to cuddle with mama on a comfortable mulch bed.

 photo outing2_1.jpg

A little bear girl needs lots of nourishment so mama’s milk bar is always open.

 photo outing1.jpg

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  1. Wonderful pictures and sweet film from Tierpark. A proud caring mother and a wonderful little cub.

    Thanks dear Mervi for showing.

    I hope to see the little one in Copenhagen to-morrow. It is “you can bring a guest-day”. Unfortunately it is cold and rainy.

    Weekendgreetings to all here

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    da warst Du ja mal wieder schnell. Die Kleine ist ein quirliges kleines Mädchen, und Tonja einfach eine fürsorgliche Mama.

    Toll, wie sie ihre erste Schwimmstunde meisterte.
    Überhaupt gibt sich die kleine Maus so, als wäre sie schon etwas länger auf der Außenanlage.

    Heute Vormittag wurde die Kleine der Presse vorgestellt. Es war sehr viel Presse vor Ort. Wir Besucher durften natürlich nicht rein.

    Gegen 12.00 Uhr war die Presse weg, und die Besucher durften ans Gehege. Es waren ja nur ganz wenige Besucher da. Und ich war auch dabei. Dann habe ich heute schon 2 Stunden bei Tonja und der Kleinen verbracht. Dann fing es an zu regnen, und Tonja und Kind schliefen im Mulch. Es war einfach schöööööön. Ich habe viele Bilder und Videos gemacht.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Ich bin einfach nur hin und weg und freu mich auch so für Tonja!!!

    LG Brigitte.

  4. Dear Mervi!
    These are for sure beautiful and heartwarming impressions of Tonja and her little daughter at their first excursion outside the den. I´m happy for Tonja that she could go for a walk and take a bath with her daughter.
    Everything seemed to go well but I´m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Today I read an interview with Dr. Knieriem in the “Berliner Zeitung”. Now I´m really upset because he leaves the door open to stop the keeping of polar bears in the Berlin Zoo after Kati´s passing…
    Hopefully this tradition in the Berlin Zoo will be continued as it was stated when Dr. Knieriem took office!

    We´ve already lost many beloved animals in the Zoo during the last five years and will probably loose some more in the nearer future. 🙁

    I´m worried.

  5. Dear Anke,

    It would really be very sad if the Berlin Zoo stops keeping polar bears. First the brown bears and now maybe even our white bears. NO, NO, NO!!!

    Why are all the zoos so eager to have pandas that cost so much money? I don’t think the sponsor money covers all the costs ….

  6. Was eine Wonne!

    Thank you very much, dear MERVI, for having been again the ‘kleine Hexe’ in informing your ‘KWM’-Readers/watchers.

    The little-one looks really like one canot other than fall in love with her. But Mama TONJA has a real challenge at her side with all those little ‘traps’ around like high rocks and deep waters . . . .


    Du bist ja nun auch unsere running ‘kleine Hexe’ – keine noch so kleine – und diesmal eine wahrlich wieder mal große und sensationelle – Neuigkeit entgeht Deinen hellhörigen Ohren, scharfen Äuglein und flinken Beinen/Reifen. MONIKA ist immer rechtzeitig zur Stelle und zückt die Kamera im richtigen Moment. . . . Da gibt’s ja wieder jede Menge zum Freuen demnächst – glaube ich – und hoffe ich – und danke Dir schon mal im Voraus für Deine kommenden Aktivitäten nicht nur zur eigenen, sondern auch zu unser aller unverdienten Profiteuren Freude!

  8. Ich habe die ganze Geschichte im Fernsehen geschaut.
    Tonjas Mädchen bewältigte ihre erste Tour auf der
    Anlage mit Bravour und war sogar im Wasser.
    Das lief doch alles prima ! 🙂

    MONIKA – dann können wir uns auf schönes
    Film- und Fotomaterial von dir freuen… 🙂

  9. Liebe Mervi!
    Das ist ja ein munteres Mädchen, die wird die Mama ganz schön auf Trab halten. Danke für die wunderbaren Bilder und ich freue mich auf Nachschub.

    Liebe Grüße und alles Gute nach Berlin,

  10. Liebe Mervi,
    Tonja macht das ganz super, die Kleine ist fit und das freut mich am meisten!
    Danke Dir für die ersten Bilder und Videos und ich freue mich auf Monikas Eindrücke und Videos.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  11. It is marvellous that at last Tonja is allowed to rear a healthy cub, and especially a smaller version of herself.

    London is similar to Berlin in that it has a city Zoo in Regent’s Park and a parkland Zoo called Whipsnade in Buckinghamshire outside the city. Until the 1970s both had Polar Bears like Berlin. Since the 1980s neither has kept them on grounds of cost and space.
    Instead the UK now has two purpose designed habitats for Polar Bears in Doncaster and Kincraig and the two London Zoos try to focus on animals which are seriously endangered and where they can provide modern enclosures.

    I remember saying to Doris Webb in the early days of the “Knut in Berlin” that based on London’s experience, Berlin would have to decide between the Zoo and the Tierpark or give up keeping Polar Bears. The Tierpark has plenty of space around its existing Polar Bear enclosure to build a mother/cub enclosure and a set aside enclosure behind the existing one, shielded by the rock, for a male Polar Bear while a cub was reared.

  12. Dear Ralph!
    Of course I have another point of view !
    You might not be surprised that people living in the western part of the city want the tradition of keeping polar bears in the Berlin Zoo will be continued!
    Not only since Knut and the ” Golden Girls” the visitors of the zoo simply love them and they are and always were iconic animals, more than for instance the cute but always sleepy and a bit boring giant pandas…

    And by the way the enclosure is bigger and – in my opinion – more attractive than in Friedrichsfelde and there are still possibilties for an enhancement.

    Added to this, since there are still much less visitors in the Tierpark and therefore less receipts it will last a long time before there is gained enough money to build an appropriate enclosure for the polar bears. So before then the Zoo could be a temporary quarter for a male, say Wolodja, after Kati´s passing…Certainly I hope she will stay with us any longer.

    Last but not least, when Dr. Knieriem took office it was stated by the guidance that there will always be polar bears in the Zoo.
    Hopefully they will keep this promise!