Lynn’s baby charms everybody

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1.3.2019 – Source: the Copenhagen Zoo

Lynn and her cubbie can now be seen in the old polar bear enclosure in the zoo daily. Of course, it’s mama Lynn who decides if they want to be out or stay indoors.

Shall we check what the world looks like today?

 photo lynnbaby2.jpg

Mama Lynn is guiding her baby bear.

 photo lynnbaby1.jpg

Sometimes she must help the baby with the ‘transport’. 🙂

 photo lynnbaby4.jpg

What a sweetie! What a cutie! What a lovely miracle!

 photo lynnbaby3.jpg


28.2.2019 – UPDATED at 13.45, Source: the Copenhagen Zoo, Ekstrabladet

Now I can finally present some photos of Lynn and her baby bear in the outer enclosure! I was a bit worried when I heard they would come out in one of the old enclosures which are not so suitable for a small cub. However, to my great pleasure I saw there are big haystacks in the moth and even other places so it looks now quite secure.

There were, of course, lots of reporters and visitors witnessing this special event. Exactly at 11.00 o’clock Lynn came out alone, took a look at the audience, sniffed the air and ran back to the den.

 photo ute5.jpg

Soon she came back and there the star of today was following her mama.

 photo ute6.jpg

There was even some snow for the bears.

Do I have to tell you that I immediately fell in love with the cutie pie ….

 photo ute7.jpg

When we visited the zoo last April we could see Nord and Lynn together. Maybe they were planning a nice furry surprise? Well, they certainly succeeded!

The baby didn’t seem to mind the big crowd of visitors but began to examine the ‘new world’ with great curiousity.

 photo ute8.jpg

 photo ute9.jpg

 photo ute10.jpg

 photo ute11.jpg

Naturally the cubbie stayed close to mama – or was it vice versa?

 photo ute12.jpg

Lynn looked quite relaxed but kept an eye on her baby all the time.

You can see a video even here


This morning Lynn’s cubbie was happily playing in the den before the first outing that took place at 11.00 o’clock. There were, of course, lots of reporters and visitors witnessing the baby bear’s first ‘public performance’ .

I watched the event ‘live’ but unfortunately the camera didn’t zoom in so it was impossible to make screen shots. I’m sure there will be photos later on and, naturally, I will show them here.

While we’re waiting – here are a couple of pics and a short video of the sweetie this morning.

 photo ute4.jpg

 photo ute1.jpg

 photo ute2.jpg

 photo ute3.jpg

It’s a tradition in the Copenhagen Zoo that on the International Polar Bear Day the polar bears will get ice on their enclosure. Yesterday Nord and Nöel could enjoy 1500 kg ice and there’s no doubt they loved the gift!

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    so ganz geheuer ist es dem Kleinen aber nicht draußen, denn das Protestgeschrei ist nicht zu ĂŒberhören.
    An dem Schneehaufen ist er aber schon sehr interessiert. Diesen am EisbĂ€rentag zu “servieren” ist eine schöne Tradition und wird von den BĂ€ren direkt als Reinigungsbad gerne angenommen.

    Danke, dass du fĂŒr uns live das Ereignis festgehalten hast!

  2. Liebe Mervi!

    Die kleine Maus ist so niedlich und Mama Lynn passt gut auf sie auf.
    Sie wird noch genug zu tun bekommen, die Kleine will wohl alles entdecken.
    Danke fĂŒr die sĂŒssen News aus Copenhagen.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe, Erika

  3. Dear Mervi,

    How adorable!

    Oh, I’d like to cuddle with
    this baby bear!

    Thanks for today’s cuteness!!

    xo k-j

  4. Dear Mervi!

    This cubby is so cute and Lynn is a wonderful Mom. Thank you for this nice photos and the film. ?
    Yeo ???????

  5. Thank you Mervi
    I am so hoping to get to see them.
    I think Lynn is more than able to cope with the visitors and protect her little one if necessary. All the cub has to do is to shelter under Mum’s fur.

  6. Dear Mervi!
    As you said: Lynn’s baby charmed everybody!
    LynnÂŽs little one is a cute white sweetheart, frisky and funloving, and the Copenhagen Zoo could be proud of it with good reason.
    I hope you will see it soon with your own eyes!


  7. Das Kind macht einen neugierigen Eindruck.
    Lynn ist sehr entspannt. Ein guter Tag fĂŒr den
    Zoo in Kopenhagen. Schön auch, dass Noel
    und Nord Schnee bekommen haben ! 🙂

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    da sind sie ja schon, die Bilder vom ersten Ausflug vom Mini-EisbÀr in Copenhagen.
    Das Kleine wirkt noch so winzig auf der Anlage.
    Das war fĂŒr die kleine Maus, und auch fĂŒr Lynn sicher aufregend. SĂŒĂŸ, das Video.
    Schön, dass die Pfleger fĂŒr etwas Schnee gesorgt haben. Das hat dem Kleinen auch gefallen.

    Auch Nord und Nöel freuten sich ĂŒber den Schnee. Es ist so schön dabei zuzusehen, wie sie sich beide darin genĂŒsslich wĂ€lzen.

    Danke fĂŒr den wieder schnellen Service.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  9. Dear Mervi,

    thanks a lot for showing. She is cute the little one and Lynn a good protecting mother.

    Nöel und Nord have enjoyed the snow-service. A good tradition.

    All the best for the weekend und lots of greetings from Copenhagen

  10. MERVI – die neuen Fotos sind klasse !
    Lynns Kind ist wirklich ein Sweetie. 🙂

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    EisbÀrmutter tragen ihre Kleinen sehr ungewöhnlich und packen sie einfach
    irgendwo im Gesicht oder am Kopf, also nicht wie Hunde oder Katzen es tun mit dem
    sogenannten Nackenbiss, wobei die Kleinen dann in eine Tragestarre fallen.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe