Aalborg – The white girls love a tyre and shopping bags

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30.4.2019 by Ralph Morton

My second day in Aalborg was Thursday 14 March, and it was a very wet day. Nuka and Qillak did not mind as they were enjoying their favourite toy, a large tyre.


It is very hard to tell the girls apart in photos. Their ears seem to show their black skin when wet.


They are very competitive, and will challenge each other for an interesting object like a tyre.


The tyre simulates the hide of a large seal or walrus and is an ideal occupation for Polar Bears.


Keeping the tyre away from your sister is an important part of the occupation.


The Polar Bear “stomp” applies a large amount of pressure designed to kill or soften prey.


With a sister nearby, killing the tyre takes on a new urgency. The two front paws power down on the tyre.


Sister is still pretending not to notice the tyre, so there is time to stomp it again.


Time to have another chew and see if it is easier to eat now.


Sister decides to make her move and the two girls both grip the tyre.


Getting the tyre on land makes it easier to stomp, but the sisters still want the tyre on their own.


The tyre is nearly on land, and the girls seem content to both chew the rubber together.


Compromising over who gets to keep the tyre is not easy, but at least it is on land.


One of the sisters has the upper hand, but fortunately there are other tyres in the pool.


The other tyre tastes just as good, so both sisters are content.


Mum Malik is nearby in case there are any fights, but both girls have a tyre to chew, so harmony reigns, for now!

Shopping bags


My trusty shopping bag ensures that I always have something to eat and drink, but it also allows me to present something to the Polar Bears I visit.


I don’t think Aalborg Zoo would want me to share my sandwiches with their Polar Bears. They get a very well thought out diet.


Even with a glass sheet between us, the bag looks too interesting. I would never do this with a wild Polar Bear as I could not know it had enough to eat. In Aalborg Zoo I had just seen the girls eat, so knew that they were well fed.


Seeing those lovely eyes, I wish I could share with her. However, I know that keepers have things well in hand, and more treats will appear shortly.


I wonder if the supermarket would like this photo for their records!

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  1. Dear Ralph!
    I can only repeat myself: it is always a good idea to give a tyre to polar bears.
    It´s a perfect toy beside tubes and balls.
    Again it is quite obvious polar bears are interested in their public and very curious.
    They were eager to look into your bag…

    Best wishes

  2. Isn’t it interesting that even animal siblings are competitive, as it’s also usual among human ones.
    Good to see again this typical polar bear jump on their preys, may it be because it’s indispensable to life or mere play instinct, however useful to learn for life!

    Again you was happy with close visits of white beauties next to the visitors’ window and consequently to you. Who could resist those lovely eyes!?

    I’d like to suggest you keep the precious memory of this encounter with lovely young polar bear, plastic bag and yourself a secret. Such it stays all yours! 🙂

    Thanks, dear RALPH, for this report from the AALBORG white girls NUKA and QUILAKand their mother MALIK.

  3. Lieber Ralph,

    du lässt dich von keinem schlechten Wetter abhalten, um deine geliebten Bären zu beobachten.
    Im strömendem Regen war das wirklich eine Herausforderung.
    Aber auch die Bären sind “wasserdicht” und haben dir eine schöne Show geliefert mit ihrem
    prachtvollen Spiel mit den Reifen. Nur große Reifen halten wirklich den Bärenkräften stand,
    sodass sie ihr instinktmäßiges Stampfen auf im Schnee verborgene Robben ausleben können.

    Du hast wieder einmal alles sehr detailliert erzählt und schöne “Reklamebilder” mit den
    Taschen gemacht, darüber würde sich die Firma bestimmt freuen!

    Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße

  4. Dear Ralph,
    it is always amazing to watch the polar bears playing.

  5. Dear Ralph,

    Once again I can see why you were – and still are! – so charmed by the white furry ladies in Aalborg. They always come to meet you so close the glass. Imagine – only a few centimeters separating you from the bears! Well, I guess it’s good anyway there’s a glass between you. 🙂

    Just like so many other polar bears the Aalborg girls never get tired of the tyre. It’s always as interesting and as fun to play with. Mama Malik makes sure there are no big arguments.

    Another thing that arouse the girls’ interest is your shopping bag. In one of the photos it looks like Nuka or Quilaq has put her head in the bag. 🙂

    Thank you so much for this very entertaining report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. Polar-bear-SLOAGAN: “A tyre never tires!” . . . . Right!?

  7. Lieber Ralph,
    Eisbären sind sehr neugierig und da machen die Aalborger Mädels keine Ausnahme.
    Schön dass sie so gut miteinander spielen und Mutter Malik auch mal Pause hat.
    Danke Dir, hat wieder Spaß gemacht deine Erlebnisse mit den Eisbären mitzuerleben.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K