Aalborg – The white girls under water and on land

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20.4.2019 by Ralph Morton

One of the great things about the pool at Aalborg Zoo is the opportunity to see the Polar Bears diving. On Thursday they were in the water.


People at the glass bring the girls to see if they have any food.


Dogs are a source of great interest.


Polar Bears swim using their front paws to paddle and stretching out their back legs.


Fetching a tyre from the bottom of the pool needs a great deal of effort.


Hovering in the water with all legs down, while working out the next move.


The visitors are still interesting and the paws are used to keep in position.


A lot of thought and effort goes into recovering a tyre underwater. Polar Bears show their intelligence and versatility. The Aalborg girls have learned a lot from Malik.


Several dives are needed. Although Polar Bears are excellent swimmers, it is hard for them to stay underwater for long. The staying power of the Polar Bear in trying again and again to do something needs to be tested in Zoos all the time. Aalborg have found various ways to do this, but the tyre is one of the favourites.


The sisters may quarrel from time to time, but they still enjoy playing with each other, especially in the water.


From the size of the bear in this shot, I think it might even be Malik, who does join the cubs in the water from time to time.


Some toys are only used on the surface, but provide a different challenge, like this large green ball.


I was fortunate in that the girls seems to like to show me their toys and snacks, perhaps even as one of the family!

On land


One of the sisters enjoying a seat on the boulder near the window at the top of the enclosure.


The other girl prefers the pillar in the centre of the enclosure.


When they were younger, the cubs used to challenge each other who could get to the top first. Now it is an easy climb to a good view over the Zoo.


Malik likes to sleep here as well, though it is now hard to tell her apart from the larger sister.


A red ball attracts the sisters’ attention.


As usual, they both want to have the ball.


One of the sisters decides to get the ball in the water and play with it.



Balancing on front paws looks like a circus trick, but Polar Bears do this without any training.


Soon all the family were joining in playing with the ball. Malik still enjoys being with her daughters.


Malik and one of the girls often walk along together, showing how much growing the girls have to do.


Malik is an elegant Polar Bear and her daughters are good looking too!


Malik is always keeping an eye on what is going on near her family.


Another view of Malik and one of her girls at the pillar.


There is a rock near the upper window where one of the girls likes to sleep.


Even though her eyes are closed, her black nose is still tracking anything of interest.


The girls still have a lot of growing to do, but their long legs and big paws show they will be as impressive as Malik in a few years time.


I was lucky to get this shot of Malik, Nuka and Quillak waiting for a keeper to appear with something nice.


The girls are always looking and sniffing at the many interesting things floating in their pool.


I love this shot of Malik and her girls in real Polar Bear mode, tracking a possible snack!

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    What wonderful under water scenes you could witness in Aalborg. The White Lady ballet certainly gave you a great performance! 🙂

    Even on the ground Malik, Nuka and Quilaq were very active and played with their toys. It’s great to see the tricks these bears do without any training. They do them when they feel like it but noboby forces them to do anything. Who wants to see tortured animals in a circus??

    Malik has done a great job with her daughters. I’m glad there’s no hurry to separate them and hope there will be a good solution when the time comes.

    Thank you for a wonderful report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Ralph!
    It´s obvious that you enjoyed your time with Malik and her girls. It was a pleasure to read your report.
    The photos you took of the bears under water are beautiful. Malik and her offspring are very elegant swimmers and divers like all polar bears.
    It seems they still live in harmony together.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    Hugs and Happy Easter

  3. Dear Ralph

    Thank you for the second part of your report.
    The girls presented you a nice underwater
    ballett. They also like to play with the ball.
    I wish you happy easter days ! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  4. Lieber Ralph,
    verstehe schon daß du begeistert von den Mädels in Aalborg bist, so nah hat man sie nur an der Scheibe.
    Danke Dir für deine schönen Bilder und ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Osterfest.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  5. Again you show interesting aspects of polar bear behaviour!

    I am under the impression that again “you get your money’s worth”
    also at this visit in the AALBORG ZOO with the beautiful mother-and-twins-trio.

    Thank you, dear RALPH.
    Tahnk you, dear MERVI.

  6. Lieber Ralph, liebe Mervi,

    danke für die neuesten Fotos von Malik und ihre Mädels.
    Die beiden Mädels sind so schnell groß geworden. Und wieder hast Du das Glück gehabt, die Beiden so nah an der Scheibe zu sehen.

    Liebe Grüße