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6.4.2019 by Ralph Morton

After the excitement of the tunnel of bears in my other report, I was able to walk through an excellent display of information and interactive displays about the Polar Bear and its world. I took some pictures of these and will cover them in a separate report.

At the bottom of the Arctic Ring is a large viewing gallery with a plate glass wall that allows visitors to see Nord and Noel both on the surface of their enclosure but also swimming underwater again.


Like all male Polar Bears Nord enjoys working out his frustrations of the day by having a power swim back and fro.



For the young visitors to the Arctic Ring this is a wonderful opportunity to reach out and nearly touch the mighty Ice Bear underwater. Nord’s fur moving through the water is an impressive sight.


The air bubbles remind that Polar Bears are not truly aquatic like seals and can only dive for relatively short periods underwater.





A series of more relaxed shots of Nord on the way back show how close he is to the people watching through the glass.


The small size of the Copenhagen Zoo is apparent by the fact that the yellow building in the background is not part of the Zoo.





Nord and Noel were also active on the surface.


The tunnel and viewing gallery of the Arctic Ring that are in my other reports are matched by a raised viewing area which allow visitors to see Nord and Noel on the surface of the pool.

Nord was being particularly active.


Noel preferred to sit things out a bit.


I think this is Nord getting out of the water, but as it was my first time in Copenhagen Zoo and wet Polars are hard to tell apart.


This is Nord doing his power swim back and fro past the Viewing Gallery.


I think this is Noel drying off. She is an impressive older bear and has no trouble sharing with the younger and stronger Nord.



The two bears have an interesting range of surfaces and enrichment toys on the their enclosure and were always doing something when I saw them.




They seem to be happy to keep out of each other’s way a lot of the time. Older female Polar Bears know very well how to keep an excited male at paw’s length. But they seem relaxed in each other’s company. Noel helps to keep Nord’s thoughts off Lynn at the moment.


I was lucky enough to meet Inge at the Arctic Ring and she let me take this photo to prove it and say hello to all the KWM readers from Copenhagen.

Tuesday: Goodbye Copenhagen – but I’ll be back!


Watching over the Mother and Cub enclosure in Copenhagen Zoo is this lovely old wooden Polar Bear. Sadly he did not fit in my shoulder bag.


In the afternoon, it was time for me to make arrangements for my overnight journey to Aalborg. Fortunately, the cub seemed also to want go inside. However, she chose the wrong side.


A glance from Lynn was sufficient to call baby.


But then Lynn seemed to want to stay out.


With Lynn leading the way, the two went back inside.


For me it had been a great first day. I had been worried that such a little cub might not come out. I was looking forward to meeting Lynn and baby again on Saturday but first, I had to get to Aalborg to see some old friends.

However, on the way out I stopped to take a look at the Zoo shop which had an interesting range of items.


This cover on a book looked very like Lynn.


This Polar Bear drawing on a chocolate bar reminded me of the signs in the Arctic Ring.


An older page of artwork in the shop had this family of Polar Bears.


I photographed this lovely old poster in the Zoo Shop of the Mother/Cub enclosure. It will only be a couple of years before baby is this big!

Copenhagen Railway Station is a short bus ride from the Zoo. It is a lovely old building with all the amenities of shops and eating places you would expect of a modern station.

I booked my trip to and from Aalborg overnight on Tuesday and Friday and received the tickets in a small pocket sized folder.

That done, it was a matter of finding some supper and thinking what to do next. Over a reasonably priced meal of fish and chips with remoulade in honour of Lynn and baby I decided that as it was a cold wet night, a nice warm Cinema would be help pass some of the time before my train.



I was encouraged by the logo of the company that runs cinemas in Denmark, and you can see more of the logo here.

I was in luck. One of the films on show had been made at Blenheim Palace near my home in Oxford and starred three strong female actors. What could be more appropriate for a person visiting Malik and her daughters (and I thought Lynn’s cub was probably a girl too!).

If you have not seen this film it is a very good story, though I am not sure of the actual history. My only reservation was one scene where a rabbit appears to be maltreated. Not sure how that got into an otherwise excellent film.

It was still raining when I left the cinema so I had to take refuge in the last first floor premises of a well-known Fast Food franchise. It was warm and comfortable and had a charger for my phone. Like Captain Picard in Star Trek I ordered myself Earl Grey Tea Hot and settled down to wait for my train.

After midnight I returned to the station to find my train waiting for me. It looked rather American with its grey metal finish and flat rubber ends but it has a long track record in Denmark.

I had treated myself to a First Class seat and this was large and comfortable. The overnight journey was smooth and uneventful so that the following morning I had time to find a room at a convenient hotel in the centre of Aalborg.

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    I can understand your enthusiasm about the wonderful possibilities to observe the polar bears in Copenhagen. It’s incredibly exciting to be so close to the white giants.

    I’ve seen Nord’s powerful swimming and it really looks like it was a kind of ‘therapy’ for the big guy. 🙂

    Nöel is an impressive lady just like her sister Giovanna in Munich. These ladies have a mind of their own and they don’t hesitate to speak their mind. 🙂

    It was great to meet even Inge in this report!

    Your findings at the zoo shop look very nice.

    Thank you so much for another great presentation of the polar bears and their home in Copenhagen!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. This exhibition of pics showing various scenes of NOEL and NORD is a wonderful idea. And it’s also a very good ideas of you to such make a special report for the ‘KWM’-readers/-writers/-watchers. Wonderful the pic showing the ‘excited hands’ of young people towards the mighty beatiful bears whild they are swimming above their heads!

    Again I liked your excellent report telling so much interesting details in your personal style, inclusive of even a little hint to the size of the zoo. As you and everybody knows, I like/love any animals but I take it also for to be interesting to know a bit about their zoo-neighbours and environment. And I like that you work now with your own pics – such everything is completely authentic.

    Perhaps we should also ‘have a power swim back and fro’ once in a while ‘in order to work out one or another frustration’! Wonderful expression!! Liked it! and a power swim EVERY DAY would help also in so many different ‘problem fields’ 😉 ). . . .What about your getting an exclusive advisor for your parliament for the time being!? (Hope you don’t mind this little note).

    Thank YOU – also for the final part with a rather personal note of your travelling, having meals, and watching films (everything interesting as to my opinion and always entertaining to read!)

    – and thanks to MERVI for the editorial part of this publication.

    PS: Your ‘ground 6 and ground 9’ pics (Mervi’s names for your pics!) of one of the bears shows perfectly the natural dignity of those gorgeous animals! And – of course! – I liked very much the ‘ground 12’-pic (Hi INGE aus Cph! – you really look lovely!). . . . Touching your ‘bye-bye-photos of mother LYNN and her little girl “With Lynn leading the way, the two went back inside” awwwww . . . .

  3. Lieber Ralph,
    ja das ist spannend Eisbären so nah und unter Wasser zu erleben.
    Noel und Nord kommen gut miteinander zurecht und Lynn und ihr Baby haben die benötigte Ruhe.
    Vielen Dank, war interessant die vielen Eindrücke aus dem Arktikring in Kopenhagen zu sehen.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  4. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for another part of your informative and the same time entertaining report about your trip to Denmark.

    To see an adult polar bear close to the pane is always quite impressive and makes clear what giant bear he or she is. The reaction of the young people seemed to be accordingly enthusiastic

    I´m happy that Noel and Nord are doing well together.

    You took a beautiful photo of Inge!
    – Hi dear Inge! Hopefully you will recover soon from your fall! All the best! –

    I loved the big wooden polar bear and can imagine that the “interesting range of items” had been a great temptation to fill your shoulder bag to the fullest…
    I loved the logo of the cinema company in Denmark too.


  5. Lieber Ralph,

    schön, dass Du Inge in Copenhagen getroffen hast. Ihr hattet bestimmt eine schöne Zeit.

    Eisbären unter Wasser zu sehen, ist immer wieder etwas Besonderes. Anhand der Hände an der Scheibe, sieht man erst einmal wie groß so ein Eisbär ist.
    Noel und Nord scheinen sich sehr gut zu verstehen.

    Danke auch für die Fotos von Lynn und ihrer Tochter.

    Leider fehlt mir zurzeit die Zeit, alles mit einem Translater zu übersetzen. Aber manchmal sagen Fotos mehr als Worte.

    Liebe Grüße