Lynn’s baby girl loves to tease her mama

Apr 4th, 2019 | By | Category: Denmark

4.4.2019 by Inge in Copenhagen, Dedicated to Patricia and Teddyb├Ąrenmutti who celebrate their birthdays today.

I have visited Lynn and her little girl four times, the two latest times after treatment of my arms and knees after my fall in the middle of february.



The first time the enclosure was covered with a kind of hay, and last week the water was there. The little one is playing a lot and even annoying her mother. ­čÖé





Lynn is a very sweet and caring mother, and the little one is an adorable little girl running here, there and everywhere. So Lynn has her paws full.



The little girl is really good in playing “you cannot find me mother”.



Where’s my baby?


Hihihii, here I am!


Oh, mama just keeps eating! How boring!


And she tries also to “bite” Lynn. ­čÖé


Mama, no hard feelings! OK?


Dear Patricia, Dear Teddyb├Ąrenmutti!



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  2. Dear Inge!
    Thank you for the report about Lynn and her little daughter. It is very good that the enclosure is covered with the hay. There are many stones around. Lynn looks very nice and her daughter is very sweet.

    Dear Inge, I wish you all the best.


  3. Dear Inge and Mervi
    Lovely to see some sharper photos than mine, still showing how tiny the little girl is.
    I shall be sending my report from the last Saturday during the day.
    It is unusual to see such a small cub at this time of year, but the little one makes up for it in curiosity and courage. Lynn is very relaxed with her, perhaps because occasionally she will be quite sharp.

  4. Ah, here you are! . . . And ‘awwww….’ what a top-cute polar bear girl and even already kind of ‘rascal’ you’ve got there in Copenhagen! Both, mother and child, seem to be right treasures and I am sure they will support your efforts to get in full health again, dear ‘INGE aus Cph’! . . . Fingers are crossed for all the three of you for bundles of luck and joy NOW and in all future!

    I am impressed by the nice photos you have taken. Please continue and show!

  5. Not to forget:

    Also from here: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”, dear MIRJA (btw. how young did you get today? Are you prepared to unvail?) a n d dear PATRICIA (I believe that I know your young ages! ­čÖé )..

  6. MIRJA – Re: the above said:
    it must have read: ‘unveil’ instead of ‘unvail’,
    also ‘verr├Ątst Du uns Dein jugendliches Alter?’ ­čśë ­čÖé

    S o r r y . . . !

  7. Liebe Inge,

    fein, trotz Knieverletzung konntest du das h├╝bsche B├Ąrenkind besuchen.
    Auch dir h├Ątte eine Polsterung mit Heu beim Sturz geholfen….

    Die Kleine ist munter und schon ganz sch├Ân frech.
    Statt in den Salat zu bei├čen, bei├čt sie ihre Mutter in die Tatzen,
    das scheinen viele kleine B├Ąrchen gerne zu tun.
    Das felsige Gel├Ąnde ist in Copenhagen und Berlin eine echte
    Herausforderung f├╝r die Kleinen, aber sie kommen damit zurecht,
    manchmal mit Mutters Hilfe.

    Danke f├╝r deinen Bericht und die h├╝bschen Fotos und weiterhin gute Besserung f├╝r Arm und Knie.

    PATRICIA & TEDDYBAERENMUTTI – auch hier nochmals herzliche Gl├╝ckw├╝nsche zum Geburtstag!

  8. Dear Inge and Mervi!
    Thank you for this lively report from Lynn and her frisky little daughter.

    Dear Inge!
    I┬┤m sorry to learn that you got hurt because of a fall. Get well soon!

    Dear Teddyb├Ąrenmutti and dear Patricia!
    I wish you a wonderful day, a nice little party and some wishes to come true!


  9. Dear Inge,

    I wish you a speedy recovery! Thank you so much for delivering this charming report despite of your pain!

    Lynn’s baby girl seems to be a real rascal but who could possibly be angry with her? Not mama Lynn anyway! ­čÖé

    My first visit is still on the planning stadium but I’m grateful for all the photos of these two sweeties!

    Hugs from Mervi

  10. Liebe Inge
    Danke f├╝r den sch├Ânen Report.
    Lynns Kind ist sehr aufgeweckt
    und neugierig. ­čÖé

    Liebe Patricia & Teddyb├Ąrenmutti
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY euch beiden !

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY liebe Patricia und liebe Mirja alias Teddyb├Ąrenmutti.
    Ich w├╝nsche Euch alles Gute und viel Gesundheit.

    Liebe Inge,
    super, dass Du schon viermal im Zoo Copenhagen warst, und nun so sch├Âne Fotos von Lynn und ihrem Baby mitgebracht hast. Die Kleine ist auch ein s├╝├čes Pummelchen.

    Ja, Mama in die Tatze bei├čen, das m├Âgen wohl alle kleine Eisb├Ąrchen. Das macht unsere kleine Prinzessin Hertha auch sehr gerne.
    Man sieht auf den Fotos nicht allzu viel vom Gehege, aber es kommt mir echt klein vor. Die Felsen machen noch einen trostloseren Eindruck als unsere Anlage im Tierpark. Da wachsen wenigstens noch kleine Pflanzen.

    Du wirst ja sicher noch des ├ľfteren die Kleine besuchen.
    Aber erst einmal w├╝nsche ich Dir gute Besserung.

    Und auch f├╝r Mervi hoffe ich, dass es ihr bald wieder besser geht, und sie auch nach Copenhagen fahren. kann.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  12. Dear Inge,
    I hope that by now, you are feeling better and that all pain is gone.
    Thank you also so much for your nice birthday wishes to Mutti and me (and also all others: THANK YOU).
    Lynn and her baby are looking just divine and of course, a little polar bear girl has some mischief in mind, but mommy bear doesn’t mind. She knows that this all is part of the game.