Nuenen – Spitting images in the water

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18.4.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

When a polar bear mother has two lively cubbies she needs to use a lot of fantasy to keep them occupied and happy. Let’s see how Frimas solved the problem this time.

The kids look a bit bored. I must find something special for them …. They’re not so eager to go swimming today.

 photo 56229308_2543140645715369_9128110650071973888_n.jpg

I must use my fantasy now. I need some time for myself – my fur is a mess although I know from experience it will soon look fine again. However, I must make myself more presentable.

 photo 56389484_2546326838730083_3230715395514040320_o.jpg

Come on, kids! Follow me!

 photo 56462408_2546326862063414_1177120574418190336_n.jpg

Come and find out what you can see in the water!

 photo 56412475_2549656568397110_6654505110174957568_n.jpg

Oh bear, we can see two cubbies in the water.

 photo 57280455_2554610674568366_8660877946967293952_o.jpg

Don’t they look good! MAMA, YOU HAVE FOUR CUBS NOW!!!

 photo 56899520_2552986858064081_145760371003621376_n.jpg

We don’t understand why mama said ‘What a relief the ‘new cubs’ are only reflections in the water!’

 photo 56312119_2549656515063782_7681357573613682688_n.jpg

Shall we go and say ‘hello’ again to our new friends?

 photo 56323701_2549656528397114_7003416678365134848_n.jpg

Here they are!

 photo 56505498_2554610561235044_269712319712329728_o.jpg

Why can’t we see them when we’re in the water? We must ask mama – she knows everything!

 photo 56558613_2554610737901693_8024169631113543680_o.jpg

What a great mystery! Our friends disappear when we step into the water ….

 photo 56711191_2554610851235015_2806241694591221760_o.jpg

Well, we can find small treasures anyway ….

 photo 57104117_2554610877901679_704979990709534720_o.jpg

Hey, look – there’s  a big brownie meeting his spitting image!

 photo 56500755_2549661748396592_5965348324444733440_n.jpg

Dear children, I think we all need a bath now!

 photo 56510900_2549656661730434_6931801122361311232_n.jpg

The next episode of Frimas and her twins will come before long. Maybe we will meet white bears then … Stay tuned!

You find more photos by Hans Muskens here

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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    du bist eine Künstlerin!
    Eine feine Story ist das geworden – allein nur mit deinen Ideen zu den Spiegelbildern – klasse!
    Frimas sieht wenig hübsch aus, aber die Hormone werden die Fellreparatur
    hoffentlich bald wieder in Ordnung bringen.
    Dafür sind ihre beiden Kleinen umso fluffiger in erdigen Grautönen, da ist ein Bad kein Luxus.

    Danke Hans Muskens für die tollen Bilder.
    Dir und Mervi bärige Grüße zum Osterfest!


  2. Dear Hans and Mervi
    I feel very guilty not managing to get to Nuenen on my trip next week. I hope you wont mind me saying that the photos are so much better than anything I could take. I had to choose between Gelsenkirchen and Nuenen and possibly also saying Goodbye to the bears in Wuppertal. I know that Molly Merrow is hoping to get to Nuenen.
    I love Frimas’ looking caught between a Winter and a Summer look. The brown bear is obviously taking no chances and keeping his Winter fur.
    I hope the twins get really original names!

  3. Dear Hans and Mervi!
    Thank you for these cute photos of a quite dirty bear family.
    We all know since Knut: a dirty bear is almost always a happy bear… And Frimas and her kids look fabulous and content anyway. If grey or white the cubs are simply adorable.
    The story around the little ones who discover their own reflections in the water is very charming. The pics are really great!.
    When I see that beautiful brownie I´m getting quite wistful… 🙁


  4. Danke für die schönen Fotos der Zwillinge ! 🙂

  5. Liebe Mervi und lieber Hans,
    Frimas ist eine sehr erfahrene Mutter und die beiden Kleinenwerden noch viel lernen müssen.
    Zwillinge sind immer besonders niedlich anzusehen und ist auch für die Mutter eine Entlastung wenn die beiden miteinander spielen.
    Danke, für schöne Bilder und wieder perfekt und humorvoll getextet.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Einstellen der wunderschönen Fotos von Hans Muskens.

    Nun haben die Holländer Bären auch einen leichten Grauton angelegt. Ich finde es steht ihnen gut.

    Besonders die Spiegelbilder sind klasse. Es ist so schön zu sehen, wie die beiden Bärchen miteinander spielen. Da hat es Frimas schon besser als unsere Tonja,denn sie kann sich wahrscheinlich öfter mal eine Ruhepause gönnen.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Thanks to HANS MUSKENS and to MERVI for showing his especially beautiful photos
    and her entertaining subtittles and editorial work of this polar bear family in NUENEN
    (which is – I have to admit – not so familiar to me).

    The twins of FRIMAS are real cuties. Last pic with Mamma is simply ‘awwwww…..’.

    Your mirroring photos (including that of the gorgeous brown bear (grizzly?) are as great as they are cute!