Frimas’ daughters have names now!

May 4th, 2019 | By | Category: Dierenrijk Nuenen

UPDATED 4.5.2019

The names of Frima’s sweet daughters are NIVI AND ELVA!

2.5.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

Frimas’ brown cubs became white cubs again

Frimas’ baby Girls are lucky to live in Nuenen where they have a big area with green grass instead of stones and grey ground. I wish all the polar bear cubs would have this kind of enclosures!

Good morning, kids! I think it’s time for us to rise and shine now!

 photo 12985619_1273744435988336_1242924101227384504_n.jpg

Morning gymnastics is very important. Oops, the high jump still needs some training! ­čÖé

 photo 56711066_2559448797417887_2947833881438453760_o.jpg

Of course, a nice pose for Hans’ camera is on the schedule even today.

 photo 56589682_2544733968889370_7896834004089831424_o.jpg

Dear sister, I think you need a pawicure ….

 photo 57504429_2564194293610004_8417161101497597952_o.jpg

Imitating a wolf? ­čÖé

 photo 58033209_2570633379632762_7756467489239728128_n.jpg

Can you find a cubbie in this photo? ­čÖé

 photo 57116322_2554610384568395_4198177072658513920_o_1.jpg

Shall we have a nice bath? Some visitors have been wondering where the white polar bears are!

 photo 56931909_2561016667261100_4407461650647482368_n.jpg

Look what mama found! Maybe you will find something, too.

 photo 56632028_2557755527587214_4486264207355936768_o.jpg

Remember to wash behind ears, too! – Oh, I hope I can eat my bread before the kids come out of water!

 photo 56521020_2539849099377857_8991362280096530432_n.jpg

Do you think mama was cheating? We couldn’t find anything!

 photo 57059851_2552988208063946_7385559735669358592_o_1.jpg

 photo 55840587_2539850349377732_4091441534715559936_o.jpg

Synchronized swimming

 photo 57244645_2554611431234957_678038399596101632_o.jpg

Isn’t it amazing how quickly our furs change the colour? Maybe we are chameleons ….

 photo 55726264_2539850489377718_3674621968025387008_o.jpg

Let’s make sure even your boomsie is clean and white!

 photo 56443015_2541512482544852_6000285594180124672_n.jpg

Oh bear, taking a bath is actually very funny!

 photo 56504194_2554611531234947_2144061392288743424_o.jpg

Am I cute or am I cute!!!

 photo 55744604_2537285112967589_5937991564612599808_n.jpg

Are we clean enough now?

 photo 56161736_2538293592866741_7934736257253376000_o.jpg

Oh year, we’re white and shiny so let’s see what our neighbours are up to.

 photo 55576560_2537284279634339_2130834757032869888_o.jpg

These two don’t need a bath! ­čÖé

 photo 56744608_2544732858889481_5000584200294760448_n.jpg

Bathing in the sunshine

 photo 55704653_2538292932866807_889285751869538304_o.jpg

 photo 55922101_2538289952867105_3400711176047296512_o.jpg

Handsome guys

 photo 56890486_2557755067587260_6153840544846970880_o.jpg

More photos by Hans Muskens

Thank you Hans, Frimas and the small rascals for the lovely photos!

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  1. Dear Hans,
    thank you for the wonderful pictures. The kids were grey and cute, then they turned white again. It is great for Frimas to have 2 cubs. They play very good together.

  2. Dear Hans and Mervi!
    The photos of Frimas┬┤ little sweethearts are ever so cute and the subtitles were made with love and humour!
    I loved them all but especially the pics of the gym exercises, the posing, the pawicure, the imitation of a wolf and “we┬┤re white and shiny” warmed my heart.

    When they had turned white again they just looked like adorable polar bear kids are expected to look…
    I┬┤m happy too that they have also grass beneath their paws and I┬┤m proud that I discovered the cub in the search image at once…

    The neighbours of the bears are quite attractive, sweet and funny too and worth a second look.
    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Dear Hans and Mervi
    I really would love to have visited Frimas and her family in the Netherlands, but as Hans takes photos that I cannot match, I have had to decide to stay in Germany. These pictures are just brilliant.

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    …Dear sister, I think you need a pawicure. Dieser Kommentar ist einfach g├Âttlich und muss einem erst mal einfallen, denn ich habe zun├Ąchst nur das St├Âckchen in den Tatzen gesehen und dann erst die Begutachtung der Krallen… Alle weiteren Bildunterschriften passen auch wieder bestens und zaubern ein L├Ącheln hervor.

    Die Verwandlung der s├╝├čen brown cubs zu fluffigen white cubs hast du, lieber Hans, in wunderbaren Fotos
    festgehalten. Die anderen Zootiere stehen den kleinen B├Ąrchen in nichts nach und runden diese zauberhafte Fotosession perfekt ab.

    Vielen Dank und liebe Gr├╝├če nach Malm├ und in die Niederlande!

  5. Such an elegant GREY can never be wrong, dear little-ones. I loved your furs and their color in the fist pic as much as I loved to see you all white. And your glances towards one another and to the public (Hans MUSKENS!) are simply hilarious and kind of rascal-like (am I ture?).

    Loved what I saw and read in this charming report from/about FRIMAS and her girls.

    Thank you, Mr. HANS. Thank you, Mrs MERVI. ­čÖé

  6. Liebe Mervi und lieber Hans,
    Frimas ist eine erfahrene Mutter kann ihre Zwillinge toben lassen und sich auch ein wenig Ruhe g├Ânnen.
    Sie sind niedlich und zum knuddeln wie alle B├Ąrenkinder und ob weiss oder braun einfach nur niedlich.
    Vielen Dank, sch├Âne Bilder von der kleinen Familie und Mervi hat wieder die richtigen Worte dazu gefunden.
    Liebe Gr├╝├če Moni K

  7. So suesse “Chameleons”! Danke f├╝r die bezaubernden Bilder.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če, Erika

  8. Dear Mervi!
    Nivi and Elva are nice and UNIQUE names for Frimas┬┤ baby girls!
    Thank you for the update!


  9. Agree that Nivi and Elva are good short names

  10. Good there are still nice short names left to chose.

    FRIMA, NIVI and ELVA, have a good time together in NUENEN, as long as the common time may last.
    Good further LUCK also for the following time of their lives!

  11. Liebe Mervi,

    danke f├╝r die sch├Ânen Fotos von Hans Muskens.

    Die Twins von Frimas haben die gleiche graue Farbe angelegt wie unsere Hertha. Ich finde sie sehen sich sogar ├Ąhnlich. Es ist immer wieder sch├Ân zu sehen, wenn Eisb├Ąrenkinder miteinander spielen.

    Auch die Bilder der anderen Tiere sind sehr sch├Ân.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  12. Hi Nivi and Elva!!


    xo k-j