Gerda tries to make her twins jump into water

May 20th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

20.5.2019 – Photos by Anna Novikova

This morning Gerda wanted to make her kids join her in the water. However, it took some time before she could get the twins’ full attention.

Good morning, Sweetie and Cutie! Time to some new activities!


Look what mum has here! Isn’t this a wonderful ball?


However, the twins are not ready to follow their mama.

First some morning gymnastics is on the schedule.


The paws have to be examined thoroughly. Dirty paws just don’t do! 🙂


Hello belly! How are you this morning?


Even the pink tongue needs stretching! 🙂


Sweetie and Cutie having a morning meeting.


Shall we follow mama or shall we do something else? I would really value your opinion!


The kids found a white barrel and, of course, it caught their interest.


Wow! This is a nice toy!


Dear Sis, I must admire your brilliant technics handling that toy!


Gerda again.

Come on, kids! The water is exactly as cold as we like so why don’t you join me?


The twins got closer the water but hesitated …..


The water may be refreshing but it’s soooo wet!!! Yikes, our paws are getting soaked!


Oh no, this is definitely not our cup of tea!!


Mama, we don’t want to wet our furs! Sorry, maybe next time ….


This time Gerda didn’t manage to make her twins swim but very soon she’ll be busy watching them in the ‘pool’.

At the same time Kai is taking things as easy as the male polar bears do. 🙂


Kids are cute but I’m glad Gerda is taking care of them. Hmm, do I sound lazy?


Finally Gerda gave up and took a nap together with her cute babies.




Cuteness gallery without comments





That’s all this time but, please, stay tuned! There’s more to come ….

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  1. This time with those EXTREME three(!) cuties I really don’t know what’s even more funny/touching/affectionate. But ‘after caeful consideration’ 😉 I have to admit:
    Dear MERVI, you can lift the trophy!

    I had such a good laugh already early in the morning due to your top-humorous subtitles!
    – and in the same time the incredibly sweet pics coaxed many ‘awwwww….s’ out of me 🙂

    Consequently “THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for all the pleasure and fun” in the very start of a new week
    to the both of you, ANNA and MERVI!

  2. Dear Anna and Mervi
    Even grown up Polar Bears do not like to get wet, so Gerda is perhaps not so surprised that they do not want to join her in the water. A lovely start to the morning and thank you both for bringing them us. It is nice to see Kai too.

  3. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    Thank you for some more cute pics and affectionate subtitles around the lovely polar bear cubs and their gorgeous parents in the Novosibirsk Zoo!
    I´m convinced the twins will learn to swim soon because water is their element after all.

    Since Gerda is a sensitive and good mother she did not force them to jump into the water but tempted them with the yellow ball and waits patiently until it is their own choice to wet their fur totally…


  4. Ich gucke immer wieder gern die niedlichen Episoden von Gerda und den süßen Kindern,natürlich auch Kai!

    LG Brigitte.

  5. dear Anna,
    so sweet moments you have seen and with your camera you brought it to us, it is a big joy to see the Polar bear family, I like it when life can be so cosy, thank your so much
    dear Mervi your text ideas as always very sweet, it is like the bears would speak to us or we could listen to them, thank you very much
    dear greetings and big paw waves to Russia and Sweden

  6. Dear Anna and Mervi

    Thank you so much for this adorable pictures and the funny subtitles 🙂


  7. Liebe Mervi und Anna,

    danke für die wieder wunderbaren Fotos von Gerda und ihren zuckersüßen Zwillingen.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Dear Mervi and Anna,

    thanks for showing. Wonderful pictures.

    Lots of greetings Inge

  9. Liebe Mervi und liebe Anna,
    Vielen Dank für die wunderschönen Bilder der kleinen Eisbärfamilie!
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  10. Es ist interessant, manche kleine Bärchen sind richtige Wasserratten und andere total wasserscheu!
    Danke für die suesse Bilder, die beiden sind so niedlich und irgendwann werden sie Mama schon ins Wasser folgen.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika