Imaq stole our hearts!

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22.5.2019 by Mervi and Vesa

When we heard that a polar bear baby was born in Copenhagen we immediately started planning a visit there. Vesa’s passport expired in February but we decided to wait renewing it until Lynn’s baby was on exhibit. Due to some health problems we had to cancel our plans several times.

However, on the 21st of May we finally felt ”fit’ for a visit! After Vesa had renewed his passport at the Finnish Embassy we took the bus to the zoo.

When we arrived we walked straight to the old polar bears’ enclosure where Lynn and Imaq are staying for the time being. The commented feeding was almost over but there was still a big crowd watching and listening.


Heads and shoulders were blocking the wiew so it was difficult to take any photos – especially for a shortie like me! The first sight of Lynn and Imaq was when they were enjoying a fish lunch.


Where there’s fish there are gulls! 🙂 Imaq noticed the uninvited flying guests and started to play ‘catch me if you can’ with the them. Since the birds can fly they have a great advantage in this game …..


….. and soon Imaq gave up.

The gulls are boring play mates anyway. Yikes!!


Then something else caught Imaq’s attention. There was a reflection of the big polar bear statue in the water. (You can see it in the first photo). She watched it quite a while wondering if there was a new inhabitant in the enclosure.


I don’t know why Lynn suddenly ran to this closed door and banged it. Of course, Imaq followed and together they tried to make the door open.


I don’t know where this door leads – maybe to the new enclosure …


Because the door didn’t open Imaq started to ‘patrol’ the enclosure. I’ve been afraid she would hurt herself in this enclosure but she seems to know every inch of it now and has learnt to avoid the most dangerous spots. Of course, mama Lynn has been supervising her exploring tours.


She walked, she ran, she jumped …. she certainly was on the move! Just like Hertha in Berlin. Tonja and Lynn sure have their paws full raising their extremely mobile kids! Frimas and Gerda can take it a bit easier because their twins play together and the mothers have the luxory of having some time for themselves, too.


Do I have to tell you that we immediately fell in love with this charming viking princess? She is so lovely and adorable! We have waited so long for a polar bear baby in Copenhagen and now the cute miracle is here!


Beautiful mama Lynn kept an eye on her daughter. Even though Imaq is very self confident and likes to play on her own Lynn is very observant all the time.


It looked like Imaq tried to ride on mama’s back ….


…. but obviously Lynn didn’t feel like a horse so the duo walked indoors side by side. 🙂


After the feeding even the crowd disappeared. We decided to stay and wait for the bears to come out again …. and it didn’t took so much patience. After only a few minutes Lynn came out with something she had found in the den. It looked like a fruit but I couldn’t see what it was.


Of course,  Imaq was quick as a lightning  wanting to share the fruit. Actually she wanted to steal it. We heard a little growl from Lynn but, of course, the fearless viking princess won even this little battle. 🙂 Lynn let Imaq have her way.


Lynn seemed to say ‘what the heck, it’s only a fruit and my baby needs it more than I do’.


Playing with food is the privilege of all polar bear kids and even Imaq started to play with the pinched fruit. 🙂


Some crumbs had to be quality controlled, too!


After the light meal Lynn and Imaq took a walk – on different directions.


Even a Viking Princess gets tired and Imaq tried to find a good sleeping position on the rock. It’s such a pity there aren’t any soft spots in this enclosure. A nice mulch bed would make a big difference!


Many visitors passed by saying ‘there’s nothing to see’. Nothing to see? when they have this sweetie in front of their eyes!!


I could have watched the relaxed Imaq for hours if my back and legs hadn’t been ‘annoying’ me.


A sleeping polar bear cubbie is the sweetest thing in the world! This sight must be balm to everybody’s soul!



During our short visit we spent most of the time with Lynn and Imaq and didn’t make any zoo tour. We didn’t see NoĂ«l in the new enclosure either. Maybe she was to be seen in the Arctic Ring but we didn’t go there. However, we saw some cute animals anyway on our way.

The weather had been cloudy and pleasant but when the sun appeared in the sky it became too hot – even for the reindeers that were lying in the shadow.


The brown male bear lives alone in this enclosure because the mama bear with her last year’s cubs is staying in a neighbouring area. Their enclosure was being cleaned so we didn’t see them this time.


Hmm, what can a big brownie do with this kind of enrichment?


This ‘Aussie needed a drink in the rather hot and humid weather.


These two prefered more solid nutrition.


The two pandas have nice green enclosures. There’s a walking path that goes around the whole area so there’s a good chance for the visitors to see at least one of them. Here one of the pandas was sleeping in the shadow ….


….. but here we could see the other one eating bambu.



It’s heart breaking to compare the pandas’ enclosure with the one where Lynn has to raise her cubbie!


I hope Lynn and Imaq can soon move to the new enclosure …. This sweetie deserves better surroundings!


She is such a darling! One can’t but love her!


Sweet Imaq, I hope you can feel soft green grass under your paws at least in your dreams!



We would have loved to stay longer with Imaq and Lynn but our legs didn’t want to co-operate with us so it was time to leave the zoo. Before going through the exit we had a ‘smĂžrrebrĂžd’ in restaurant ‘Folk’. It was good but very expensive – 15 euros for a sandwich!!

We are both very glad we could finally see Imaq with our own eyes and hope we can visit her soon again! Hopefully we’ll see them in the cosier new enclosure!

If you want to see more photos from our visit in the Copenhagen Zoo you’ll find them here.

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  1. Liebe Mervi,
    lieber Vesa,

    lange habt ihr auf diesen Besuch warten mĂŒssen, aber nun hat es endlich geklappt
    und ihr konntet ein unternehmungslustiges und munteres EisbÀrchen beobachten.
    Auch mir bricht es das Herz, dieses totlangweilige, felsige Gehege zu sehen, das
    den Tieren keinerlei Entdeckungs- und Entfaltungsmöglichkeit bietet – genauso wie
    in Novosibirsk…

    Dennoch kann man sich dem Zauber des EisbÀrbabys nicht entziehen, das wie der
    Wirbelwind Hertha ĂŒber die Steine rast. Besucher, die ruhende oder schlafende
    Tiere langweilig finden, machen wenigstens schnell Platz am Gehege fĂŒr die Leute,
    die gerne und wirklich beobachten können.

    Vielen Dank fĂŒr deinen Bericht und liebe GrĂŒĂŸe!

  2. Dear Mervi
    Dear Vesa

    The little one’s adorable.
    Mama Lynn does not have much peace with her enterprising daughter.
    The enclosure is not beautiful.
    A move would be great. I hope that Lynn and Imaq can move soon.

    Thanks for the nice report and the many super sweet photos.


  3. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    IÂŽm happy for you that you were finally able to see Lynn and her little whirlwind Imaq with your own eyes! It was obviously worth the effort. IÂŽm sorry for your health problems that did avoid this visit several times.

    You are right: one canÂŽt but love her. And even a sleeping polar bear cub is heart-warming and furthermore a quite relaxing view. Visitors who pass by without a stop and a nearer view must be kind of blind?

    I join you and Britta Gudrun regarding the poor enclosure for the biggest land-based predator and his offspring… Hopefully Lynn and Imaq will move soon to a bigger enclosure with a mulch bed and possibly even some grass beneath their paws.

    The comparison with the enclosure of the giant pandas leads to the conclusion that good economic relations with China take priority. Not only in Copenhagen…

    Thank you for this descriptive report and the beautiful photos.


  4. It’s really nice you managed to visit that little Fur Ball, dear Mervi and Vesa!
    She looks so cute…reminds me “my” Nora…
    It’s always very complicated to get good photos or videos in the zoos: there are so many visitors and the Bears don’t pose in front of the camera…
    The enclosure is not the most beautiful in Copenhagen…, but our bears also don’t have any mulch nor grass…

    Thank you for this lovely article, dear Mervi!

    Best wishes,

  5. Liebe Mervi, lieber Vesa,

    ich freue mich riesig fĂŒr Euch, dass Ihr endlich die kleine Imaq besuchen konntet. Mervi, Du hast es Dir so verdient. UnermĂŒdlich berichtest Du hier von den ganzen kleinen EisbĂ€rchen&Co., und jetzt ging auch endlich Dein Traum in ErfĂŒllung, die Kleine live zu sehen.
    Und Ihr habt so schöne Bilder mitgebracht.
    Besonders auf den ersten beiden Fotos, konnte ich endlich mal die Anlage besser sehen, und sie ist ja noch schlechter als ich dachte. Das macht wirklich traurig. Man sieht auch keinerlei Enrichment. Habt Ihr irgendetwas gesehen? Ja, und ein wenig Mulch oder Sand wÀre wirklich super
    Bei uns im Tierpark wird versucht, die kleine Hertha mit immer neuem Spielzeug herauszufordern.

    Was bei uns die KrÀhen sind, sind in Copenhagen wohl die Möwen.
    Das Foto wo Imaq die Spiegelung des großen BĂ€ren im Wasser sieht, ist klasse. Was mag sie wohl gedacht haben?
    Was die Pandas betrifft, ist es bei uns ja genauso. Es gibt noch viele Tiere, die auf beengtem Raum wohnen, oder sogar in andere Zoos abgeschoben wurden, nur damit die Pandas königlich wohnen können. Bei Euch ist der Unterschied zwischen dem Gehege der EisbĂ€ren und der Pandas ja echt enorm enorm. Nichts gegen die Pandas, ich mag sie ja auch. Aber es ist trotzdem nicht schön und sehr ungerecht den anderen Tieren gegenĂŒber.
    Das die kleine Imaq sofort Euer Herz erobert hat, war ja wohl klar.

    Vielen Dank fĂŒr den informativen Bericht mit den tollen Fotos. Auch von den anderen Tieren.
    Ich wĂŒnsche Euch, dass ihr Lynn und die kleine Maus recht bald wieder besuchen könnt, denn die Mini-BĂ€rchen wachsen sehr schnell.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  6. Ich habe mir gerade noch das ganze Album angesehen. Ich habe gesehen, dass die EisbĂ€ren einen großen Ball und ein”Stöckchen” haben.
    Der große Ball ist fĂŒr Imaq wahrscheinlich noch viel zu groß.
    Ich hoffe schon, dass die Beiden noch mehr zur Unterhaltung haben.

  7. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Vesa.
    Best wishes to Lynn and Imaq.

  8. Dear Mervi! Dear Vesa!

    Thank you for the interesting report from Lynn and Imaq! This Polar-Bear cub is very cute. The Zoo looks well. The other animals are interesting too.
    I wish you all a pleasant evening!

  9. Thanks dear Mervi and Vesa for showing the pics and telling from yesterday. I was there too – shortly – enjoying the fine weather and Lynn and Imac. From the little enclosure there is for the time being no access to the big enclosure. Here rule Nöel and Nord.

    Hugs from Copenhagen

  10. Liebe Mervi,
    freut mich sehr, dass ihr es geschafft habt die kleine Imaq und Mama Lynn persönlich zu treffen.
    Imaq ist ein richtiger Wirbelwind und steht Klein-Hertha in nichts nach.
    EinzelbÀrchen sind auch viel selbststÀndiger als Zwillinge.
    Lynn hat natĂŒrlich mehr zu tun mit ihrem aktiven EinzelbĂ€rchen und wird auch bald mit der Erziehung
    beginnen mĂŒssen.
    Herzlichen Dank, fĂŒr schöne Bilder von BĂ€ren und BĂ€rchen und schlafende BĂ€rchen sind wirklich einfach nur sĂŒĂŸ.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Moni K

  11. Dear Mervi and Vesa
    It was well worth the wait to see your photos and read your impressions from Copenhagen Zoo.

    Imaq’s name means water or sea. She had obviously been in the water earlier, but as your pictures show, the smells and experiences on land are so much more interesting. She is much bigger than when I saw her. What a difference a couple of months make.
    The brown bears are nearby and the reindeer. Its is good to see pictures of them.
    The Panda enclosure seems closer to Bao Bao’s old home than the “Chinese Embassy” in Zoo Berlin.
    I am puzzled that the designers of the Arctic ring gave so much room to the human visitors and so little to the Polar Bears. However, Lynn and Imaq seem to be making good use of their small space.

  12. Dear Mervi!

    PS: I suppose the coveted fruit or vegetable was actually celeriac.

    In my comment I forgot to mention the fine pics of the reindeers, who sought shade, the dear and thoughtful brownie, the thirsty kangaroos and the giant panda. Thank you for them too.


  13. Liebe Mervi und Vesa!

    Danke fuer die gruesse aus Copenhagen. Die kleine Vikingprinzessin ist sehr suess. Mama Lynn hats sicher sehr viel zu tun. Mama Lynn ist eine elegante EisbÀrfrau.
    Danke fuer schöne Fotos und fuer alle Information.



  14. First of all I’d like to tell you how much I am impressed by your overcoming all pain day by day and making you walking exercises even if it hurts. I should learn a lesson from you – but I am afraid I won’t, as I am rather lazy as a bone . . . (sigh!). . . And now you undertook even a little journey, including wearing your heavy camera equipment – all in honor of the little handsome and cuuute Danish polar bear pricess IMAQ.Consequently: ‘Compliments! (not the cheesy-ones!)’ to all the three of you 😉 🙂 –

    What pleasure it is you make us now even have part in your visit to the ZOO COPENHAGEN by a report with accompanying pictures (self-made-ones!!) and with your popular subtitles.

    The enclosure looks really very stony with steep rock parts. But as I’ve already seen in videos this little princess is an as skillful and agile climber as ‘your HEARTha in Berlin’ is 🙂 . . So – hopefully no further worries.

    There are nice mirrorings in the crystal clear water. Seagull with little IMAQ proves you’ve got a quick finger on the camera! . . I have to admit I didn’t see the big white polar bear statue in your first pic until you told it!

    All her attention towards whatsoever object or situation and her actions seem always to be very concentrated.

    The photos when she is in a tired modus on top of a round rock and finally simply fell a sleep looking like a little woodlouse (just in white and very fluffy-looking!).

    What a beautiful big brown bear you did meet in addition – and ‘kangaroos in action (drinking water at a little pond or munching grass)’ we normally see rather seldom.

    The pandas have got nice enclosures, indeed! and they look also quite cute sitting there and doing what pandas usually do 😉

    Finally I join your best wishes to LYNN and IMAQ that they may get a more cosy enclosure in the future but it’s most important they feel well wherever they are and will be.

    Thank you very much, dear MERVI and VESA!

  15. Wie schön fĂŒr Euch, dass der Besuch geklappt hat! Imaq ist wirklich ein suesses und quirliges Maedchen.
    Danke fĂŒr die wunderbaren Bilder!

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe, Erika

  16. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    It is great that you visited the Zoo Kopenhagen.
    Imaq is a lovely and very active child. Lynn has not an easy job to keep her eyes on the child.

  17. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for your nice report and all the wonderful pictures from Zoo Copenhagen. Lynn and Imaq are looking very good.I can understand that you and Vesa spent most of the time with the lovely Polar bear Mama and her sweet doughter. But it is great that you have seen also some other dear animals.
    many good wishes to you and Vesa and dear greetings