Nuenen: Green, green grass of home

May 27th, 2019 | By | Category: Dierenrijk Nuenen

27.5.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

As I’ve already written before I wish all polar bears living in a zoo had an enclosure like Frimas, Nivi and Elva have in Nuenen!

The lovely family can enjoy a cosy morning lying on the green grass  ….

 photo 59963557_2600872336608866_250812947486474240_o.jpg

…. but there are even stones for scratching the belly when needed …..

 photo 58570457_2579249555437811_4207938910552064000_o.jpg

…. and, naturally, there’s lots of water to cool off when the paws feel too hot! 🙂

 photo 58751609_2590424654320301_8008274472547123200_o.jpg

Hi Sis, shall we wrestle a little?

 photo 59671177_2595877693774997_3518511155335135232_o.jpg

Oh yeah! We need all the exercice and practise so we’ll be ready to meet a male companion when we get older! That’s what mama said!

 photo 58922431_2590425434320223_363661082885095424_o.jpg

Do you remember how the ‘half nelson’ is done?

 photo 59553391_2595877673774999_1044881091174858752_n.jpg

I’m not sure but we can invent a new trick ….

 photo 59323719_2595877683774998_2552663810368339968_o.jpg

…. a half polar bear, hihihiii ….. 🙂

 photo 59570407_2600869686609131_8048154772898840576_o.jpg

I think I won!

 photo 59285573_2595877810441652_8399307837276160000_o.jpg

No hard feelings! OK?

 photo 59299214_2595877557108344_4347636694699212800_o.jpg

While the kids are wrestling Frimas is curiously watching what’s going on outside the enclosure.

 photo 58384139_2583164601712973_2081443049740697600_n.jpg

Time for tango, Nivi!

 photo 59188991_2590430824319684_986818111200034816_n.jpg

Dear Elva, who’s leading ….. I guess we need some dancing lessons!

 photo 59339630_2590430830986350_6822001365770829824_n.jpg

Cheek to cheek

 photo 59387678_2595877803774986_7978991480012275712_o.jpg

Maybe we’re not such gracious dancers but it’s so fun to dance on the soft grass!

 photo 59691394_2595877813774985_7517358005512306688_o.jpg

Luckily there are some sandy spots on the grass so it’s easy to change the fur colour when we feel like it. 🙂

 photo 59624345_2600872469942186_6173355961411960832_o kopia 2.jpg

We call this colour off-white 🙂

 photo 59412958_2597559543606812_6506130302383947776_n.jpg

 photo 60094852_2600872173275549_796300693458649088_n.jpg

More photos by Hans Muskens

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  1. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Thank you for these cute impressions of Frimas and her little white or off-white dancers and the humorous subtitles.
    What a fitting title! The cubs must love to have soft grass beneath their paws. Their play and dancing looks so charming and both obviously enjoy it.
    I loved the photo of Frimas standing upright too.


  2. Lieber Hans,
    liebe Mervi,

    ja, ja, auch ich wünschte mir, dass alle Bären in ihren Gehegen weiches Gras unter ihren Tatzen hätten,
    so wie hier diese Bären hier in Nuenen.
    Hans, zu deinen fantastischen Bildern hat Mervi wieder tolle Untertitel geschrieben, die kaum
    zu toppen sind. Ob die Bärchen nun miteinander raufen, tanzen oder sich schminken – sie sind zum
    Verlieben anzusehen!

    Vielen Dank für das Highlight am Montag!

  3. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Hans.
    Best wishes to Frimas, Nivi and Elva.

  4. Dear Mervi and Hans
    Off white means that a Polar Bear is happy! The pictures show that the little ones have a wonderful time. Frimas on two paws is an impressive sight.

  5. FRIMAS and her twins NIVI and ELVA are also cute and lovable polar bears with a nice environment best shown by HANS MUSKENS and nicely undertitled by MERVI.

    Thanks to the both of you!

  6. Beste Hans

    Die twee kleine boefjes zijn schattig!
    Het is leuk als ze met z’n tweeën zijn. Dus de moeder heeft meer tijd voor zichzelf.
    Bedankt voor de betoverende foto’s!


    Dear Mervi

    Thank you a lot.
    Warm greetings, Anita

  7. Liebe Mervi und lieber Hans,
    ja da kann ich nur zustimmen, die Zoos in den Niederlanden haben sehr schöne Gehege, nicht nur für
    Auch die beiden Bärchen haben schöne Namen und was für ein Glück ein Zwilling zu sein.
    Vielen Dank, macht Spaß die schönen Bilder von der kleinen Familie zu sehen.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K