Nivi and Elva keep their mama busy or is it the way around?

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13.5.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

Even a polar bear mama can have difficulties getting up some mornings ….. However, Frimas’ daughters don’t give up. They are experts in making Frimas ‘fit for fight’ every morning. 🙂

 photo 57593707_2575976219098478_5004630733797457920_n.jpg

Mama, it’s time to wake up! Just  check – the brownies are already doing their morning gymnastics!

 photo 59345382_2590413287654771_877446747532558336_n.jpg

OK, kids – you win again!!

 photo 59750492_2599209703441796_8267794916470423552_n.jpg

Tender kisses on mama’s cheek are always a good start of a day.

 photo 58749239_2599207600108673_5073141071395946496_n.jpg

 photo 59615894_2597559993606767_4036970100882931712_o.jpg

Come on, children. Let’s see what we can do today.

 photo 58379291_2579249248771175_614423328282640384_o.jpg

Power walking by the pool side 🙂 Wow! What elegance, what speed!

 photo 59482358_2590424340986999_1274262280703311872_o.jpg

Hello earth! Mama’s calling! It’s swimming and playing time in the water!

 photo 59494641_2590413747654725_2060971307167645696_o.jpg

Come now! I have a nice tyre here, too!

 photo 57987808_2579250278771072_4123341734291701760_o.jpg

The other cub is still hesitating ….

 photo 57821596_2579249285437838_50561819592359936_o.jpg

Hey, don’t be a sissy – please, jump in!

 photo 57678118_2579250002104433_7646808203849629696_o.jpg

What’s happening in another enclosure? A secret agent under cover? 🙂

 photo 58379695_2580787341950699_1090676532155777024_n.jpg

Dear children, the water is not only to keep our furs white and shiny. Our pool is a wonderful ‘playground’!

 photo 58444665_2579250038771096_629159812046782464_o.jpg

Mama, you look like a golden retriever, hehehee ….

 photo 57750936_2579250228771077_3951597399557799936_o.jpg

Finally the whole family was having fun together in the wet element.

 photo 58442723_2579250192104414_510224917715746816_o.jpg

 photo 58441136_2579250258771074_6465480017475272704_o.jpg

 photo 58382950_2579250152104418_3986028052130824192_o.jpg

Mr Henk doesn’t have to worry about his off spring. He can just enjoy his life as a bachelor. Well, maybe he misses Frimas but in the photos he looks quite satisfied with his life.

 photo Henk.jpg

If this isn’t a totally relaxed polar bear I don’t know what is! 🙂

 photo Henk2.jpg

More photos by Hans Muskens

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  1. Thanks to HANS MUSKENS for another series of beautiful pics from NUENEN and its ‘lovely female-polar-bear-power’ FRIMAS with daughters and beautiful neighbors.

    The ‘secret agent under cover’ is a top-photo and a very matching sub-title!

    Thank you very much, dear MERVI for your funny and matching subtitles to the photos
    and for your complet editorial work on this ‘Nuenen pictured report’.

  2. Dear Mervi and Hank The combination of words and photos is really successful. The Polar Bear family and their neighbours come to life on the screen in front of me. I know it sounds silly but Polar Bears seem to take on something of the country they are born in or live in. Frimas and Henk and their kids are very Dutch! Colourful and full of fun and energy.
    I am really going to have to work on coming to see them. However, Molly Merrow and her camera are also on the case

  3. Dear Hans,
    you bring always the wonderful pictures from the zoo. Frimas has a lovely daughters. It is great to watch them grow.

  4. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Thank you for these wonderful photos and the well-fitting subtitles.
    Frimas´ sweet girls have a nice way to start a day. There is no chance for poor Frimas to sleep a little longer…

    I like the gym exercises of the brownies. Exemplary!
    And a forceful power walking quickens the appetite for breakfast…What a hilarious photo of this little white one!

    Swimming and playing with the family in clear fresh water definitely means fun.

    The cute otter seemed to be very pleased with his role as a secret agent under cover. 😉

    The last pic shows a thoroughly relaxed polar bear in his prime. Henk obviously likes his life as a bachelor, at least at this moment.


  5. Liebe Mervi und lieber Hans,
    die drei haben Spass und sind eine Augenweide für jeden Bärenfan.
    Henk muß sich jetzt gedulden, aber das kennt er schon.
    Vielen Dank für die schönen Bilder.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  6. Lieber Hans,
    liebe Mervi,

    eine Bärenmutter mit Zwillingen braucht keine zusätzliche Morgengymnastik,
    denn die Zwillinge sind schon Programm genug, das zeigen die wunderbaren Fotos.

    Nach der Schwimmstunde mit ihren beiden Rangen hat Frimas sich eine Auszeit verdient.

    Vielen Dank für die tollen Fotos und den Text!