Snack time for Gerda and her twins

May 8th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

8.5.2019 – Photos by Anna Novikova

Gerda and her twins are patiently – well, as patiently as they can – for the catering service. Alhough mama’s milk bar is the kids’ favourite restaurant they have started to eat even some solid food.


While waiting this sweetie decided to present his/her pink tongue to Anna and other visitors. ­čÖé


Oh bear, there’s a mirror ….


Hey, what’s that smell?


I’d better hurry!


The polar bear family was treated with pieces of meat today.


Dear children, do you know that the human kids are not allowed to play with their food? You’re lucky because I want you to play – but I also want you to learn how to eat meat!


Gerda is supervising one of the twins.


What luck mama isn’t leaking from the front side!! ­čÖé



Hello, meat! Do you want to play with me?


Sorry, play mate but now I want to eat you!


After a nice meal it’s time to take a┬á journey to the Napland.



Doesn’t papa Kai look proud and gorgeous?


Gerda takes care of the children but Kai seems to be as tired as she is ….. ­čÖé


Next stop Napland even for Kai!


Finally three short videos showing the playing cubbies. Gerda seems to be walking ‘minding her business’ but in the last video you can see she’s quick as a lightning when she thinks her baby in the water is in trouble!

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  1. hallo Anna vielen Dank f├╝r die Sch├Ânen Fotos und Videos.Man Sieht das es allen Gut Geht und viel Spass haben. Ich Habe noch eine Frage Anna K├Ântest Du nicht mall bemi Zoo Nachfragen wann Die Cammera wieder L├Ąuft- Besten Dank Hans Odermatt

  2. Dear Anna,
    thank you for the wonderful pictures and videos of Gerda and her kids.

  3. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    You did it again! These are fabulous pics and videos of the polar bear twins in Novosibirsk and well fitting subtitles.
    The little rascals have a strong self-confidence already, are frisky and vivid and their voices are heard loud and clear. I wonder when they will go swimming.
    What a cheeky little sweetheart there is on the second photo who pokes his tongue out at his public.
    Thank you for these cute impressions!


  4. Dear Anna and Mervi
    I am really enjoying the visits to Gerda and Kai and their twins. Thanks for the pictures and words

  5. Liebe Mervi und liebe Anna,
    meine Lieblingsfamilie wieder wundersch├Ân in Bildern und Video hier zu sehen.
    Herzlichen Dank und liebe Gr├╝├če
    Moni K

  6. Dear ANNA and MERVI – Thank you once more for your cooperation in presenting pretty GERDA and her lovely twins in beautiful photos and with as funny as ‘showing much love towards them’ comments!

    The pic of KAI is simply great!

    Do you know why one of the little-ones did cry all the time so loudly in the first video?
    Sweet how one of the little-ones makes its gymnastics on the upper step in the second video ­čÖé

    GERDA and her twins make really a cute TRIO!

    – – – –
    – – – –

    Beduaerlicherweise war ich diesmal durch Deine im Blog gelesene Bemerkung etwas voreingenommen und muss Dir leider Recht geben (big Sigh!). Das KopfHerumWerfen von GERDA (bekannt auch durch fr├╝here Bilder von anderen B├Ąrinnen, z.B. ganz stark bei VILMA in Wuppertal) kann einen traurig machen, wie auch das laute Schreien des einen Zwillings im ersten Video. H├Ątte ich die Bilder nur so nacheinander weg – ohne Hintergrundbemerkungen – angesehen, w├Ąre mir die Bedenklichkeit dieser Anlage vermutlich gar nicht so sehr aufgefallen, weil die Bemalung in Blau-Wei├č doch ziemlich gut ablenkt . . . sigh – sigh -sigh . . .

  7. dear Anna
    thank you so much for the wonderful pictures from Novosibirsk, the Polar bear family looks great, it is so nice to see Gerda and her cubs and also Kai when taking a nap, I send good wishes to all
    dear Mervi thank you for sharing the lovely pictures with us and for your entertaining text,always so sweet
    dear greetings and big paw waves