Copenhagen Zoo in June 2019 Part 3: Trees, Balls and Polar Bears

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28.6.2019 by Ralph Morton


A large tree branch in the water provided Lynn with another opportunity to teach Imaq that she would have to challenge another Polar Bear to anything she wanted for herself.


Lynn soon left Imaq to handle the tree herself. This was not easy as it was larger than Imaq!


Dealing with large objects in the water might seem an odd skill for a Polar Bear. But in the wild they will often have to recover parts of the bodies of dead animals like whales and walruses.


Even though Lynn had given up challenging Imaq for the tree, the cub took no chances.



Polar Bears are always patient hunters and this must be learnt as a cub. Imaq gradually moved her prey towards the shore.




Getting the tree safely on land proved a little too much for a cub. Imaq expressed her annoyance to us.


“Why don’t you help me?” Imaq seems to be asking us.


Large balls are always popular with Polar Bears. Lynn and Imaq both liked this ball a lot and enjoyed leaping from the shore on top of it. Unfortunately they moved so fast that the Knuphone could only record their splashes! The ball sometimes bounced back on Imaq and for a moment she was scared of it. But only for a brief moment, she soon returned to the attack.

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    The tree branch was an excellent ‘tool’ for a lesson in polarbearology. The polar bear mamas are wonderful mentors teaching their kids how to be a real polar bear. Although the living conditions aren’t the same as they are in the wild it’s good to have some polar bear skils anyway!

    Even though the big branch was a big challenge Imaq managed to master the thingie with brilliance. Very soon she will be strong enough to bring it to the land, too. 🙂

    Thank you so much for letting the readers of Knuti’s Weekly be a part of this most interesting lesson!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Ralph,
    it is great to watch Imaq playing with a big branch of the tree.

  3. Dear Ralph!
    It is always exciting and touching to watch polar bears play and having fun.

    Thank you for your descriptive report. Since it is quite factual and realistic I must confess I miss BN and his points of view: the planes, the cars, the meals and drinks…

    I´m quite relieved that Lynn and Imaq moved to the bigger enclosure meanwhile…!


  4. Thank you very much dear Ralph.
    Best wishes to Imaq and Lynn.

  5. Lieber Ralph,

    ich habe mir jetzt alle drei Artikel von Dir angesehen.
    Ich denke, Du hattest eine schöne Zeit in Copenhagen.

    Hertha hat übrigens seit gestern auch so einen großen Ball wie Lynn und Imaq.
    Hertha guckte auch erst sehr skeptisch, aber dann war sie nicht mehr zu halten. Sie hat stundenlang mit dem Ball im Wasser getobt.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Further more VERY INTERESTING lessons for the polar bear little one IMAQ by her mother LYNN.

    Thanks for showing and telling.!