Shared joy is a double joy!

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7.6.2019 – Photos and videos by Anna Novikova

One morning when Nordi and Shauna woke up they didn’t know what to do. Well, the best thing to do was, of course, to consult mama Gerda!


Good morning to you, kids! What is this? A demonstration? Are you maybe bored?


– Mama, we don’t know what to do today. Have you any ideas?

– Dear Nordi and Shauna, I have a feeling that our keepers have a surprise for you. Why don’t you go and find out what it is?


Naturally, Gerda was right! There were two nice red barrels for the twins.

– Oh bear, this thing looks interesting. I wonder what I’m supposed to do with it ….


A thourough quality control followed ….


…. and the barrels seemed to be polar bear proof – well, at least cubbie proof. 🙂


Doesn’t this look like an elegant bag from Vuitton?


It can even be carried like this!


Gerda wanted to check the new toy, too but left it then to her children.


It’s really impressive to see how quickly these little cubbies find different ways to play with their toys.


Anna told me that the bigger cub is the boy Nordi and Shauna is the girl.


Mama, look what a nice toy I have.


It took a while until Gerda’s kids wanted to go swimming but now they’re used to the wet element and spend a lot of time swimming and diving.



The barrels are exactly the same but somehow the other cub’s toy is more interesting than the own toy. 🙂



However, after some short ‘arguments’ Nordi and Shauna thought that shared joy is a double joy and kept playing with their own barrels.


– Hey, did you loose your toy?

– Don’t you worry, I’m diving after it!


Hahaa, I caught you naughty toy!


Nordi is the one that stays in the water longer. Shauna is a good swimmer, too, but she even likes to stay on the ‘shore’.



Thank you dear keepers for the nice barrels! Or maybe it was a visitor who brought them?



The three videos show some water fun in the Novosibirsk Zoo:

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  1. ANNA you share such beautiful and lovable photos of the three NOVOSIBIRSK-white-beauties that it seems there is nothing that can even increase the joy of watching. THANK YOU!

    Astonishingly we can realize here in ‘KWM’ that it’s possible to ennoble your pics even more – and that’s by MERVI’s as hilarious as lovable subtitles! Mere FUN the cooperation of the both of you. Simply look at the second pic . . had to laugh out loud! . . . WONDERFUL!

    And now I will lean back and enjoy the three videos 🙂

  2. Also the three videos are much joy to watch (one must just avoid to really realize the small for 3 enclosure . . ).
    Thank you once more, dear ANNA and MERVI.

  3. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    I would like to join Dumba: that is what I call successful teamwork!
    Thank you for this wonderful article!

    The pics of the polar bear family in Novosibirsk are gorgeous, so sweet and enchanting and the humorous and affectionate subtitles double the pleasure!

    It is obvious that the red barrels were extremely welcome to play with. In any case much better than nibbling at the concrete…
    I suppose many visitors in view of these scenes fall head over heels in love with these charming rascals.
    But I agree that the small and stimulus-free enclosure is a drop of bitterness.


  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Anna.
    Best wishes to Gerda, Nordi and Shauna.

  5. Allerliebste verspielte Zwillinge mit einer lieben Mama!

    LG Brigitte

  6. Liebe Anna und liebe Mervi,
    leider werden sie so schnell groß, aber noch sind sie knuffig und bespielen alles was zwischen ihre kleinen
    Tatzen kommt.
    Vielen Dank, wie immer ein Augenschmaus diese kleine Familie und Mervi hat wieder den passenden Text dazu gefunden.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Moni K

  7. Dear Mervi and Anna
    Plastic may be the enemy of the Polar Bear in the wild, but these two red plastic toys are just right for Nordi and Shauna. I think Mother Gerda is a little bit envious of the designer handbags!
    The pictures and words go well together

  8. Liebe Mervi, liebe Anna,

    danke fĂŒr die schönen Fotos und auch Videos der sĂŒĂŸen Familie.
    Kanister sind bei allen EisbÀren beliebt.
    Und wie man in den Videos sieht, haben die Zwillinge auch sehr virl Spaß damit.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe