Wolodja and Olinka in Blijdorp

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23.6.2019 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra

On the 14th of June Wolodja arrived in Blijdorp where he will live with an older female polar bear. Olinka could smell that something was going on and kept an eye on the neighbouring enclosure.

 photo Olinka.jpg

Here’s Wolodja’s first ‘outing’ in his new home.

 photo wolodja2.jpg

Hopefully the black spots will soon be replaced with white fur.

 photo wolodja.jpg

It looks like Olinka was satisfied with what she saw …. 🙂

 photo olinka2.jpg

Wolodja waiting for the catering service ….

 photo wolodja600.jpg

…. and he didn’t have to wait long.

 photo wolodja3.jpg

 photo wolodja71.jpg

Even Olinka was treated with a big piece of meat

 photo olinka3.jpg

It’s good to see that our Teddy is doing fine and obviously already feels like home in Blijdorp!

 photo wolodja4.jpg

 photo wolodja5.jpg

Here’s the link to Nel’s Facebook site

Knuti’s Weekly wishes Nel, Wolodja and Olinka a happy Summer time. Of course, we wish the same to all the animals and their keepers in this zoo!

Dear Nel! Thank you so much for the kind permission to publish your photos in this magazine!

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  1. Dear Nel and Mervi
    It is good to see Wolodja in the grass and in the water. I hope he will not have to move again.
    I saw Olinka in 2006 at Gelsenkirchen with her daughter Lara.
    Thank you for the report.

  2. Dear Nel and Mervi

    I know the enclosure n Rotterdam personally.
    I liked it a lot. I think Wolodja will feel at home there.
    There is a lot of green, a lot of water and a lot of new things to explore.
    And there is a relaxed and experienced polar bear there.

    I wish Wolodja all the best in the new home.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures, dear Nel.

    Hugs from MĂĽnchen

  3. Thank you very much, both of you, NEL and MERVI, that you make it possible to know the latest news from beloved WOLODJA whom we miss a lot in ZOO BERLIN. Good to know that he obviously got accostomed to his hopefully REAL new home.

    Wishing him and OLINKA, the cool mum of lots of offsprings and consequently also very experienced wit hthe polar bear male world 🙂 a good time together – in peace and health and for a very long time.

    Looking forward to the pleasure of getting more news on kind of a regular basis of those two beauties and possibly also of their neighbors, keepers, visitors, once in a while 🙂

  4. Dear Nel and Mervi!
    Thank you for the news of Wolodja and his new “girlfriend” Olinka. How good that we can follow them now thanks to you dear Nel.
    I deeply hope they like each other and become friends.

    Blijdorp seems to be a good zoo with appropriate enclosures for polar bears. I really liked what I saw.
    My favorite photo is the one with Wolodja under water.
    I wish Olinka and Wolodja all the best!


  5. Liebe Mervi,
    lieber Nel,

    Ich freue mich sehr von Wolodja aus seinem neuen Zuhause etwas zu erfahren.
    Vielleicht fĂĽhlt sich Wolodja mit Oma”! Olinka wieder in seine Enkelzeit mit AIKA
    zurückversetzt und genießt einfach die schöne, neue Anlage.

    Olinka war immerhin schon mal neugierig auf den jungen Mann in ihrem Gehege
    und wird ihn hoffentlich mĂĽtterlich-freundlich begrĂĽĂźen.

    Machs gut, du lieber Berliner!

  6. Dear Nel and Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures of Wolodja. I hope he and Olinka will be on the good terms. The enclosure is very nice.

  7. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Nel.
    Best wishes to Olinka and Wolodja.

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank fĂĽr die News von Wolodja, und vor allem auch fĂĽr die Fotos.
    Der Teddy sieht ja, besonders im Gesicht, sehr mitgenommen aus. Ich hoffe, er erholt sich jetzt von der Hin- und Her-Reiserei, und er kann jetzt bis zur RĂĽckkehr nach Berlin, in Rotterdam bleiben. NatĂĽrlich hoffe ich, dass er sich mit Olinka anfreundet.
    Auf den Fotos macht er jedenfalls doch einen recht relaxten Eindruck. Und wie man sieht, verhungern wird er dort definitiv nicht.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe