A Friday evening in the Oxfordshire Countryside

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12.7.2019 by Ralph Morton

Some time last year I posted a picture of me visiting a public house (Kneipe in the UK) called “The Bear” which is near a friend of mine’s house.

On Friday 5 July I was visiting my friend for an evening watching DVDs and eating Pizza! But first we visited “The Bear” to see the changes under the new management.


There is now new sign next to the bear claw, and if you look closely it is very much a Polar Bear.


The sign is a welcome one to a thirsty traveller.


Umbrellas are a necessary part of life in Britain, even in this warm Summer. Where better to leave them than with a bear!


BN was of course with us and looking forward to drinks and pizza.


As you can see BN’s nose is quite white these days from sharing our beers in the evening.


This fellow looks as if he has been in Muritz with Gisela but is of course made of wood!


The bar also has a bear, again in wood to welcome visitors.


In fact as we were thirsty after a longish drive, I ordered mineral waters. BN was quite disappointed!


Later, we opened the bottles of Staropramen at my friend’s house. One of his lovely cats came into the Kitchen. She does not drink Staropramen! I was sitting in her favourite chair!

The rest of the evening was passed with Pizza, DVDs and Staropramen!

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  1. Dear Ralph, it all sounds like a great evening. The layout of “the Bear” is well done and definitely something for you to go to after a thirsty walk. Tja, you will have a few words to explain BN why you decided to have mineral water!!!! and the cat will never forgive you for having taken her favourite chair.

  2. Dear Ralph,

    This Bear Pub looks like a place where ‘everybody knows my name’! 🙂

    I got thirsty just watching the photos ….. I wonder if they serve the Finnish Karhu beer? (karhu = bear)

    Thank you for this charming presentation of a cosy pub!

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. Dear Ralph!
    According to the name of this cosy pub there are bears everywhere in it. I would also like to spend some time there and have one or another beer…
    I am pleased that BN was with you and could keep an eye on you. He was not only disappointed but quite amazed to see you drinking water!

    Hopefully you guys sometimes eat something healthier than pizza…

    I suppose the cat will forgive you – eventually, in the long term, perhaps? Hmm, or maybe not. 😉


  4. Dear Ralph,
    the pub looks very cosy. I like the cat on the table.

  5. What fun is this report quite different from others in ‘KWM’. Thank you for sharing some rather private moments with us (however with ‘BEAR-respect’ 🙂 ). . . . It was very much a feeling of relief to read that the bear head on the wall was made from wood, as I simply couldn’t imagine you would enter a pub where a right bear-skull were on display!

  6. Lieber Ralph,

    das Restaurant ist ja wie für Dich geschaffen.
    Das kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass es Dir dort gefällt.
    Der Schirmständer ist schon ganz witzig.
    Danke fürs Zeigen.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Lieber Ralph,
    ist klar, daß dein Pub etwas bäriges hat und du dich dann umso wohler fühlst.
    Danke Dir fürs mitnehmen und liebe Grüße
    Moni K

  8. Thank you very much dear Ralph.
    Very beautiful photos of the Bear Pub.

  9. dear Ralph,
    thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures,how we can see, you had really a nice Friday evening and for BN all was very exciting. and I think he enjoyed te meet this friendly bear which holsd the umbrella. The Bar looks very cosy. The sweet cat looks like my Mimi,black and white
    big paw waves to you and BN

  10. Hello Ralph

    This is, what we call in german
    a “urige Kneipe” – very cosy !
    Thanks for showing us. 🙂

    Chris 🙂