My first day in Aalborg Zoo: Wednesday 5 June Part 1

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19.7.2019 by Ralph Morton

I arrived in the Zoo on a national holiday. The train from Copenhagen and a bus link had been very full but I still arrived with plenty of time to check into my hotel and get some food before getting to the Zoo. I even managed to see the Polar Bears from the road behind their enclosure before going into the Zoo.



Nuka and Quillak were in the lower enclosure and look amazingly white.


I had already seen Nord from outside the Zoo, and in the water in Copenhagen in March, but to see him up close showed me how big and impressive he is. His fur will improve over the Summer I am sure.


Malik is a beautiful Polar Bear and it was clear that she was not at all worried by the much bigger Nord.


Nord like all male Polar Bears is not very energetic, and rests a lot.


The two enclosures are connected and the visitor can move quickly between the glass viewing points from one to the other. My food supplies soon attracted the girls.


Malik and Nord were also soon visiting the glass. I think Nord was more interested in Malik than in my bag.


Malik is always interested in activity in the Predator House next door, especially when the keepers are preparing meat in the kitchen or if the African painted dogs are out and about in their enclosure. She is always ready for action.


Malik is not a small lady, but this picture shows how big Nord is in comparison.


Nord has the rugged features of a male Polar Bear, but is a very friendly and good-natured bear.


Malik’s nose was rewarded with some fresh cuts of meat.


Nord also appreciated the morning snack.


The girls were often very interested in what Nord and Malik were doing. Now that they are separated from Malik they are much more grown-up in appearance and behaviour.



Even though the girls are grown up, I was delighted to find that my place at the lower window soon attracted one of them as on previous occasions. Was this the little girl I always called “Muddy Paws”?


The young bear was just as curious and playful as before.


To have such a beautiful Polar Bear so close, with only the glass between us, has been one of the treats of visiting Aalborg.


The girls are looking really good, and I am sure their new home in Belgium will be pleased to see them.


Each Polar Bear seems to have a distinctive marking between the black skin and white fur on the nose.


The girls look so much like their lovely mother.


Rubbing the head against the glass up close.

Next door to the Polar Bear enclosure in the Predator House, the Sumatran Tiger family were also active.


Unfortunately the glass and the auto-focus on my phone made photos a bit hit and miss.


The Tigress is an excellent mother and like all cats took care to keep her kittens clean.


Mother Tiger was watching us as much as we were watching her.


Mother wanted a quick snooze, but the cubs were more interested in persuading her that it was time for a milk break.


Eventually everyone was happy. The milk bar was open and Mum got her nap!

Molly Merrow has kindly allowed me to use her lovely pictures of the Tiger babies.




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  1. Isn’t it a joy if one can see something and/or even some animals already before entering a zoo!?

    What an amazing difference in size between MALIK and NORD!

    Seems you were quite happy with YOUR girs ‘NUKA and QUILAK 😉 and with their parents as well!
    Thank you for having us told once more about them and for having brought ‘speaking’ pics.

    Thank you as well for showing the lovely tiger babys’ pics by MOLLY (greeings!).

    Have a good further time with all your actions, may it be planning visits to various polar bears and their various homes, may it be travelling, may it be observing all those lovely white and otherwise colored furry friend, may it be meeting friends and enjoying to exchange stories and to have yummy food and fresh drinks etc. etc. etc.


  2. Dear Ralph!
    You must have been quite satisfied with your visit in Aalborg since you saw “your” girls grown up to beautiful young ladies in good condition and their parents good-tempered united again.
    Malik is a beauty and it´s quite understandable that Nord is more interested in her than in your bag…
    Nord is a big and impressive male and Malik for sure finds him very attractive too.

    The Sumatran tiger cubs are adorable, you must have been happy about this sweet surprise in the neighbourhood of the polars.
    Thank you for these delightful pics and your interesting observations!


  3. Lieber Ralph,
    Malik soll wieder Nachwuchs bekommen und hat Nord als Partner zugewiesen bekommen.
    Sie verstehen sich gut und ich hoffe nicht dass schon wieder Nachwuchs kommt.
    Die Teenis sind noch da, wo sollen sie auch hin!
    Das EEP trifft Entscheidungen die so recht keiner versteht aber ich hoffe die Mädels bekommen einen
    guten neuen Zoo.
    Danke Dir für deine Eindrücke und die Sumatratigerchen sind allerliebst!
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  4. Dear Ralph,

    You were lucky to meet even the ‘new comer’ Nord during your visit in Aalborg. It looks like he and Malik became lovers from the moment they met each other. 🙂

    Nuka and Quilaq are two sweet polar bear girls and I’m sure they’ll charm all the visitors even in Pairi Daiza. I hope the don’t move to Belgium until after your August visit.

    You’ve taken wonderful photos of your white fluffy friends.

    The tiger babies are, of course, cuter than cute! Dear Molly, thank you for sharing your photos with us!

    Hugs from Mervi

  5. Dear Ralph!
    I´m sorry I was a bit rash with my comment.
    Of course Malik and Nord are not the parents of Nuka and Qilak since Lars was the father of the girls… his last offspring.
    I forgot that Nord came from Copenhagen to become Malik´s new partner.
    With all these polar bears and cubs I got confused…


  6. Oh- là-là – wie gut, dass ich nicht die Einzige bin, die ab und zu alles peinlichst verbuxelt.
    Gut, dass unsere ‘Weißen weisen Freunde’ das alles nicht mitbekommen!
    Liebe ANKE B, ich kann mich natürlich beim schämen mal wieder bestens einreihen . . .

  7. Beim Schämen – verflixt und eins . . .

  8. Lieber Ralph,

    Schön, dass Du wieder in Aalborg warst.
    Nuka und Quillak sind zwei hübsche Teenies geworden. Ich hoffe auch, dass die Beiden in einen schönen Zoo kommen. Ich frage mich allerdings auch, wohin mit den ganzen jungen Eisbärmädchen?

    Auch Malik hätte ich gerne ein Jahr Pause gegönnt, ehe sie evtl. wieder schwanger wird. Ich hoffe jedenfalls, dass sie und Nord ein friedliches gemeinsames Leben führen können.

    Die beiden Löwenkinder sind natürlich auch sehr niedlich. Danke auch an Molly Merrow für die schönen Bilder der Löwenkids.

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Thank you very much dear Ralph.
    Best wishes to Malik, Nord, Nuka and Quilak.
    Thank you very much dear Molly.
    Best wishes to the tiger babies too.