Nuenen: Cool animals despite the heat!

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25.7.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

The heat wave has arrived even in Nuenen but our animal friends know how to keep themselves cool. Water and shadow should do the trick even for you, dear readers of Knuti’s Weekly!

Frimas and one of the twins are having a morning nap in the shadow.

 photo 66860898_2732838443412254_8989953642492592128_o.jpg

Very soon it was getting too hot even in the shadow so the family headed to their pool.

 photo 64788236_2728179883878110_5485022417833164800_o.jpg

Oh bear, it’s much easier to stay cool by the water!

 photo 66430519_2714397335256365_3010302849318912000_n.jpg

Frimas tells her kids that the extreme weather conditions are due to the climate change.

Dear children, let’s hope that the world leaders will finally understand what must be done. I feel so sorry for our friends in the wild. Soon there will be no ice left unless something is done – and very fast, too! The Summers are getting extremely hot and the Winters are getting warmer and shorter.

 photo 66493679_2718768404819258_895551692542574592_o.jpg

We are very lucky having food everyday – no matter if the weather is hot or cold. We also have a very nice pool where we can cool off when ever we feel like it. Our friends in the wild are desperately looking for food and waiting for the Winter. They are depending on the ice so they can hunt their food but it’s getting more and more difficult.

 photo 66798180_2719887068040725_2419176089369706496_o.jpg

Even other animals have discovered how to keep themselves cool.

The Berliner rhinos  Narayani and Jhansi have established themselves well in Nuenen.

 photo 8juli.jpg

 photo 66852360_2718772491485516_8257909284734500864_o.jpg

Monsieur Gainda

 photo 66453909_2722466251116140_5437161986641100800_n.jpg

A tired rhino male

 photo 67401593_2732836290079136_6753636554549231616_o.jpg

What luck there’s a ‘pool’ even for these giants!

 photo 67241319_2741128632583235_3865961189104156672_o.jpg

The sweet rabbit has retired to his/her Summer cottage which offers shelter from the hot sun rays.

 photo 66609545_2723543337675098_7473944922760937472_o.jpg

The big cats prefer to stay in the shadow most of the day.

 photo 66319464_2719886578040774_6952251025025662976_o.jpg

What a charming photo of the cheetah!

 photo 67535016_2734669549895810_7148490640580411392_o.jpg

I need a cold drink! Can you recommend a cosy bar somewhere near? 🙂

 photo 66858614_2732834980079267_6139064379879981056_o.jpg

The only decent place for a brownie is in the water!

 photo 67307285_2741124272583671_549190523177402368_o.jpg

Hello there! Remember me? I’m the utter working under cover – or maybe over the cover today …. 🙂

 photo 66328293_2718764391486326_380681132041043968_o.jpg

What can one do on a hot day? Hmm, maybe counting toes is a suitable activity?

 photo 67188365_2742199685809463_3522459394216296448_n.jpg

Mama elephant took her baby for a wet walk.

 photo 67526832_2732834306746001_6719710144021659648_o.jpg

Even our feathered friends know they must drink a lot.

 photo 67403756_2738314302864668_6846803844127522816_o.jpg

 photo 67561215_2728928877136544_431623893757722624_o.jpg

Dear Sis, mama’s talk about the climate change made me very worried. Does it mean we won’t have snow in the Winter? I’m upset – I repeat I’m very upset!! And I feel so sorry for our polar bear friends in the wild!

 photo 67085979_2741125582583540_4291221534762074112_o.jpg

Calm down! We just have to wait and see – and hope for the best but I must confess that I’m worried, too. Snow and ice are our elements and I’ll be very angry if they will disappear.

 photo 67423206_2741125569250208_5105715503528148992_o.jpg

Henk has been listening to his cubbies ….

How I hope I could get in touch with those people responsible for upsetting my children! That simply won’t do!!! Maybe it’s time for us polar bear papas to get united and meet the leaders of the world? I suggest we all come to the meeting UNARMED! Usually the two legged creatures are carrying guns when they want to meet us ….

 photo Henk2.jpg

It’s heart breaking to think that our planet is being destroyed …..I want my children and their children to have a planet where everybody – both humans and animals – can have a decent life!

However, on behalf of my family I wish you all a pleasant Summer  time. Please, don’t forget the magic of the water during the hot period!

 photo henk.jpg

Photos by Hans Muskens


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  1. Dear Hans and Mervi
    The words and pictures here are very moving. Nothing to add.

  2. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    This fine report was a delight though it became deadly serious in the end. I agree with every word of the cubbies and their father Henk! Thank you so much!

    Mervi you are right: water and a place in the shadow do the trick when the heat is getting quite unbearable. A little nap now and then is not to be sneezed at too…

    There are so many gorgeous pics of cool animals coping with the heat I can´t choose a favourite.

    I´m especially happy that our Berlin rhinos Narayani and Jhansi are doing well and did get used to their new home which seems to be a really good one.

    All pics of wonderful animals in Nuenen are very much appreciated.
    I loved the relaxed big cats as well as the bears if white or brown, the under or over cover utter, the guinea pig, the chimp, the birds and mother and baby elephant.
    All these beauties make the best of the current heat and are able to enjoy life anyway.
    We should be able to do so as well…!


  3. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. The polar bears have the shadow and the pool. It is neccessary at the hot weather.
    I aam happy that the rhinos from the zoo Berlin are doing well in Nuenen.

  4. Liebe Mervi,
    lieber Hans,

    die Fotos sind toll und die Geschichten dazu sind wieder exzellent
    von dir formuliert, liebe Mervi.
    Wie du richtig bemerkst, geht es den Eisbären zurzeit nur in den
    Zoos wirklich gut, weil sie trotz der Hitze ihr regelmäßiges Futter bekommen,
    hoffentlich bessert sich die Situation fĂĽr die Wildtiere ganz schnell.

    Ich hatte auch mal ein Meerschweinchen, das von Anka auf einem
    Parkplatz (!) gefunden wurde. Es sah diesem Rosettenmeerschweinchen sehr ähnlich!

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  5. Liebe Mervi und lieber Hans,
    wenn wir Zweibeiner schon so unter der unnatĂĽrlichen Hitze leiden, wie mag es unseren pelzigen Freunden
    ergehen. Sie wissen wie sie sich bei der Hitze zu verhalten haben und werden viel Zeit im Wasser verbringen.
    Schön zu sehen dass es den Berliner Nashörner gut in ihrer neuen Heimat geht.
    Ihre tierischen Nachbarn relaxen im Schatten und genauso ist es richtig.
    Klimawandel ist ein THEMA, wir wissen das aber Politik und Wirtschaft wollen es einfach nicht wahr haben.
    Vielen Dank, schöne Bilder und gut getextet.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  6. Dear mother FRIMAS your trust in ‘the World Leaders’ is amazing!
    I personally have to admit I trust them decreasingly and not at all in their capacities . . .
    Let’s say at least not the majority of them!

    The more I liked what i read and saw here.

    Thank you very much, dera MERVI and HANS MUSKENS for the fitting subtitles and the gorgeous pics!

  7. Quoting HENK:
    “Maybe it’s time for us polar bear papas to get united and meet the leaders of the world?”.

    Oh yes, PLEASE! . . Be sure you don’t need any weapons the kind of your appearance simply may already do the trick!! (??)

  8. Always a great of pleasure to read about that very lovely Bear Family!
    They look happy and playful in every weather!

    Stunning photos, dear Hans! Love the reflections on the water – wonderful!

    Thanks a lot for this nice article, dear Mervi!

    Many greetings from Tallinn,

  9. Die Zwillinge haben sich toll entwickelt. 🙂
    Auch die anderen Tiere sind sehenswert.

  10. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Zeigen der schönen Fotos von Frimas und ihren beiden Kids. Die Kleinen sind schon schön gewachsen.

    Schöner Fotos auch von Nashorn & Co.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe