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8.7.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

The readers of Knuti’s Weekly have already met the polar bear family in the Dierenrijk Nuenen but this wonderful zoo has even many other lovely animals. This article is dedicated to all the rhino friends in Berlin.

On the 2nd of July two rhino ladies from the Berlin Zoo arrived in Nuenen. Narayani, 31 years, and Jhansi, 29 years, are doing fine in their new home.

 photo Jhansi.jpg

 photo Jhansi2.jpg

The Berliner ladies are examining their enclosure.

 photo berliners.jpg

It looks like they are quite satisfied with their accommodation in Nuenen.

 photo berliners2.jpg

The day after the ‘Berliners’ arrival a male rhino Gainda came from the Zoo de Beauval in France.

Monsieur Gainda

 photo mannetje.jpg

I’m sure the gorgeous Gainda will charm the ladies.

 photo Gainda.jpg

The rhinos were allowed to have a few days to get used to their enclosure before they were on exhibit on the 6th of July. They share the nice enclosure with Nilgau antilopes, common warthogs and wild deers.

 photo 66187506_2235359823184273_1868633523372425216_o.jpg

As I already wrote there are many lovely animals in Nuenen. Here are some of them:

This lion seems to be rehearsing a new dance ….. 🙂

 photo 60950366_2628594703836629_3351852873628516352_n.jpg

During a heat wave the animals know how to keep themselves cool.

Even though the ‘Aussies’ are used to hot weather they want to ‘cool off’ every now and then. The baby cangoroo prefers to stay in mama’s ‘belly bag’.

 photo 61775787_2638850349477731_7784390218387292160_o.jpg

The raccoons have a nice block of flats so they can hide themselves from the hot sun rays.

 photo 62384796_2666515710044528_8235980311297523712_n.jpg

This bear is looking for a cool place near the water ….

 photo 62595525_2662987257064040_7077899691974721536_n.jpg

…. and this bear has obviously seen or heard something very interesting!

 photo 60393947_2620649561297810_507588477810900992_n.jpg

Oh yeah, there’s a bear party – but where’s the food? The catering service nowadays isn’t what it used to be!!!

 photo 64439139_2670466002982832_144994831737815040_o.jpg

Of course, a report from Nuenen without polar bears is impossible! 🙂

Papa Henk likes to take a walk ….

 photo 61513932_2638854336143999_7194954021990301696_o.jpg

…. and he also enjoys sitting by the pool.

 photo henk.jpg

Frimas and her cubs know it’s best to take things very easy on an extremely hot day.

 photo 61063819_2640697689292997_8454896057095028736_o.jpg

 photo 64438500_2676220319074067_2452068082793840640_o.jpg

Well, a little smile isn’t too exhausting …. 🙂

 photo 64565843_2678888148807284_1199095203357523968_n.jpg

A cute belly needs some scratching every now and then. 🙂

 photo 64765107_2674341595928606_2051419153872453632_n.jpg

A light meal in the water

 photo 64742327_2682259585136807_4816836866487615488_o.jpg

Splashing water is soooo refreshing!

 photo 64748720_2680186915344074_3899489297249599488_n.jpg

Tender moments are needed even when it’s hot! 🙂

 photo 60100326_2609439162418850_5784437404219736064_n.jpg

Dear Sis, I’m hungry! Do you know a nice restaurant nearby?

 photo 62349805_2661119740584125_3039918538610442240_o.jpg

It looks like the twins found a very cosy ‘restaurant’ 🙂

 photo 61344641_2628595053836594_4851316550407290880_n.jpg

More photos by Hans Muskens

Dear Hans! Thank you so much for the fantastic photos of these wonderful animal friends in ‘your’ zoo!

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  1. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Thank you so much for these fabulous pics of wonderful animals in Dierenrijk Nuenen especially of Narayani and Jhansi! They are badly missed by some regular visitors in Berlin.
    Narayani for example lived in the Berlin Zoo for more than 30 years. She was still a baby when she arrived and had to be raised by the keepers.
    I sincerely hope the Berlin rhinos are happy in their fine new home and will like Gainda. He seems to be a smart and goodlooking guy.
    Jhansi and Narayani had some problems with each other in the past because both were in love with the male Yodha and probably jealous at each other. Hopefully these problems will not occur again!
    I wish all three Indian rhinos in Nuenen all the best and a long, healthy and happy life!

    Of course all photos are beautiful and very much appreciated. I loved them all!



  2. Liebe Mervi,
    lieber Hans,

    dank der Hinweise von Anke erfahren wir, warum die hochbetagte Nashorndame nochmal ein neues Zuhause bekommen hat. Sie wird den Berlinern Pflegern fehlen, aber unter diesen Umständen ist manchmal eine Trennung unausweichlich.

    Mervi, deine Kommentare sind wieder große klasse und die Fässer für die Waschbären gefallen mir mit der
    “Tanzeinlage” des Löwen besonders gut und der Restaurantbesuch der Bärenzwillinge ist sehr witzig.

    Dir und Hans herzlichen Dank für diesen ausgedehneten Zoobesuch in Nuenen!

  3. Dear Hans and Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures of the lovely animals. I hope Narayani and Jhansi will be happy in the new enclosure with a new male.
    The brown bear family is wonderful. Henk is a handsome male, Frimas and the kids are lovely.

  4. Liebe Britta-Gudrun!
    Es tut mir leid, wenn ich mich missverständlich ausgedrückt habe und manche Informationen einfach vorausgesetzt habe.
    Die beiden Panzernashörner mussten den Zoo verlassen, weil das Nashornhaus deutlich in die Jahre gekommen war und abgerissen wird. Der Neubau und die Gestaltung einer neuen Anlage soll etwa zwei Jahre dauern und dann allen Erfordernissen entsprechen.
    Yodha ist bereits im Juli 2017 nach einem Darmverschluss mit Kreislaufversagen von seinen Leiden erlöst worden.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Dear Mervi and Hans!

    A nice article with very beautiful photos!
    All these animals look handsome and relaxed.
    It’s so very lovely to see these little fluffy Polar Bear twins again!
    They are REAL BEAUTIES!

    Many friendly greetings,
    Evi from Tallinn

  6. Liebe Anke,

    vielen Dank für deine zusätzliche Informationen zu dem Nashorn-Umzug
    und liebe Grüße!

  7. Lieber Hans

    Es ist schön, mal andere Eindrücke von Nuenen zu sehen. Der Zoo scheint schön zu sein.
    Und natürlich sind die Eisbären für mich immer ein besonderer Hingucker.

    Vielen lieben Dank,

  8. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Hans.
    Best wishes to Henk, Frimas and the other animals in Nuenen.