A red cone made Shauna’s and Nordi’s day

Aug 8th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

8.8.2019 – Photos by Anna Novikova

Even the polar bear kids get bored sometimes and it takes some innovative thinking from their mothers and, of course,  their keepers to keep the small fur balls occupied and happy.

Mama, we are bored! We are not at all amused!


Mama, please, tell us what to do!!


There’s a nice heap of snow …. why don’t you go and roll in it?


But mama, we’ve already done that! Snow is nice but we would like to have something new ….


Let’s say hello to our visitors first. Then mama will think of something.


Hello visitors!


Let’s see if the keepers have treated you with a new toy!

Yippee! I found a toy in the water! A red cone!


This is exactly what we needed! I’d better take it to a safe place ….


Luckily my sister didn’t see it yet – although mama has taught us to share our toys.


Oh bear, this is a funny toy! Am I not skilful balancing it on my cute nose?


Now it’s my turn! I can use it as a telephone …. Hello! Hello! Is anybody there? Hmm, no answer ….


I want to give the cone a gentle hug. It’s almost like a teddybear. 🙂


OK, I can’t be too ‘soft’. Because I’m a polar bear cub I must, of course, try to break the toy! That’s an unwritten law!!


Please, throw the cone to me! I’m waiting and tired of counting my toes!


Thank you ever so much!


The cone seems to be quite a hard ‘nut to crack’ !


However, it’s a nice swimming partner.


I can hear the cameras clicking and the visitors saying ‘Isn’t he cute’. Well, they’re right – I AM cute! 🙂


Papa Kai is listening to his twins ….


…. and he seems to be quite happy and proud of his lovely and lively kids.


Finally even turbo cubbies get tired …. so after the intensive playing it’s the same procedure as every day. 🙂

Mama’s back is the cosiest cushion!


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  1. Dear Anna and Mervi

    I imagine that in Russia as much as in England and Sweden, people will support a campaign “Traffic Cones for Polar Bears instead of roads!”
    The Novosibirsk family continue to be enchanting. Kai and Gerda and their children are a delight.
    Thank you Anna for the photos and Mervi for the detailed report!

  2. ich freu mich immer besonders über Berichte und Fotos von dieser lieben kleinen Familie!
    Und schön,dass heute auch Kai mit zu sehen ist und es ihm gut geht.

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte.

  3. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures from the zoo Novosibirsk. It is great that the polar bears get often the new toys. Shauna and Nordi love the cones as the other polar bears in the zoos 🙂

  4. Dear Mervi and Anna!
    Thank you for the current update and cute photos from the polar bears in the Novosibirsk Zoo.

    I´m sorry but since polar bears usually destroy these cones in no time I don´t agree they are perfect toys for predators with enormous bite force. Within a short time the remains of the cones are plastic waste with sharp edges…

    But Gerda and her kids have fun with it anyway and the pics are heartwarming, fabulous and funny.
    All bears including Kai look marvellous.


  5. Mama GERDA and her sweeties are cute as always. Papa Kai is an impressive and an as beautiful polar bear as the ‘rest’ of the family!

    ANNA has made gorgeous pics as usual and MERVI has found matching words to the pics as usual – charming and funny (and outdone herself with all the editorial work)!.

    Thanks to all thesix of you 🙂

    I have to admit it’s hard work to keep in mind all the stories and different names in ‘our’ polar bear world.
    Was puzzled when I red the headline with SHAUN and NORDI, as those two names have not yet landed in my poor little brains . . . 😉 (Thought “wha a third NORD first . . .. omg!).

  6. Liebe Mervi, liebe Anna,

    das sind wieder ganz süße Fotos von Gerda und ihren Kiddies.

    Die Kleinen haben Spaß mit den Pylonen.

    Besonders niedlich ist das letzte Foto, wo beide Kids ihr Köpfchen auf Mamas Rücken legen.
    Papa Kai beobachtet alles. Super, dass er nicht wie alle anderen Väter, auf Reisen geschickt wurde.

    Liebe Grüße