Amur leopard kittens and impala calves in Copenhagen

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4.8.2019 – Source: The Copenhagen Zoo

Imaq is doing fine and wants to present some newborns in the Copenhagen Zoo.


The Amur leopard couple  have become parents to three sweet kittens. This video is from the 26th of June when the babies were about 4 weeks old.

On the 10th of July it was time for the kittens’ first medical examination. All three are healthy and doing fine!


The kittens were not amused but the vets were happy to announce they are all in good shape.


The tiny cats were chipped, too, so the keepers will know who’s who. The zoo hasn’t informed yet about the gender of the babies.


After the medical examination the kittens were quickly returned to their mother.



This one seems to be saying: ‘The vets mean well but being with mama is much cosier’. 🙂



26th of July – the leopard babies have been seen outing a few times a day. The best chance to see them is in the afternoon according to the keepers.

This kitten is very focused on something …


It feels safe to be together!


Those blue eyes can melt ice bergs – that’s for sure!


Sometimes the world outside is a bit scary but luckily mama is always near.


Impala calves

There are several impala calves running around in the savannah area. As you can see in the video they really are very mobile – to put it mildly! 🙂 I managed to make one screen shot.


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  1. Liebe Mervi,

    die drei sind wirklich zum Dahinschmelzen und die Mama ist von der Untersuchung
    genauso wenig begeistert, wie die Kleinen.

    Die großen SprĂŒnge der kleinen Impalas sind sehr beeindruckend und eines fordert das
    andere zum Herumtoben heraus.

    Danke fĂŒr die feinen Fotos und Videos aus Copenhagen!
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for these cute photos and videos from the Copenhagen Zoo!

    Everybody who is able to see these precious leopard kittens will fall head over heels in love with them.
    They are simply adorable.
    The first medical check-up is always frightening but nevertheless necessary for the best of the little ones.

    Wow, the jumps of the impalas calves are quite high and far, very impressive but not really surprising with these long legs…


  3. Dear Mervi

    I am sure that it will be easier to see the young Impala than the Leopard cubs, as even the big Leopards are difficult to see.
    However, I am hoping to have two visits soon in Copenhagen Zoo, so will see what I can see.

  4. Love the pic of IMAQ in the beginning of this article! So good and cuuuute . . .
    Thanks for the good news!

    Isn’t it a pity all those sweeties have to go through this ‘torture’ (vaccination, being chipped, detection of the gender . . .). . . but we know it’s for their own good. The first two months obviously passed fine for them. So, please stay happy and healthy all your life long, you triple-sweeties!

    Babys’ blue eyes are always wonderful, the more when they are puzzled . . .
    ( Blue eyes, ‘Baby’s got blue eyes . . . )

    Thank you IMAQ – Thank you COPENHAGEN ZOO – Thank you MERVI for having presented the three cats and their mama AND the lovely IMPALA calves with their mamas (all are very elegant and extremely quick!) . . . Livelong Good Health! also to them, of course! ..

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    die kleinen Leopardenbabys sind sehr niedlich, und schon ganz schön flott untwerwegs.
    Das kleine Impala ist genauso sĂŒĂŸ. Sieht aus, als trainiere es fĂŒr eine Hochsprung WM.

    Danke fĂŒr`s Zeigen.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe