Big Ball Business and Signs of Fall

Aug 15th, 2019 | By | Category: Lead articles

15.8.2019 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! Even though it’s still Summer there are small signs of the approaching Fall to be seen. I’m looking forward to the Fall because after that my season Winter will come!

I have written the second chapter for my book. This time it’s about ‘BBB’ (Big Ball Business)! Oh bear, what a great book it will be! I wouldn’t be surprised if I won the Polaritzer Prize!!

I dedicate this newsletter to my friend Aron in Tallinn. He’s a real ball master! Maybe he’ll be writing a book, too ….


Most polar bears already master both small and big balls but maybe this chapter will be useful for the cubbies – and maybe for our two legged friends as well┬á …. ­čÖé

Stretching is very important before you start any exercises.


Of course, a big ball is needed! ­čÖé




You must show the ball who’s the boss! As you see in this photo I showed it clearly and splashidly (is that a word?)! ­čÖé


Rolling the ball in the water takes some practicing but we polar bears are quick learners!


Sometimes I want to give my playing an artistic touch┬á …..


You must agree this looks like rhythmic water gymnastics!


Back stroke holding the big ball on your stomach takes it’s polar bear!!


…. and now a surprising jump over the ball ….


…. well, almost over the ball ….


Finally – a snail imitation makes a great grande finale!


I’m the champion!



A nice swimming tour after the hard playing is very relaxing.


We have to wait some time until the ‘Ruska’ is here but our enclosure looks very nice and colourful even in the late Summer.


My white fur looks extra white against the flower background.


My garden looks quite nice although I didn’t do so much gardening this Summer. Writing a book can be quite time consuming. Luckily my ghost writer (whose name begins with the letter M) always helps me with the typing …. those stupid keys are too small for my paws! When do they make a decent keyboard???


I can feel the Fall is around the corner


Oh yes, I can definitely smell it!


Can you imagine that in only a few months my enclosure will be covered by snow? I’d better enjoy the August before it’s too late, hihihii.


I wish all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly a happy late Summer! See you soon again!

Yours sincerely, the Ball Master Sisu

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  1. Dear Sisu

    Your second book chapter is great and the pictures are great.
    You really are a true ball acrobat!!!!
    The flowers in your garden are very beautiful.


    Many thanks to Marko for all the amazing pictures!

  2. TERVE! dear little big friend! Your assistant in so many respects, ‘aunty Godmother MERVI’, has given again proof for her very imaginative brains! Wheather it’s the title for your second chapter: “BBB = Big Ball Business”, whether it’s the idea of a new literature prize/award called “Polaritzer Prize”! These two expressions alone are a brillant storyline. How nice of you to dedicate this sequel of your book to a friend, to ARON in TALLINN.

    Your performances are smashing! And your dear friend MARKO succeeded again to catch the most exciting scenes into his camera. GREAT stuff! Just let me emphasize his shot when you push your ball under water while a fence of water rises around! Perfect moment for a shot. He also caught really artistic moments – you seem to be a so called ‘MEISTER ALLER KLASSEN’. I am impressed! . . Had also to laugh about the ‘SNAIL IMATATION’ and of lots and lots of the pic-(sub)titles. Entertaining stuff!

    You are right: . . We have to think about a decent and really useful keyboard for polar bears. May be, we have to contact some skilled, imaginative and animal-loving ingeneers . . .in order to relieve your very well known ‘ghostwriter from a bit of lots of burdans . . .

    The last pics MARKO made of you evoke a lot the pics of your conspecifics in the wild – you know, those in CHURCHILL with the lilac flowers behind them!

    Thank you all the three: your self, dear SISU, MERVI and MARKO.

  3. Dear Sisu and Mervi!
    The second chapter is very interesting. Sisu is very skilful with a ball.
    The garden looks beautiful.

  4. Lieber Sisu,
    die Farbe pink in deinem Garten steht dir prima, leider f├Ąllt mir gerade der Name der Wildblume nicht mehr ein…
    Dein Wasserballballett ist gro├čartig – besonders das Bild mit dem Wasserwall um den Ball und
    dein R├╝ckw├Ąrtssalto mit dem Ball. Du bist ein gro├čer Sportler und Marco ein begnadeter Fotograf!

    Liebe Mervi,
    wieder hast du einen wunderbaren Text f├╝r Sisus Buch geschrieben, das gro├čen Spa├č macht.
    Deine Interpretationen stehen den Beobachtungen von Ralph bei seinen Lieblingen in Aalborg in
    nichts nach.

    Ich bin gespannt, auf die Fortsetzung der Erlebnisse mit Sisu.
    Vielen Dank und liebe Gr├╝├če

  5. Always a PLEASURE to see you here in KWM, dear SISU!
    I’m glad all is fine with you.. You are a real Ball Master!
    Tomorrow I’ll tell ARON, that you dedicate this newsletter to him.. Most certainly, he’ll be very glad and I’m more than sure, he will greet you back, too!
    Wow, your enclosure looks so beautiful!!

    Many thanks for this lovely article, dear Mervi and Marko!

    Best wishes and greetings from Tallinn,

  6. Nachtrag:
    Die rosa Wildblume hei├č Schmalbl├Ąttriges Weidenr├Âschen und bekommt zum Ende der Bl├╝te ganz wei├če wollartige F├Ąden im Fruchtstand, deshalb auch Frauenhaar genannt. Der botanische Name ist Epilobium angustifolium
    Ich liebe das Internet!

  7. Sisu hat viel Spa├č im Wasser
    mit dem gro├čen Ball. Die
    Weidenr├Âschen bilden
    einen sch├Ânen Kontrast
    zu seinem wei├čen Fell.

  8. Dear Sisu!
    The second chapter of your book is again a proof of your vitality and skilfulness.
    It┬┤s plain to see what fun you had with the ball and how artistically you handled it.
    I┬┤m deeply impressed!
    You are lucky having such a wonderful garden. You look very handsome amidst the pink flowers!

    Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Thank you for these fabulous photos and the fanciful, humorous and affectionate subtitles.
    I loved all the pics, they are fantastic and vivid. The third one really enchanted me and made my heart sing. Sisu seemed so happy with his ball and from this perspective his hind legs look so short that I was reminded of sweet Antonia.
    Sisu is for sure a very charming cutie.


  9. Dear Mervi and Marko

    Polar Bears and balls are a great combination. And the bigger the balls the better.
    The flowering colours in the background remind of Churchill.

  10. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko,

    vielen Dank f├╝r die wieder sehr sch├Ânen Fotos von einem sehr aktiven Sisu.

    Auf dem 4. Foto von oben sieht es aus, als l├Ąge der Ball in einer Glasschale. Tolle Aufnahme.
    Das sind ja fast schon akrobatische Einlagen, die Sisu mit dem Ball zeigt.

    Die Bl├╝tenpracht auf den letzten Aufnahmen sieht wundersch├Ân aus.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  11. terve dear Sisu,
    how nice to see you playing in your pool with that big ball.we all can see, YOU are having fun
    but the pictures you in your colourful garden are just wonderful and I can imagine you are a little bit looking forward to the fall. All the best to you
    dear Marko and dear Mervi,thank you so much for all the nice pictures, Sisu is a handsome big bear boy
    dear greetings to the North