Bo the American polar bear cub

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24.8.2019 by Molly Merrow

In all the zoos in the U.S.A, there was just one cub born this past season, and he lives in the Arctic Encounter of the Toledo Zoo.

Bo was born December 9, so he is about eight months old now. I visited him on a hot August day, and he kept busy, playing in the cool saltwater with his balls and his big blue barrel, cut down to his size.

 photo bo blue barrel face in 2.jpg

 photo bo blue barrel 2.jpg

 photo bo blue barrel profile.jpg

Bo’s official name is Borealis, as in the Northern Lights, but everyone calls him Bo. He is the seventh cub of his mom Crystal, who was born in Belgium, where she still has a sister, Blanche.

His father is Marty, a very large papa bear. Bo has an older sister named Aurora, to go with his name. Aurora has a twin sister, Anana. Also in the family are brother Siku, twins Suka and Sakari, and sister Hope.

When I arrived mid morning, Bo was napping with his mom, so I went out to see the rest of the zoo. When I returned, Bo had woken up, and was busy playing by himself in the water. Then he played with the children at the window of the center room. Bo loves the kids and tries to paw at the glass to get through to really play with them.

 photo bo hand 3.jpg

He took a little break, and nursed for a bit, but didn’t take time for a nap and was out playing again right away.

 photo Crystal nursing Bo.jpg

 photo bo blue barrell side.jpg

Why carry things between your paws when you have a head! 🙂

 photo bo blue barrel nose.jpg

The blue barrel is a lot of fun. He can pour water all over himself, throw it in the air, wear it as a hat, use it as a water toy, and hide inside.

 photo bo blue barrel face in.jpg

 photo bo blue barrel 3.jpg

The barrel serves as a teddybear, too! 🙂

 photo bo blue barrel love.jpg

 photo bo blue barrel hat.jpg

It’s great fun to chew on the barrel too and rip it apart.

 photo bo blue barrel tip.jpg

 photo bo blue barrel.jpg

Later in the day, after Bo and Crystal went inside, I saw Father Marty playing with bigger half of the blue barrel in the water. Big Marty is also a fan of chewing and ripping apart the blue plastic.

 photo marty bite.jpg

Like father like son. Bo is going to grow up to be just as big as his dad.

 photo bo eat blue barrel.jpg

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  1. Dear Molly,

    It was a great pleasure for me to publish your charming article of young Mr Bo – and his parents.

    Sweet Bo seems to be a guy having lots of fun playing with his barrel and I’m sure the visotors had as much fun as the cute fluffy guy. 🙂

    All your photos are wonderful and it’s touching to see how Bo says ‘hello’ to his small fans.

    Chrystal is a good mother and it’s easy to understand she loves her adorable son. Mr Marty is an impressive polar bear male and one day even Bo will be a white giant.

    Thank you so much for the greetings from the Toledo Zoo!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Molly and Mervi!
    Thank you for bringing us the beautiful photos and news about Bo -The One And Only polar bear cub that was born in the U.S. during the last season.
    Like all polar bear cubs he is a charming and playful little sweetie and his parents can be proud of him for many reasons.
    The visitors of the Toledo Zoo must love him for sure.
    I loved all the vivid pics but my favourites are No.2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. What a sweet little guy he is.
    The pic on which he is greeting the child behind the pane is especially cute!


  3. A nice Saturday late morning surprise! I liked the beautiful photos as much as the accompanying words – and most of everything of course: BO! . . . BO is a Beau! and it seems he is very charming in addition. I simply love the pic of him with the boy’s hand! What a lovely face and fine paw he’s got!!

    The mother and kid pic is a lovely sight and big papa is an impressing PB.

    Thank you very much, dear MOLLY. I am looking forward to meeting your reports and pictures more often in KWM . . . !(?).

    Thank you, dear MERVI for oviously having convinced another of the usually silent readers to get into your ‘KWM’s public – and for your part of the work as well – of course.

  4. Liebe Molly,
    liebe Mervi,

    als einziges Eisbärenbaby der letzten Saison in USA schaut natürlich die ganze Nation
    auf den flauschigen Wonneproppen!
    Ich finde ja, dass besonders blaues Spielzeig besonders gut zu den Bären passt
    und deshalb ist es schnell kaputt-gespielt.
    Siebenfache Mutter zu sein ist schon eine reife Leistung einer Bärin, auch die
    Verwandtschaft ist sehr interessant.

    Vielen Dank euch beiden für den schönen Bericht!
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  5. Dear Mervi and Molly
    I am delighted to see Molly’s detailed report about this USA cub here.
    It is always great to read about the family details of Polar Bears. With such lovely parents, Bo has an excellent start.
    The blue barrel is clearly global Polar Bear currency for both yound old bears

  6. Dear Molly,
    thank you for the interesting report About Bo, Crystal and Marty.
    Bo is a wonderful playful boy. He likes to play with the barrels 🙂

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    danke fürs Einstellen der schönen Bilder von Molly.

    Das Bärchen ist auch ein kleines Schnuckelchen. Ich finde es immer besonders niedlich, wenn bereits die kleinen Bärchen an der Scheibe mit den Kindern “kommunizieren”.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  8. Liebe Molly,
    freut mich von Bo auch einmal etwas zu erfahren.
    Spielfreudig wie allle Kleinen und so eine reduzierte Tonne ist für einen Eisbärenjungen eine große
    Sein spielen an der Scheibe ist besonders und nicht nur fĂĽr Kinder, ich bin davon auch hin und weg.
    Danke Dir für diesen schönen Bericht von Borealis und seinen Eltern.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  9. Dear Molly

    These are wonderful pictures of a charmingly playing polar bear boy. Thank you very much.