My second day in Aalborg Zoo: Thursday 6 June 2019 Part 2

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7.8.2019 by Ralph Morton

Being able to feed Nuka and Quillak was only the first stage of the visit to the Polar Bear house. We were also going to be able to meet Malik and Nord.


We were old by the keeper that Nord was not used to being fed like Malik and the girls. His enthusiasm for Malik meant that he followed her inside to see us.


Nord is a very big male and the size difference can be seen here.


Nord was very keen to get intimate with Malik and thought the confined space would give him a chance to do so. This was a bad idea and Malik made it clear with a sharp growl and bite that “me too” applies to lady Polar Bears eating. Nord realised his mistake and was well behaved for the rest of the visit.

A range of snacks were available, but the hits seemed to be grapes from Molly and Corn cobs from Jeanette. These vanished so fast, it was hard to photograph them.


Molly took this shot of Jeanette with ones of the corn cobs and an interested customer! I am grateful to both of them for letting me use this shot here.


Both Malik (Left) and Nord were delighted with the Corn (as Nuka and Quillak had been earlier).


Nord was hoping that Malik might let him have some of hers! I am grateful to Molly for letting me use her photographs. I was taking photos of her taking them.



Molly at work. Her expedition to Europe can be followed on Facebook but also in her wonderful reports here.


I am not sure if this is Malik or Nord (I think it is Malik).


Malik’s beautiful face shows in this shot of her taking a grape (or fig?)


The delicacy and gentleness with which the bears ate their snacks was wonderful to see.


Malik finishing off her Corn Cob.


Nord taking a close interest in Malik.


Despite Nord’s earlier behaviour, it was clear that he and Malik had got a good relationship and both were relaxed being around the other.


A close up of Malik’s lovely liquorice nose.


Waiting for the next snack!


Being so close to these amazing bears and seeing how controlled and relaxed they were was a marvellous experience. The strength of those bars was reassuring and we were all well aware of the need to be careful around them.


Nord is one of the biggest Polar Bears in Western Europe. But he is a gentle giant and seemed to be enjoying his new home in Aalborg.


His fur was obviously giving him an itch, but it gave a great shot of his impressive head.


Anyone who has just had to scratch an itchy ear in a public place knows how Nord was feeling.


The inside of a Polar Bear ear needs a good place to scratch!


The top of the head also needed a good scratch!


Just to shake out the loose hairs, a full head shake only a few feet away from me!


This shot of Nord rubbing his back reminded me of the song in the Jungle Book film by Walt Disney.


A happy and relaxed Nord.


Nord seems to be smiling here after his scratch!


Both Nord and Malik were careful to inspect the compartments for any loose snacks or remains.


This picture sums up the cheerful mood of both bears and humans. Thank you Jeanette and Susanne and also of course the team at Aalborg Zoo who allowed us to get close to the Polar Bears.

The Polar Bears were not the biggest animal we were allowed to feed on Thursday. Jeanette had arranged a meeting with a special lady. But that will be in my next report.

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  1. Ô-Ô – These men! – They always try to take advantage of any comparable occasion! 😉 😉
    I had to laugh about your description of the corresponding situation and your using the buzzword ‘me too’ (sorry – don’t want to make a joke of it in general!) . . .

    It’s very kind of MOLLY and JEANETTE that they gave the permission to publish the photo with JEANETTE and probably NORD(?). I appreciate always to see also people in connection with the animals once in a while! Thanks also for the Link to MOLLY’s homepage.

    Backdoor experiences are always exciting and interesting.

    Thank you very much, dear RALPH for your report and the matching lots of photos.

    – – –

    A big THANK YOU also once more to MERVI who had for sure
    also a lot of work with the editiing of your templates (Text and pictures!),
    as she had before with other publications in ‘KWM’.

    KWM has become a ‘Schlag auf Schlag-Magazin’!
    Amazing how you can manage everything that’s connected and necessary
    with/for the publication of the offered articles to you . . .

  2. PS:

    Wonderful imagination for the 5th last photo in your report!

    Dschungelbuch /Jungle Book / „Probier’s mal mit Gemütlichkeit“ / “The bare necessities” . . . Deutsch . . . .English with lyrics

  3. Dear Ralph,
    it is very impressive to see the adult polar bears next to you. Nord is a huge bear.

  4. Dear Ralph!
    I can only repeat myself: You must have been very happy at this day.
    The relationship between the bears could be judged quite good while feeding them.

    Nord is a real giant compared to Malik. Fortunately he is not aggressive but gentle and compliant against her
    I had a big grin on my face when, considering his advances, Malik made clear that she has her own ideas and would not back down.

    It is remarkable that grapes belong to the favourite treats of many polar bears…

    Thank you for sharing this exxtraordinary experience with us.


  5. Dear Ralph,

    Malik certainly is a polar bear lady with a mind of her own and she doesn’t hesitate to ‘speak out’ when she thinks it’s needed. 🙂 Nord is like almost all the polar bear males – he lets the lady of his heart have her way! 🙂

    The grapes and the corn cobs were obviously very much appreciated by both bears. How great to see Jeanette in on of the photos, too!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful report! Of course, I adress my thanks even to Molly and Jeanette!

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. Lieber Ralph,

    das sind beeindruckende Bilder von einem so hautnahen Erlebnis mit den Bären,
    um das dich viel Eisbärfreunde beneiden.
    Fein, dass du mit uns deine großartige Begegnung hier im KWM teilen kannst.

    Ich musste auch grinsen über das “me too” unter Eisbärinnen, aber wie
    wir wissen, nehmen Eisbärinnen da kein Blatt vor den Mund, um den
    Kerlen Bescheid zu sagen, wo es lang geht.

    Dir und deinen reizenden Begleiterinnen vielen Dank für diese tolle Visite
    hinter den Kulissen.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Es war sicher spannend,
    die Bären hinter den
    Kulissen zu treffen.

  8. Lieber Ralph,

    wie ich schon in Deinem letzten Bericht schrieb, war es für Dich sicher ein unvergessenes Ereignis, so dicht bei den Bären zu sein, und sie zu füttern.

    Schön, dass Du nun auch Malik und Nord füttern durftest.

    Ich kann mich noch gut daran erinnern, dass auch Knut gerne Weintrauben gegessen hat. Er hat jede Traube einzeln gegessen.

    Liebe Grüße, bis bald.

    Übrigens, ich war heute bei Deiner Kati. Ihr geht es gut.