Nuenen: A cosy, lazy day

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20.8.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

This time I want to present some sweet inhabitants in the Dierenrijk Nuenen having a cosy, lazy day.

Nivi and Elva started the day with some friendly wrestling in the grass.

 photo 67757360_2774987352530696_5005851797294678016_o.jpg

Frimas and the twins had a family meeting.

 photo 66598959_2728178983878200_8818177576540307456_o.jpg

I guess they decided to go to the pool although one of the twins seems to have a different opinion …. 🙂

 photo 66687824_2728179323878166_1444882497941798912_o.jpg

Come on, Sis! Let’s have sun fun by the water!

 photo 67229163_2728179423878156_2611946329126993920_o.jpg

Nivi and Elva soon found something interesting.

 photo 67270009_2742201309142634_9065277430310109184_o.jpg

Polar bears on the rocks. Hmm, sounds almost like a name of a drink. 🙂

 photo 67403183_2744077012288397_6956720449598259200_o.jpg

Papa Henk took a nice swimming tour. He looks so relaxed and happy.

 photo Henk.jpg

Mr Rhino enjoying his breakfast

 photo 67183175_2728924373803661_3035446236409757696_n.jpg

The two ladies visited the bar for a refreshing drink.

 photo 67439039_2754942587868506_6488737583210692608_o.jpg

The rhinos have cute co-inhabitants in their enclosure. Aren’t they lovely!

 photo 67447711_2760407923988639_1351583417292029952_n.jpg

The little lynx is playing hide and seek ….

 photo 67082134_2734671176562314_7499494098361909248_o.jpg

… but mama lynx found him. It was time for a ‘tongue shower’. 🙂

 photo 67618212_2756785897684175_6274840287655231488_o.jpg

Afterwards a nice nap on mama’s back.

 photo 67443675_2754945934534838_2031808517882511360_o.jpg

The arctic fox will soon have a different colour of the fur.

 photo 67539742_2758563510839747_4888532304588177408_n.jpg

The otters certainly know how to take it easy! 🙂

 photo 67794240_2769485986414166_806953840145334272_o.jpg

Here’s another couple that master the art of relaxation! 🙂

 photo 67586637_2754943827868382_194943317115404288_o.jpg

Finally some photos of the Gallery of Cuteness:

 photo 67278890_2738319482864150_2545729525539405824_o.jpg

Bye bye! We need some peace and quiet now ….

 photo 67549932_2760405753988856_2733393744966451200_o.jpg

…. because it’s time for a well deserved nap!

 photo 67983659_2778645692164862_5283857509877022720_o.jpg

Photos by Hans Muskens

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  1. Dear Hans!
    You bring always the wonderful pictures from the zoo.
    Nivi and Elva are very lovely cubs. They have a wonderful mother and a nice enclosure with grass and pool.

  2. I am all of a sudden longing for this mysterious drink called ‘POLAR BEARS on the ROCKS’! 🙂
    even though it’s still quite early in the morning and not very warm so far . . . Your imagination is simply ‘contaminious’!

    The whole family in the ‘DIERENRIJK NUENEN’ (Tierreich Nünen – der Name gefällt mir!) looks marvellous and content. Always a pleasure to know when PBs seem to be happy.

    We can talk of a ‘Gallery of Cuteness’ for this complete report with gorgeous and lots of most ‘awww…’-pics.

    Thanks to the both of you, HANS MUSKENS and MERVI!

  3. Dear Hans and Mervi
    Thank you for introducing us to so many of the animals. We met some more Polar Bears as well as Arctic Foxes
    Then the rhino lemur and lynx families.

  4. Dear Mervi and dear Hans!
    Thank you for this again fabulous teamwork!
    The photos of the animals in Dierenrijk Nuenen are delightful and heartwarming and the text fits perfectly.

    Just like Dumba I really wonder where you get your ideas from? ” Polar bears on the rocks” made me dream of a refuge in an ice bar enjoying a refreshing cocktail on a quite unbearable hot summer´s day.
    Though it isn´t so hot anymore I´d like to taste it too…

    Frimas and her kids obviously have a great time and so much fun together. I suppose the twins have the best time of their life and hope their future will be happy and healthy furthermore.

    I´m happy to see the rhino ladies from Berlin Narayani and Jhansi are doing fine. Both and the male look gorgeous.

    There are many cool animals in Nuenen. Thank you for the pics of the lynxmother and her adorable baby, the cute arctic fox in change of coat, the sweet otters, relaxed kattas and again the eased polar bears.