Wolodja and Olinka in Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam

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12.8.2019 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra

Wolodja moved to Rotterdam in June this year and he has settled quite well in his home in the Diergaarde Blijdorp. Nel Hoekstra has visited him and Olinka and kindly given me permission to publish her photos even in this magazine.

Our Teddy is relaxing in the green grass …..

 photo wolodja6_1.jpg

… and a nap by the ‘sea side’ is always nice. When Wolodja opens his eyes he can admire himself in the water mirror.

 photo wolodja3_1.jpg

Most of you know the history of Wolodja but here’s a little reminder.

He was born on the 27th of November 2011 in Moskau – Mutter: Simona, Vater: Vrangel

 photo wolodja2_1.jpg

Wolodja has already moved a lot:
08.08.2013 – 13.02.2017 Tierpark Berlin
13.02.2017 – 22.04.2017 Berlin Zoo
22.04.2017 – 09.05.2018 Berlin Tiergarten
09.05.2018 – 30.01.2019 Berlin Zoo
30.01.2019 – 14.06.2019 Rhenen
14.06.2019 Rotterdam

 photo wolodja4_1.jpg

Wolodja has fathered two cubs – Fritz in 2016 and Hertha 2018. Unfortunately little Fritz died only 4 months old.

Here’s Olinka’s history in a nut shell:

Olinka: Born 21. November 1992 in Köln – Mutter: Olga, Vater: Omaha

Olinka is a beautiful polar bear lady.

 photo olinka5.jpg

Even Olinka has travelled a lot:

18.03.1994 – 17.02.2002 Wien
17.02.2002 – 26.05.2003 Bremerhaven
26.05.2003 – 14.11.2005 Wien
14.11.2005 – 05.12.2006 Gelsenkirchen
05.12.2006 – 04.03.2010 Wien
04.03.2010 – Rotterdam

 photo olinka3_1.jpg

Olinka has given birth to several cubs and she’s even a grandmother of a couple of cubs.

These polar bears are Olinka’s children – well, they are adults now:

2000: Lloyd, Nika
2004: Lara
2007: Arktos, Nanuq
2010: Vicks
2014: Todz, Sizzel

 photo olinka1.jpg

Olinka is obviously thinking big thoughts!

 photo olinka2_1.jpg

For the time being Wolodja and Olinka are living in separate enclosures. It remains to be seen if they’ll be living together later on.


 photo olinka4.jpg


 photo wolodja1.jpg

This photo of ‘Teddy’ made me think of his daughter Hertha. She must have inherited some of her energy from papa Wolodja. 🙂

 photo wolodja5_1.jpg

Thank you so much, dear Nel, for this update! Knuti’s Weekly wishes you, Wolodja, Olinka and all the keepers in the Diergaarde Blijdorp a pleasant late Summer time!

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  1. Dear Mervi and Nel!
    Thank you for the update about Olinka and Wolodja in Rotterdam.

    I feel sorry for Wolodja, this young, seven years old bear since he had to move a lot in his short life.
    That means at least ten(!) general anaestethics he already went through…
    A consequence of breeding at any price!
    I hope he will recover completely from all this to and fro!

    Beautiful Olinka was also a ” Reisebär” but she was allowed to stay eight years in Wien, after she left her mother in Cologne at the age of two.

    All good wishes for the bears and their keepers!

    I would like to remind as well there was a third kid of Tonja and Wolodja in the year 2017, that died after only 26 days, a little girl that starved.

    Fortunately the third time all went well by now.


  2. Ach, wie freue ich mich, mal wieder etwas von WOLODJA und auch von OLINKA, die ich seit ihrer Zeit mit ihren Söhnen, dem Land- und dem Wasserbär (ARKTOS und NANUK?) im Tiergarten SCHÖNBRUNN sehr in mein Herz geschlossen hatte!

    Both, WOLODJA and OLINKA look really gorgeous. I very much hope that they also ‘feel’ like this!

    Oh, I am a bit astonished that OLINKA and WOLODJA are still separated.
    I wish them all the best for a ‘union without problems’ and perhaps some soft feelings for oneanother when the time has come for it!

    Thanks to NEL HOEKSTRA and to you, dear MERVI, for the pictured report from these two wonderful polar bears, livin in the ‘DIERGAARDE BLIJDORP in ROTTERDAM’ actually (poor travellers!).

    Thank you also very much, dear MRVI, for your comments to the pics in my ‘Berlin-Aug-2019’-photo-album!

  3. OT

    I take this opportunity for birthday greetings for another beloved member of our various animal species friends:

    Montag, 12.08.2019
    Diese propere kleine, freche und Gott sei Dank ‚pumperlgsunde‘ junge Elefantendame (ganz links im Bild)
    feiert heute ihren 7. Geburtstag:

    „HAPPY BIRTHDAY, liebe ANCHALI! Bleib so lustig und auch ruhig so ‚frech‘ wie Du bist und vor allem GESUND!“


    (btw.: Ich glaube, ich habe mich da bei der Untertitelung dieses Fotos etwas vertan; denn die Elefantendame mit dem Grasbüschel ‚im Schnabel‘ ist kaum Pang PHA, ANCHALIs Mama, sondern eine der Tanten, deren Namen ich leider nicht weiß und die ich nicht auseinanderhalten kann. Vermutlich ist dann das hinter ANCHALI ihre Mama (!?).

  4. Dear Mervi and Nel

    I hope that the reason Olinka and Wolodja are separate is to save Olinka from having cubs. Once they get into the Winter, Olinka should be more relaxed. I was lucky enough to see her in Gelsenkirchen with Lara in Autumn 2006.
    Wolodja looks very relaxed, but he may still be doing his power swimming.

  5. Dear Mervi and Nel!
    Thank you for the pictures of Wolodja and Olinka. I think the bears are separated. The both enclosures look very nice.

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank fürs Einstellen der Fotos von Wolodja und natürlich auch von Olinka.
    Ich habe die Fotos heute einer Tierpflegerin vom Bärenrevier im Tierpark gezeigt. Sie hat sich auch darüber gefreut, denn sie vermissen ihren Wolodja natürlich auch.

    Ich freue mich immer Fotos von meinem Teddy zu sehen. Aber irgendwie sieht er etwas fremd aus, vor allem im Gesicht. Durch das “Fell-Problem” im Gesicht wirkt auch seine Nase so groß und breit. Aber wichtig ist, dass es ihm gut geht. Er sieht ja ganz relaxt aus. Und Olinka ist eine schöne Eisbärin.

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Dear Monika,

    I’m glad to hear you showed Nel’s photos to a keeper in the Tierpark. I guess we are all glad ‘meeting’ Wolodja again!

  8. Ich freue mich, dass
    es Wolodja gut geht. 🙂

  9. Liebe Mervi
    Liebe Nel

    Ich danke für die netten Bilder aus Rotterdam.
    Es freut mich, mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen von Wolodja und Olinka zu sehen.
    Schön, dass es beiden gut geht.