A hot day in the Zoo Mulhouse

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2.9.2019 – Photos by Veronika and Hans Odermatt

When Veronika and Hans visited the Zoo Mulhouse in Alsace on the 26th of August it was very hot – 29 degrees Celsius. No wonder they met Sesi and Nanuq  playing in the water.

 photo mul21.jpg

However, soon they noticed there was something special happening …..

 photo mul14.jpg

Sesi and Nanuq were observing their visitors with great interest.

 photo mul13.jpg

Mama, what can you see? Is there anybody we know?

 photo mul38.jpg

Yes, I think I recognize at least one visitor ….

 photo mul16.jpg

Oh yes, there were a familiar faces among the visitors – Veronika and Hans! Veronika took this photo.

 photo mul1.jpg

Sesi and Nanook kept watching and they seem to be very glad about their faithful visitors.

 photo mul19.jpg

Papa Vicks was strolling on the green grass.

 photo mul6.jpg

Now he smelt something ….

 photo mul8.jpg

…. and found a piece of meat (at least it was something eatable).

 photo mul44.jpg

Vicks has a nice dinner table ….

 photo mul45.jpg

…. and he has a suitable place for picnic! 🙂

 photo mul7.jpg

Tina was indoors during Hans’ and Veronika’s visit so there are no photos of her this time.

This is Nanuq sniffing the air

 photo mul25.jpg

 photo mul23.jpg

 photo mul26.jpg

 photo mul32.jpg

Finally it was time for some cuddling

 photo mul17.jpg

It’s not easy to know who’s who!

 photo mul46.jpg

It’s always nice to meet visitors but now it’s time for some relaxation!

 photo mul22.jpg

Can we have some privacy, please?

 photo mul4.jpg

Soon Nanuq had travelled to the land of dreams.

 photo mul48.jpg

Dear Veronika and Hans! Thank you so much for the photos of our white fluffy friends in Mulhouse!

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  1. Dear Veronika and Hans!
    Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this nice report about the polar bears in the Zoo Mulhouse and the fabulous pics from a hot summer´s day.
    Hans seemed to be a bit exhausted on the photo… Today the heat in our area is gone and we all can recover from these quite unbearable heatwaves in recent weeks.

    Nanuq became a beautiful young lady by now and has nearly the same size as her mother.
    It´s really difficult to tell who is who.

    I loved the pic where Sesi is standing upright as well as the cuddling of mother and daughter or those where Sesi and Nanuq chill out in the grass.
    The cute last photo makes me want to go to bed again…
    I´m happy the bears are doing well!


  2. Liebe Veronika und Hans!
    Danke für die schönen Bilder aus dem Zoo Mulhouse. Das Gehege sieht grün aus. Die Bären haben sich gefreut Euch zu sehen.

  3. Thanks to VERONIKA and HANS ODERMATT for a set of new pics of the polar-(teddy-)bears in ZOO MULHOUSE*. It’s always nice to see also persons from behaind the camera once. May be Veroniky will also show one day 🙂

    * ‘Parc zoologique & botanique de Mulhouse’:

  4. Die Eisbaeren in Mulhouse geniessen das schoenen Sommertag, besonders wenn gechillt wird. Danke fuer die wunderbaren Bilder.

    Liebe Gruesse, Erika