First day in Denmark: Tuesday 13 August: Lynn and Imaq in the small enclosure

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3.9.2019 by Ralph Morton

After seeing Noel in the large Arctic Ring, I went over to the small enclosure to see if anyone was there. At first all was quiet.


Then Lynn made her entrance. From her fur it was clear that she had already been in the water.


As on my previous visits I was impressed by the care which Lynn took to check that all was safe for her cub. Her powerful nose sniffed to make sure all was clear.

Lynn seemed content to go back in.


Lynn always seems such a happy bear, and today was no exception.


The Copenhagen keepers always ensure that there are plenty of snacks and toys around to keep the Polars occupied.


As soon as Imaq was out, she was playing in the water.

It is worth looking at the pictures of the tiny cub I saw in March to see how well the Zoo and Lynn have done in raising Imaq. The little cub was already very brave and curious, but now she has become a confident and self-assured young Polar Bear. – Copenhagen – Nursing and relaxing/Time to go


Lynn has been disciplined in feeding Imaq at set times, but the little one has still grown fast.


Even when she is with Lynn, Imaq is keeping her nose in the air to check out all the interesting smells.


Lynn enjoys playing with her daughter, but it is also part of her training routine to playfight with Imaq.


The close bond between Lynn and Imaq is always there to see.
Lynn watches as Imaq enjoys some lettuce in the water.


It not long before Lynn decides that it is time to continue with the playfighting lessons.


Of course Lynn also uses the lesson to teach Imaq that anyone, even Mum, might steal her food if she does not eat it quickly.


Imaq is not sure that she likes this particular lesson!


Of course there are always plenty of other things. Imaq wonders if Mum has seen this interesting bit of stick.

No, Mum see seems to be concentrating on something else.


Imaq decides it is time to show Mum how much she has learnt about playfighting and launches a surprise attack on her neck!


Lynn seems impressed and takes time out to sniff and praise Imaq.



Imaq decides to have another surprise attack on Mum.


Imaq still has a lot of growing to do, but she is already very confident.


Lynn is pleased that Imaq is a very independent cub and is able to amuse herself a lot of the time.


Even though Imaq has outgrown the mother and cub enclosure, the Zoo allow Noel some times in the Arctic Ring, so Lynn and Imaq are able to play in the old nursery.


Imaq always finds something to eat or chew.


The water is Imaq’s natural home and she regularly dives in. A difficult moment to catch, but this clip from a video shows it.


Polar Bears always seem to enjoy hiding and recovering things from the various hatches and openings in their enclosure. Imaq is no exception.


This drum had been securely wedged and Imaq is determined to recover it.
Quite often another object or smell will distract her.


Success! Imaq has the drum between both paws, using her back paws to counterbalance.


Polar Bears get themselves in the strangest positions, but Imaq seems happy.


She then decides it is time to return the drum to its hiding place. A lot of thought and effort goes into this activity, which is good for Polar Bears. They are highly intelligent and these tests are like Sudoko for them.

Another item floating in the water, which at first I thought was a ball, was the remnant of an ice bomb.


Imaq was keen to get this under her control too.


She gradually steered it towards the shore.


It is always nice to see how a Polar Bear concentrates on playing. It is the best activity in a Zoo to compensate for not having to hunt.


The ice ball appeared to have a mind of its own and escaped from Imaq now and then.


Hiding and pushing objects into secure places seems a crucial part of life for Zoo Polar Bears. In the wild they normally eat all their food as soon as they catch or find it. However, this may give a clue to ways in which Polar Bears will adapt to the difficult challenges they now find in the wild.


This view of Imaq enjoying a snack in the water shows how she has filled out.


Always interested in things around her, Imaq holds on to her snack while checking out something.


This last shot shows a contented Imaq eating a slice of Lettuce. Knut was not that keen on Lettuce but this year’s generation of cubs seem to have a taste for it.

It was nearly lunchtime so I left the bears to check out the zoo shop and treat myself to a fish and chip lunch Danish style from “The Fish Project”. When I returned Lynn and Imaq were in the Arctic Ring. But that is for next time!

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  1. Again very nice and most interesting observations of yours – and excellent photos (I am really imressed!).

    The ‘mother and daughter polar bear pair’ look simply gorgeous: white and seemingly soft and fluffy; however, we all know by now that polar bears’ furs don’t feel ‘soft and fluffy’ but rather ‘rough'(!?). May be one day you will get permission by one of the friendly keepers in one of the lots of zoos you got in contact with to touch and pet a polar bear ;-))))

    The ‘ice ball’ looks exactly like TONJA’s and HERTHA’s new toy, called ‘Dino egg’ they received only lately (see MONIKA’s wonderful report).

    Thanks to, dear RALPH, for sharing photos and impressions/observations you made
    and to MERVI for the presentation in ‘KWM’.

  2. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for this interesting report from the polar bears in the Copenhagen Zoo.
    Your well-formulated observations and vivid photos illustrate perfectly the close relationship between Lynn and Imaq.
    They also show there are many similarities between different polar bears even if they live far apart from each other.

    Lynn is a good and caring mother and Imaq learns for sure everything she will need in her future life.

    But though the bears are pampered by the keepers with food and toys – sorry! – I have to repeat myself: I really don´t like that enclosure. How good there is a change from time to time.
    It is comparable with the terrible mother-child enclosure in the Berlin Zoo where Katjuscha had to stay about nine month until early 2019.

    I like the word “playfighting” since it describes exactly what they did when you were watching them.


  3. Dear Ralph,
    Lynn looks great. It is always very nice to watch the mother bear to play with a child. Lynn and Imaq paly and fight and I think it is a pleasure to watch them for a very long time 🙂
    It is good that Noel can use the big enclosure too. This small enclosure is not very nice.

  4. Lieber Ralph!

    Imaq und Lynn sind ein tolles Gespann und schoen, dass Noel mal das grosse Gehege fuer sich hat. Danke fuer die lieben Bilder.

    Liebe Gruesse, Erika

  5. Dear Ralph,

    I live so near Copenhagen but unfortunately I can’t visit our white friends for the time being. That’s why I’m more than happy to publish your reports!

    Lynn is a very beautiful polar bear lady and very big, too. We can see it clearly when she’s together with Imaq. Of course, Imaq is still a small cubbie but the difference in sizes is remarkable!

    Mama Lynn has been – and is – a good mentor to her daughter and Imaq has already learnt of lot things from her. The water games in Copenhagen remind so much of them in the Tierpark Berlin. For us polar bear lovers it’s such a great pleasure to follow the development of the two sweet girls.

    Thank you so much for this very entertaining report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. Lieber Ralph,

    deine beschriebenen Beobachtungen in Verbindung mit den tollen Fotos lassen auf einen
    sehr langen Aufenthalt bei Lynn mit ihren Bärenkindern schließen.
    Ich lese deine Berichte immer sehr gerne und danke recht herzlich für die Mühe,
    die du dir immer machst.

    Herzliche Grüße

  7. Thanks dear Ralph for wonderful pictures and comments from your visit in Copenhagen Zoo.

    The bears are doing well.

    Lots of greetings from

  8. dear Ralph
    thank you so much for your nice report and for all the wonderful pictures of the Polar bears Lynn and Imaq from Kopenhagen Zoo. It is a joy to see, how much fun had the little Imaq in the water whether playing alone or with her Mama. I am glad Lynn and Imaq have such a good time together
    dear greetings