September greetings from Jemma and her friends in Ranua

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7.9.2019 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

Terve! Hello! Do you remember me? I’m your friend Jemma in Ranua. I’m not writing a book like Sisu but I wanted to write something anyway. Sisu kindly allowed me to ‘borrow’ his ghost writer ….. ­čÖé


I know I should be preparing myself for the Winter sleep and gain lots of weight. However, I think a bear must be agile even with a full stomach!


I do my yoga daily and I have a nice sack as a companion.


I’m a lucky bear living in the Ranua Zoo where I can have enough food and nourishment. I feel sorry for my collegues in the wild because the blueberry harvest is very poor this year. I hope there will be more lingon berries and cloud berries for them.


Now it’s time to do the final stretching ….


Oh bear, I feel so agile, mobile and any’ile’! ­čÖé


Hello visitors! Can you guess who I am?


OK, I make it easier for you. Please, take your photos now – I feel very photogenique!


Our new wolf couple looks very beautiful – don’t you agree? Their names are Ruska and Routa.


A colourful jungle? ­čÖé


Sisu’s secret agent 007┬Ż – Mr Wolverine


This European pine marten is one of the cutest inhabitants in our park! I’m sure you agree with me!


The Siberian deer looks like a royalty.


The following photos are very fairy tale like.


Isn’t this bambi sweet!!



I wonder if Bodil has learnt Finnish – or maybe Iisakki speaks Danish? Hmm, I guess the language of love is quite sufficient …..


This is my mother Malla. We’re not living together but have separate enclosures near Sisu.


Because the evenings and nights are dark now it’s possible to see the northern lights here! I have missed these fantastic lights!


Soon we will have a new season with ‘ruska’. I’m looking forward to it ….


… and I hope I won’t get sleepy too early so I can enjoy the symphony of colours painted by Mother Nature!


We wish all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly a pleasant late Summer time and a happy Fall!

Paw and tail waves from Jemma & Co

As a grande finale a little video of Ruska and Routa

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  1. Hello, Jemma!
    You’re agile , mobile, any’ile……., but always so very lovely!!!
    Your friends look handsome, too!
    My favorite is the European pine marten…

    Many thanks for this lovely article, dear Mervi and Marko!

    Have a wonderful late summer time!

    Many greetings from Tallinn,

  2. Dear Mervi and Marko
    Autumn has arrived and it is so lovely to get news from Ranua
    Jemma has introduced some new and old friends. I hope that there will be enough berries for the bears.

  3. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Thank you for this wonderful report from Ranua!

    When bears are feeling comfortable it is quite obvious. There are many parallels to human beings…

    Jemma and her gymnastic exercises are a heartwarming sight and the subtitles strengthen these warm and loving feelings.
    Mervi, “Oh bear, I feel so agile, mobile and anyÔÇÖileÔÇÖ! ” This alone is a proof of your linguistic creativity. Great!

    Jemma, Malla and their friends have a proper and spacious home. They all look very content.

    I agree that fawns in their natural surroundings always look as if they had been pulled out of a fairy tale.

    I loved as well the secret agent 007 1/2, Mr. wolverine – with the licence to do anything he wants ;-)… – , the musk oxes in love, the cute pine marten and the goodlooking Sibirian deer.
    The new wolf couple seems to be deeply in love. I wonder if there will be little ones playing around in spring…

    I wish everybody a nice and relaxing weekend.

  4. Hallo Jemma,
    dein Yoga ist gro├čartig und es wird dich gut auf die lange Winterpause einstellen, f├╝r die ich dir und Malla eine angenehme Ruhe in deiner B├Ąrenhohle w├╝nsche!

    Liebe Mervi,
    lieber Marco,

    das sind wieder wundersch├Âne Fotos aus Orsa, wo man schon herbstliche Farbenpracht sehen kann.
    Das Wolfspaar schaut sehr aufmerksam und ihr Schmusevideo gef├Ąllt mir sehr. Auch die Wolfernine und der Marder d├╝rfen in diesewr weitl├Ąufigen Landschaft nicht fehlen.
    Das Kr├Ąftemessen der zwei Moschusochsen sieht recht friedlich aus.
    Das k├Ânigliche Rentier und die Mutter mit ihrem Bambi sind ebenfalls sehr sch├Ân.

    Allen Tierparkbewohnern in Orsa w├╝nsche ich ganz viele grandiose Nordlichter!

    Vielen Dank liebe Mervi und Marco!

  5. Dear Marko and Mervi!
    Jemma is a nice lady. She is very good in yoga. Her mother Malla is a good lookig woman too. A wolf couple is very young. The deers are beautiful.

  6. Liebe Mervi, lieber Marko,

    sch├Ân, mal wieder Fotos aus Ranua zu sehen.
    Jemma bei den Yoga- oder Stretch-├ťbungen sieht klasse aus.

    Aber auch die Fotos von den W├Âlfe, die s├╝├čen Bambis, und allen anderen Tieren sind wunderbar.
    Der Baummarder ist h├╝bsch. Das wei├č er auch, und hat sich super in Pose gesetzt .

    Nordlichter zu sehen, muss wirklich ein tolles Erlebnis sein. Ich bin immer begeistert, wenn ich Fotos davon sehe, wie toll muss das erst in sein, wenn man sie live sehen kann. Ein Traum.

    Danke auch f├╝r das Video der verschmusten W├Âlfe.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  7. Liebe Jemma, wer koennte dich vergessen! Toll siehst du aus und dein Zuhause ist wunderschoen.

    Luebe Gruesse, Erika