Snow Show with Shauna and Nordi

Oct 8th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

8.10.2019 – Photos by Arkadij Laptenko

Nordi and Shauna have now grown so much that they can start playing even very big toys like gigantic balls. It’s not easy but training makes on a champion!


Maybe this yellow ball is more co-operative ….


Oh bear, I think I must grow a little more ….


…. but one day I’m going to teach the stupid ball a lesson!!!


Anyway, I see something much more interesting.


Yippee! The keepers have brought us more snow!


Mama told us that soon we can see snow flakes dancing in the air. Then they land in our enclosure and our home will be covered by the soft white stuff.


We can hardly wait for the real snow but dancing in our small snow heap makes the waiting really funny!


Mama – why don’t you come and play with us!


Please, mama – join us and have some fun!


How could Gerda resist the wish of her sweet kids ….. I couldn’t either! 🙂


The white queen with her princess and prince



A snow ball landed in the water and, naturally, one of the kids had to follow it. 🙂


Hahaa, here we go ….


…. and I cought you!!


What’s happening? The snow ball gets smaller and smaller …. it has almost melted. This is a real mystery!


Well, the snow makes the water temperature in our pool even more suitable for polar bears!




Have a nice October, folks! We’ll be back soon!

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  1. Dear Mervi and Akcadij!
    What a delightful sight on a cold and rainy day! Thank you!
    GerdaÂŽs little ones are ever so cute and have a lot of fun.
    It is quite understandable that the kids are longing for more snow. That might be OK for Novosibirsk.
    But to my taste it is far too soon for snow in early October in the middle of Europe…
    Hopefully it will stay in the north for some while. They can have it all. 😉

    My favourite photo is hard to tell since they all are fabulous and despite of the snow heartwarming…
    I loved the ones with the yellow ball, the cubs playing in the donated snow heap, the interaction with mother Gerda and the one on which one of the cubs is helding its paw out of the water and watches it so thoughtfully.


  2. Dear MERVI – Thanks for the little story you have again created to accompany Arkadij Laptenko’s wonderful pics from the ‘NOWOSIBIRSK HEARTBREAKERS’ and her top-beauty of a Mama, GERDA – and for your behind the scenes ‘KWM’-work in general! Very much appreciated – comme d’habitude!

  3. Die zwei sind gross geworden aber mit der Mama spielen ist halt am tollsten!

    Liebe Gruesse und danke fuer die schoenen Bilder,

  4. Lieber Akcadij,
    liebe Mervi,

    ich wĂŒnsche den BĂ€rchen ganz viel Schnee und Frost, denn wenn der Pool zufriert haben sie mehr Platz in ihrem Gehege. Den brauchen sie auch ganz dringend bei ihrer wachsenden GrĂ¶ĂŸe.
    Mervi, deine Texte zu den bezaubernden Fotos sind wieder große klasse!

    Vielen Dank und liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  5. Dear Arkadij and Mervi
    I am looking at these pictures on a rainy grey evening snug and warm indoors.
    Gerda, Nordi and Shauna are torn between snow, toys and cuddling. They get all three and so do we. Thank you for letting us join in

  6. Was fĂŒr entzĂŒckende Kinder.
    Sie sind mÀchtig gewachsen!
    Shauna und Nordi haben viel
    Spaß mit dem Schnee. Bald
    kommt der richtige Winter. 🙂

  7. Was fĂŒr eine entzĂŒckende und liebe kleine Familie!

    LG Brigitte