The little lumberjack(ie) in Nuenen

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24.10.2019 – Photos by Hans Muskens

A new day is about to begin in the Dierenrijk Nuenen. Frimas, Nivi and Elva are still sleeping but soon their inner clock will tell them it’s time to rise and shine.

 photo 71207691_2871072032922227_7943355028255801344_o.jpg

Good morning, kids! Please, make yourselves presentable – the visitors will be here any minute now!

 photo 72171593_2897639653598798_389462158317977600_o.jpg

There’s no mirror in the enclosure so Nivi and Elva check each other. Well, they look very much the same so who needs a mirror anyway!! 🙂

 photo 74586597_2910724035623693_7678172576190824448_o.jpg

Something has caught the family’s interest …..

 photo 72991501_2915404425155654_9070286126681423872_o.jpg

Oh dear, that’s a very odd looking polar bear!! He has lost all his fur ….. we must inform the keepers!!

 photo 72836927_2917574278272002_7670363466653237248_o.jpg

What a surprise that was! I hope the keepers can make that poor polar bear look more like us!

 photo 72435134_2891438520885578_4239464498785681408_n.jpg

Maybe you remember that papa Henk was boasting about his big wood log. Nivi and Elva decided to show their papa they are as strong as he is ….. well, almost as big ….

The twins found a log in the water and now it was time for some action!

 photo 71641359_2879007608795336_4716683846962118656_o.jpg

Now listen, log – don’t play games with me! I’m lifting you up whether you like it or not!

 photo 71497850_2879007965461967_2967975255127097344_o.jpg

Got you!!

 photo 72282043_2879007998795297_3362038581844508672_o.jpg

Maybe it’s wise to give a log a tender hug ….

 photo 71701887_2879007598795337_2941641315986702336_o.jpg

Don’t you think I look like a white, fluffy weight lifter?

 photo 71659403_2879007828795314_678076916862812160_o.jpg

This litte girl is a real lumberjack …. or maybe we should call her a lumberjackie? 🙂

 photo 71384074_2879008708795226_5479745320365588480_o.jpg

And now it’s time to end the ‘show’ by throwing the log back in the water.

 photo 71500229_2879008012128629_8667727139904159744_o.jpg

Mission completed! I’m ready for your standing ovation!

 photo 72072593_2879008152128615_1570248972654608384_o.jpg

Papa Henk was, of course, mighty impressed by his daughter’s skils with the log.

 photo 70252295_2841343985895032_3755271708563472384_n.jpg

However, they’re not stronger than I am!! I must find a bigger log!

 photo 71347870_2875028372526593_5611368218103906304_n.jpg

While Nivi and Elva were impressing their father mama Frimas too a nice swimming tour.

 photo 72633410_2915403675155729_9086987510738845696_o.jpg

This is so nice and relaxing! After a busy year with the kids it’s wonderful to have some quality time for myself!

 photo 72812203_2915404161822347_4391349235455361024_o.jpg

Hans Musken’s photos

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  1. Dear Hans and Monika
    It is nice to see Father Henk as well as his gorgeous family. Nivi and Elva have got the business of logging down to a fine art.
    I wonder what the Polars make of the smell and shape of a Rhino?

  2. HANS MUSKEN – da haben Sie sich selbst ĂĽbertroffen!
    Das sind ober-klasse Fotos. Das letzte Bild eignet sich – gegebenenfalls mit verschiedensten SprĂĽchen dazu – als POSTER. Herrlich. Da bekommt man sofort gute Laune.

    Und MERVI hat natĂĽrlich auch wieder lustig-passende Untr-/Ăśberschriften dazu gefunden.

    Dank an alle beiden!

  3. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Thank you for this charming report with its beautiful photos of this polar bear family.
    I really love the expression “rise and shine” for “get out of the bed” . When little polar bears wake up and start into a new day they really rise and shine.

    We all know that young polar bears are very inventive with any subjects in changing them into toys.
    I loved all pics with the fun-loving little one and the log.


  4. Liebe Mervi und lieber Hans,
    natürlich muss der Nachwuchs zeigen, dass sie so etwas auch können, Papa Henk kann stolz auf
    seine Mädchen sein.
    Frimas ist so eine erfahrene Mutter, sie läßt ihre Töchter gewähren und gönnt sich eine kleine Auszeit.
    Vielen Dank, hat Freude gemachtzu sehen wie gut es den Bären geht.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  5. Lieb Mervi,

    standing ovations sind auch fĂĽr deine wieder so witzigen Kommentare angesagt
    und natĂĽrlich auch an Hans Musenks fĂĽr die tollen Fotos!

    Es ist schön zu sehen, wie gut es den Zwillingen geht und wie brav sie
    die Anweisungen ihrer Mutter annehmen.
    Auch Papa Henk ist gewiss stolz darauf, wie groĂź und stark seine Kinder schon sind.

    Danke fĂĽr das Hfhlight des Tages heute!

  6. Ohhh …, I love this Bear Family!!
    They all really shine always ……
    It’s so great to watch that little Fur Ball with the big log!
    Maybe She’s a lumberjack …….
    NORA also liked (and still likes) to play
    with every kind of wood …..

    Many thanks for wonderful pictures
    and this lovely story,
    Dear Hans and Mervi!!

    Best wishes,

  7. Wonderful comment!:
    “Oh dear, that’s a very odd looking polar bear!! He has lost all his fur ….. we must inform the keepers!!”
    Did just discover it at a second read/watch! . . . Had a more than good laugh!

    Where do you get all those funny thoughts of, dear MERVI? . . . Fantastic!

  8. Lieber Hans
    Liebe Mervi

    Vielen lieben Dank für den köstlichen Bericht und die tollen Bilder!!!
    Das war Unterhaltung auf höchstem Niveau!!!!