Last Day in Denmark: Sunday 18 August: Meeting Inge and visiting other animals

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10.11.2019 by Ralph Morton

Although my first visits in Zoos are always to check out the Polar Bears, I try to set aside some time to visiting other animals, especially if I know someone who can tell me something about them. I was lucky on my last day in Denmark that Inge was able to walk round with me to show me something of her home zoo.


The brown bears live near the Arctic Ring and are every bit as playful as their Polar cousins.

Holding Barrels between the paws may seem like a circus trick to some Zoo Directors but in fact it allows the bears to practise their co-ordination skills and use their paws and claws as they would to extract food in the wild.


It does, however, also make for good viewing for visitors.


Brown bears are nearly as fond of water as the Bears of the Sea. The cage like bars necessary to protect the bears from us, and us from them, make it hard to film them.


The Zoo’s newest stars have been given an excellent home and the Zoo has commissioned its usual artist to design their sign.


The female Panda was out and about.


Pandas enjoy relaxing. Bamboo does not give them the energy boost of the diet of other bears.


Scratching your ear with the right leg is a handy skill if you don’t like moving around too much.

It also allows you to reach that itch under the chin!


The lady was keeping an eye open for her mate.


The male Panda did not feel like staying out for long. The Pandas have an interesting and attractive enclosure.


Nearby is a nicely designed (Denmark is a world leader in design) way of showing the size difference between the three families of bears in the Zoos. It was handy that some humans were around to show how big they are compared with us.


Even more interesting was this chance to compare a Panda mum and her little one with the human version.


Copenhagen Zoo is nice and compact and packs a lot of great architecture in as well as its animals. I have mentioned the Elephant House before.


Inge told me that the local authority in the area agreed to let the Zoo have some extra land for the elephant enclosure as long as local residents in the next door park could share in the experience of seeing them.


The pool is designed to stop the elephants from climbing out but there is an electric wire just in case.


The large bamboo style fencing works well and gives flavour of the homeland.


The big male elephant was separately enjoying an outside enclosure. Sand is crucial for the animals to care for their sensitive skin.


At the other end of the scale, this baby has been using straw on his skin.


The herd together indoors.


The keepers are always on hand to look after the elephants. This ball was a welcome toy.


Nearby is an outdoor enclosure for Kangaroos. It was nice to be able to photograph some playing and some resting. I think the chap in the middle is the male.


There is also an indoor place for the roos to rest.


These sealions almost look as if they are at home in a small Californian town.


Not the cutest animals in the Zoo but certainly one of the rarest and most endangered, the Tasmanian Devils are not the easiest to photograph.

Despite their appearance and ill temper, Tasmanian Devils are a symbol for many Australians of the country’s wildlife.


The Zoo has provided lots of undergrowth for the Devil, so I was pleased that the rain hand brought him out.


Another victim of the population surge in the world is the tiger. This chart shows that three kinds are already extinct (two in my lifetime!) The others, except for the Bengal Tiger, are facing a similar fate.


Nearby the Zoo is amongst those breeding the rare Amur Leopard. The effectiveness of its markings can be seen in the picture above. As well as Mum there is one cub and the leg of another.

Photographing the active cubs was not easy. I had to use captures from the video I made.


I only hope that a way can be found to save these beautiful animals in the wild.


On the way out towards the shop and the main entrance there is a lion enclosure. The family keep a watchful eye on the visitors.

I was very grateful to Inge for showing me round her “local” Zoo. And somewhat envious of her having such a nice place to visit.

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    It was finally time to publish your last report from your August visit in Denmark. How great you could have Inge as your guide!

    I love the brownies in Copenhagen and I’m glad they are so close to polar bears so I can see them every time I visit the zoo. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen so often these days …

    The panda lady looks very agile! I guess I eat almost as much as she does but I’m certainly not as agile! 🙂

    The pandas have a very nice enclosure – or rather two and the elephant’s area is fantastic, too.

    Baby Plaisak isn’t so little anymore but he’s still very cute – especially with the hay hairdo. 🙂

    It’s funny that the cangoroos either hide or everybody (or everygoroo?) is out at the same time. You were lucky – they were in the outing mood this time. You even managed to see the Tasmanian devils!

    What a great photo of the sea lions! The leopard kittens are every so cute and the lion family is keeping an eye on their surroundings as usual.

    Thank you so much for this report which made me feel like I actually were in the zoo in person. I hope I can be there soon!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Thank you very much dear Ralph.
    Best wishes to all the animals in Copenhagen Zoo.

  3. Dear Ralph!
    I´m happy for you that you finally saw some animals beside the polar bears. 😉

    Considering the pics it must have been a nice walkabout with Inge in the Copenhagen Zoo.
    It is quite helpful to get a guided tour by an experienced regular visitor of a zoo.

    My favourites are the elephants, especially the one with the ball and the sea lions.

    Thank you for this informative and entertaining report and sharing your adventures with us.


  4. Lieber Ralph,

    mit einer lieben Knut-Freundin durch den Zoo zu streifen macht richtig Spaß und Inge war bestimmt
    eine gut informierte Insiderin des Zoos in Copenhagen.

    Viel habt ihr gesehen und auch mir gefallen die Elefanten besonders gut, man sieht sie nur sehr selten
    mit Bällen spielen, wahrscheinlich, weil sie zu schnell kaputt sind. An dicken Reifen können sie ihre
    Energie auch sehr gut abarbeiten.
    Mit den Pandas haben die Dänen natürlich auch eine große Attraktion, ohne dass deswegen die anderen schönen von dir gezeigten Zoobewohner unter Mangel an Aufmerksamkeit leiden müssten.

    Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen und herzliche Grüße!

  5. Dear Ralph,
    It is great that Inge showed you the zoo. I am glad to see the Tasmanian Devils. They are endangered in Australia through an illness. Now many European Zoos keep these animals.

  6. Lieber Ralph

    Danke Dir für die vielen und interessanten Bilder aus dem Zoo in Copenhagen.

    Schön, mal anderes Bewohner zu sehen 🙂


  7. Lieber Ralph,

    da hast Du ja einen schönen Tag zusammen mit Inge im Zoo verbracht.
    Und Ihr habt nicht “nur” die Eisbären besucht.

    Das ist das erste Mal dass ich Pandas sehr, die einfach nur relaxt sitzen ohne am Bambus zu kaufen. Man sieht ja nicht mal Bambus in der Nähe.

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Lieber Ralph,
    das ist optimal eine Exklusivführung durch einen Zoo zu bekommen.
    Ist immer schwierig sich von den Eisbärlieblingen los zu reißen aber es hat sich gelohnt und wir
    bekommen viele Infos von den Bewohnern des Zoos von Kopenhagen.
    Große Pandas sind ein Besuchermagnet und ich wünsche dem Zoo viel Glück mit diesen schönen Bären.
    Vielen Dank, war wieder sehr informativ und mit schönen Bildern.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  9. dear Ralph,
    thank you so much for your interesting report from Copenhagen Zoo,there are living great animals, it is wonderfjul, that you have taken these lovely pictures and we can enjoy it. So nice that you could meet Inge.
    dear greetings

  10. Dear Ralph,

    interesting to see your pictures from a nice day in Zoo here. Now the Zoo has changed into Winter/Christmas Zoo.
    The three Polarbears are doing well. Imac is a big girl now. And so charming.

    Lots of greetings from Copenhagen

  11. Thanks for your report – again with beautiful (!) pictures.
    I missed to see INGE and you this time!