Sisu’s Advent greetings to you

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29.11.2019 by Mervi

Terve! Hello! Dear readers, it’s your Sisu writing a special Advent newsletter to you.


I wanted to do something special this Advent and suddenly I got a splendid idea. I would visit my pal Aron in Tallinn! Being a guy of action I didn’t let the snow melt under my paws but took a train to Helsinki and then a ferry to Tallinn.

Aron and I are both very sporty bears so we have a lot in common. I’ve been worried about the Finnish javelin throwers – they’re not as good as they used to be. Magnus Kirt is the best in the world in this discipline  for the time being. He’s Estonian so I hoped Aron could reveal some ‘Estonian secrets’ ….

Well, we both know we’re the champions in throwing all kinds of things so we had a nice time in Aron’s pool!


There are many pictoresque streets in Tallinn so, naturally, Aron wanted to show me some of them. We wanted to make sure we wouldn’t get bored so we took some toys with us.


Walking without toys was also very nice! We were talking about Aron’s big sister Nora and my big brother Ranzo who have become happy parents of a sweet cubbie. Imagine, we are uncles now!! We decided to send a nice toy to our nephew or niece ….


We got thirsty and found a nice café but we were very, very surprised that the two legged creatures went in instead of enjoying the fresh air outdoors! The tables were covered with newly fallen snow …. perfect in our opinion but once again we noticed that the humans are a very odd species!


Because the service in the café wasn’t good at all we continued to a Christmas Market. It was a very cosy place with all kinds of food and beveridges. Well, glögg may be good but there’s nothing that compare to a frozen salmon! Luckily Aron had taken one in his rucksack and since he’s a real gentlebear he let me take the first bite.


We had a good time together but I had to travel back to Ranua. I’m sure the keepers were wondering where I’ve been hiding, hihihii …. 🙂

Everything looks so beautiful now that we have lots of snow. Let’s enjoy the Winter but, please, don’t forget our small feathered friends. They need your help because it’s difficult to find food during the Winter time.


Sometimes I feel like a bearson in a fairy tale book – especially when I meet cute bambis!


Even our lynx is admiring the magic of the Advent time.


This is how the ‘blue hour’ looks in Ranua. There isn’t much traffic so it’s very peaceful to take a walk and just listen to the silence.


I wish all the readers and reporters of Knuti’s Weekly a very happy Advent time!

Yours bearily, Sisu


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  1. Oh, this is such a fun story …….!!!!!

    ARON would be more than happy … and SISU, of course, as well …
    They would enjoy playing together …..
    Aron is so sad …… Even on His birthday I was the only guest ……

    Hope all is well with you, SISU !
    Happy Advent time to you and all the Polar Bears,
    Also to all the Polar Bear lovers !!!

    Thank you so much for this lovely article,
    Dear Mervi !

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Mervi!
    “Sometimes I feel like a bearson in a fairy tale book”
    Your boundless phantasy and your creative collages underline Sisu´s statement!
    In this story Sisu and Aron ARE bearsons in a fairytale. It is humorous and magical the same time and I had a good time while reading it and watching the beautiful collages.

    What a nice idea these two youngsters could be friends, make excursions and play together.

    Tallin seems to be a very romantic and beautiful city and is the perfect scenery for this special pre-Christmas story.

    I´m happy for the deers that they will not meet Sisu in reality…
    How nice of him to remind us of the hungry birds in winter!

    I wish everybody a cosy first Sunday in Advent!

    PS: Evi, I´m sorry to learn that you were the only guest at Aron´s birthday. But in our thoughts we all – the members and readers of KWM – have been there and wished this cute bearboy all the best!

  3. Dear Sisu

    I wish you a happy advent season !
    But most of all I wish you a lot of snow!!!!!

    Thank you, dear Mervi, for this adorable advent tale .
    I wish you a very nice advent season!


  4. Dear MERVI – I can very well understand your disappointment because of seemingly missing interest and poor quantity of feedback, the more as you keep making so strong efforts to please your readers/watchers.
    I personally can only repeat stressing the point that I am kind of a snail and everything takes me more and more time day by day. In addition: it’s a fact I have less time than I used to have before and even I have some ‘ailments’ caused by age and to cope with being very scatterbrained and forgetful. I am sorry – times change for everyone in one or another way. . . Wishing you well and further pleasure in everything you really like to do – hopefully then the seeming lack of mindfulness of some will probably hurt less.
    I’ll try to participate regularly but I cannot guarantee.

    – – –

    Terve! – handsome and lovable Finnish Viking! You are such a little – or let’s rather say nowadays a ‘stately’ ‘Darling-polar bear’. You’ve got a very good godmother who is so much attached to you she doesn’t spare no effort to please, to support, and to assist you. Such we can enjoy another lovely and so interesting ‘ghostwriter written letter’ of you due to the cooperation of the both of you! What a happy bear you must be! And we are lucky being able to be the beneficiaries of it 🙂

    As I am not a sportswoman and some gaps in education are my dayly companions, I first had to check what ‘javelin thrower’ means. Ah well . . . What exciting news that you shouldered all the strenuousness to travel to Estonia to see your friend ARON in Tallinn. I can imagine how happy he was to see you in person or ‘in BEARson’ as e.g. ‘your dear ghostwriter godmother MERVI’ would rather say.

    I have to admit I had to struggle hard not to get green with envy when reading about all the wonderful actions and experiences you two bear boys made together. Great! And I am touched what thoughtful young uncles you are!

    For sure: YOU are the prince in the fairytalebook!
    It is a pleasure you even talked about your home place RANUA and your handsome neighbors.
    You know: for a second I was really dark green with envy, now when I read this sentence:
    “it’s very peaceful to take a walk and just listen to the silence.” . . Awwww . . . complete relaxation!

    THANK YOU so much, dear SISU, for this magnificent letter/report with so many most beautiful accompanying picrure, photos, collages – fairytalelike and each telling its own story! ….

    pssssst – listen: please tell your godmother auntie MERVI she made a real good shop!

    See you soon again!

  5. Dear Sisu, visiting Aron was a splendid idea and it looks like you both had a great time together. And indeed, it was very nice of Aron to let you have the first bite of the salmon. It is only a pity that there is such a long distance between Ranua and Tallinn.
    Your white Winter wonderland is soooo beautiful. And by the way, I also have little birdies in my garden and I am feeding them close to my kitchen window (a very safe spot for them, especially with respect to the cats). Cats can only watch them through the window and the birdies have discovered this and are sometimes real rascals in teasing the cats.
    Wishing you and all readers of KWM a nice Advent.

  6. “. . . . she made a real good job!” – of course

    (Did I tell you I am most scatterbrained???)

  7. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the funny story with the wonderful collages.
    It will be nice to see Sisu and Aron playing together. They are both the young boys and they would do a lot of nonsense together 🙂

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist wieder eine wunderbare Story, die du uns von Sisu und Aron erzählst!
    Ihr Streifzug durch Tallinn mit ihrem Spielzeug und zu einem Schneecafé beweisen erneut
    deine excellente Erzählkunst.

    Natürlich denken wir auch die Vogelfütterung für unsere gefiederten
    Freunde, obwohl der Schnee hier noch auf sich warten lässt.

    Evi, wir sind froh, dass Aron mit dir eine so gute Freundin hat!
    Patricia, auch an dich viele Grüße!

    Danke Mervi, für die Story mit den tollen Collagen.
    Herzliche Grüße

  9. Liebe Mervi,

    da hast Du ja wieder eine schöne Story geschrieben, und so viele wunderschöne Collagen gebastelt.

    Vielen Dank für die viele Arbeit die Du dir gemacht hast.

    Ich wünsche natürlich auch Allen eine schöne und friedliche Adventszeit.

    Liebe Grüße

  10. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for your sweet story and for all the wonderful collages
    I wish you , Vesa, Mimmi and Nalle a cosy Advent time
    terve my dear Sisu, oh how exciting you had a nice trip to Talliin, I am glad you have met your friend Aron and I can imagine how much fun you both had in this magic area. Now enjoy a nice Advent time at your home, all looks so cosy with the snow and you know SantaClaus is coming soon, he wants to see good children eh bears
    big paw waves to Finland and to Sweden, have all a good time

  11. Dear Mervi
    What an excellent Advent story, in the finest traditions of KWM.
    I am hoping that somehow Teddebaerenmutti and Vati will also be able to read this.

  12. Liebe Mervi

    Du hast dich wieder selbst übertroffen mit den Collagen !
    Ich wünsche Sisu und allen anderen Bären sowie den
    Lesern von KWM eine friedliche Adventszeit. 🙂

    Schöne Grüße
    Chris 🙂

  13. Liebe Mervi,
    was für ein schöner Auftakt für den Advent!
    Onkel Sisu und Aron, das hört sich schon komisch an für diese jungen Bären.
    Herzlichen Dank, hast du ganz großartige Collagen gefertigt und eine schöne Adventsgeschichte geschrieben.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K