Sunday 18 August: Saying Goodbye to the Polar Bears in Copenhagen

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1.11.2019 by Ralph Morton

Last Day in Denmark. I had not expected to be able to visit Denmark again and I was delighted that the visit had gone so well. The last Sunday came all too soon.


My first appointment was with Noel in the small enclosure. She emerged after a while.


Well a Polar Bear must do what a Polar Bear must do, even if the British Yellow Press is there to photograph her! 🙂


There is a serious side to showing Noel like this. Polar Bears always use a single place to do their business.


Noel was soon in the water. A convenient place to rub her back.


Perhaps the imitation ice flows might worth playing with.


Noel looked at her audience to see what we thought.


No, a back rub was a much better idea.


Keeping the fur clean is instinctive for all Polar Bears. It ensure that they do not let their prey know they are around by smelling bad. Having been close to Polar Bears I can confirm that they do not smell.


Noel had completed her morning routine and I was not to see her again, so this is in the nature of a goodbye view.


Nearby in the Arctic Ring, Lynn was also doing her morning routine.


As this sign explains, a newborn Polar Bear is only a tenth the size of a human baby.


A lifesize replica of a newborn cub is nearby.


It only takes 8 months for it to turn into Imaq. She still has a long way to go to be as big as Mum, but plenty of apples will help.


The close relationship between mother Polars and their cubs is always wonderful to watch.


Imaq watches as Mum plays with a new toy.


Once Mum has tested that the toy is safe, Imaq can take over.


The connection between Polar Bears and Blue Barrels has been the subject of many photos and videos. Imaq makes sure we know that this is her barrel.


Ensuring that a barrel is not stolen by Mum is the next task.


Imaq manages to push it to the bank.


Now to get it safely on shore.


I am a great fan of the signs designed especially for Copenhagen Zoo and this one for the Polar Bear is especially fine.


I was very pleased by this picture showing how a Polar Bear tucks its back legs up and uses its big front paws to push itself through the water. I think this is Lynn, but Imaq is now so big.


The underwater viewing windows are a great opportunity to see Polar Bears in their natural element. Here Imaq is sizing us all up while hovering in the water.


Imaq surging through the water just below the surface.


The glass tunnel in the Arctic Ring is a real hit with visitors and the Polar Bears enjoy showing off as well.


Imaq used a rock near the window to lie in wait for visitors. This young visitor seemed to have a real gift for communicating with her.


Ready to spring towards the glass.


Polar Bears cannot stay underwater for very long, but it was long enough for Imaq and the visitor to make friends. Hands against the glass are a way of doing this.


Imaq surges back up to the rock for another go.


This visitor and Imaq were soon playing the paw game which cubs and even some bigger bears like Wolodja, and even Kati occasionally, recognise as a friendly gesture.


The magic of a young Polar Bear made the visitor’s day I am sure.


The paws and hands game allowed me to get some nice portraits of Imaq. She is as pretty as her Mum.


On other occasions Imaq would demonstrate that she could reach the bottom of the glass.


The visitor and her Mum were delighted to be able to play so long with Imaq.


Soon it was time for all of us to go home.


I could not have said goodbye to till next time better than this visitor.


So Long Imaq and hope to see you again!

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    Nöel seems to be enjoying her life as a bachelorette. She doesn’t even mind the presence of the yellow press …. 🙂

    Newborn polar bear babies are incredibly small so it’s really a miracle they grow up to be white giants! Every surviving baby bear is a precious gift!

    Imaq is almost 1 year old now and she has turned into a quite self confident young lady. Lynn has done and is doing a great job with her daughter.

    The inter action between Imaq and her visitors (fans!) is wonderful to see. I love all the photos! Your phone camera is working beautifully!

    Thank you so much for this charming report!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. The underwater photos are fantastic !
    Imaq is a very playful youngster. 🙂

  3. Dear Ralph!
    As we have grown accustomed from you it was a pleasure to read your entertaining and informative report and to watch your lively pics. Thank you!

    I found it interesting and reasonable that polar bears in their prime avoid to smell. This certainly becomes difficult when they grow old and their senses are getting weak. I have Nancy and Tosca in mind.
    In the wild this reduces their ability for successful hunting…

    I´m happy for you that you had a good time in Denmark and the bears presented themselves from their best sides.
    Imaq has grown to a pretty young polar bear lady and she is very skilful with her toys. Lynn was and is a good mother and a beautiful bear.
    The underwater pics with the child are my favourites.


  4. Lieber Ralph,

    die Ansicht der Bären im Tunnel sind sehr beeindruckend.
    Dennoch sind meine Lieblingsfots die mit den Kindern und ihren
    Versuchen zur Interaktion mit den sehr interessierten Bären.

    Vielen Dank für deine wieder so feinen Fotostudien mit den Bären in
    Copenhagen und deinem Good bye mit ihnen.

    Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

  5. Lieber Ralph!

    Du hattest eine wunderschoene Zeit mit deinen geliebten Eisbaeren und hast uns phantastische Fotos mitgebracht, danke fuers zeigen!

    Liebe Gruesse, Erika

  6. Lieber Ralph,

    Lynn und Imaq sind genauso ein tolles Team wie Tonja und Hertha.

    Die Fotos vom Tunnel und an der Scheibe sind klasse.
    Ich glaube, viele Eisbären lieben es, mit Kindern an der Scheibe zu “spielen”.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe

  7. Interesting short description of the development of polar bear-babies through polar bear cubs to right big POLAR BEARs!

    And a lot more to discover and to observe through your eyes.

    And everything underlined by good photos! Did you attend a photo course in the meantime?
    For sure: you have got at least a new mean to take pics!?

    Thanks an Concratulations, dear RALPH.

  8. Lieber Ralph,
    schön auch mal Noel wieder zu sehen und gut sieht die Eisbärin aus.
    Lynn und Imaq sind die Stars und Imaq hat sichtlich SpaĂź unter Wasser mit den Besuchern.
    Vielen Dank, tolle Unterwasseraufnahmen.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K