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31.12.2019 by Sisu, Collages by Mervi

Terve! Hello! This is my last newsletter this year. I hope I can be with you even during the year 2020 but I can’t see in the future so we just have to wait and see what will happen!


The year 2019 brought us both sad and happy news just like every year. What bothers me most is that the world leaders are both deaf and blind! Nothing has happened to save our planet! However, I want to send virtual roses to Greta and all the young people for at least trying to make their voice heard.

The new year is knocking at our doors and I try to keep an optimistic mind. I’m not going to remember so much what happened during the old year because I want to believe in a bright future. After all – my name is SISU which means ‘GO’ or ‘SPUNK’!


This season has been a very good ‘cubbie season’. Of course, the highlight for me was the birth of Nora’s and Ranzo’s baby. Wow, that made me an uncle!

Even in Aalborg, Copenhagen, Rhenen, Hannover, Bremerhaven, Columbus (Ohio) and Jakutsk polar bear cubs have been born. Maybe there are more ….. I wish all the newborns lots of health and hope they will grow up to mighty and happy polar bears.

There are many polar bears that are three years old now. We are separated from our mothers but we’ve been able to stay in our home zoos so far. As you know it’s difficult to find new homes for us.

One of the three year olds is my pal Aron in Tallinn. He’s a very playful fellow and I’m sure the visitors will love him where ever he goes …. or maybe he can stay in Tallinn.


Quintana is a young lady with a very determined mind which she has inherited from her mama Giovanna. I hope there will be a good solution for her, too, when – and if – the time comes for her to leave Hellabrunn.


In Aalborg Nuka and Quilaq are waiting for a move to Pairi Daiza in Belgium. A wonderful enclosure will be waiting for the polar bear girls.


Imaq is only one year old so she’s staying with her mother Lynn in Copenhagen. She wanted to take a new year walk and met many interesting looking friends.


Tonja and Hertha – also one year old – decided to have a picnic in the snowy wood. Surprisingly a cute snowman wanted to join them.


Nivi and Elva in Nuenen have also celebrated their first birthday. These twins love to dance and wrestle! The funny thing is that we thought they both are girls but now we know Nivi is a bear boy. Papa Henk has joined them so the polar bear family is complete!


This new year’s letter is about young polar bears but there’s one special lady I simply can’t forget. Katjuscha in Berlin is 35 years old but she’s still going strong. I wish the beautiful lots of health and a very happy new year!


I love surprises and this was a really fantastic surprise! 🙂


Imaq is eagerly looking forward to meeting her little half sister or brother. She hopes January and February will pass quickly because maybe in the beginning of March Nöel will present her baby outside her den.


Shauna and Nordi in Novosibirsk have charmed the readers of Knuti’s Weekly during 2019 thanks to our friends Anna and Arkadij. I’m sure we can enjoy their company even during the new year.


Finally I want to wish all the readers, reporters and photographers a very good new polar bear year!

uusivuosi12Mervi has helped me with the collages and I want to thank Marko Junttila , Arkadij Laptenko, Monika aus Berlin, Evi from Tallinn, Hans Muskens and Vesa for the original photos of my friends.

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  1. TERVE! – SISU-beauty! –
    I simply love the collage YOU (or rather your ghostwriter and godmother MERVI!??)

    How kind of you to come back a last time in the year 2019 – Just when I discovered your present presentation even here in the CCC the sun started to smile at its best (after we had a lot of really grey-grey-GREY and dark days in December). May be this is a little sign for 2020 (‘twenty-twenty’ or rather ‘thousand-twenty’? – I have to admit I don’t know the official solution so far . . .) that we may expect more positive developments than we can imagine until now. . . You helped, DEAR, to get or keep in a positive mood. THANKS!

    Wishing you a perfect step from year to year and lots of more lovely white snow heaps as stage for your and your furry friends’ beloved antics and sports exercises.

    See you, your godmother MERVI, your court-photographer MARKO Junttila , ARAKADIJ Laptenko, MONIKA aus Berlin, EVI from Tallinn, HANS Muskens and VESA and any of your friends next year again! You all together created gorgeous collages during all year and again TODAY.

    Kiss and KNUTi-style-hug . . .

  2. Hello, dear SISU !
    Many thanks to you, Marko Junttila and MERVI
    for the good wishes, all these wonderful photos and very lovely collages !

    I wish you, Mervi and all the readers of KWM a very Happy New Year …….,
    full of wonderful moments !

    Warm greetings from ARON, too !


    From Tallinn.

  3. Liebe Mervi & Ludmila

    Ich wĂŒnsche euch und allen Lesern und Machern
    von KWM ein glĂŒckliches und friedliches neues
    Jahr 2020. Möge es weniger Krieg, Leid und
    Flucht fĂŒr die Menschen in der Welt bringen.
    Wir können uns glĂŒcklich schĂ€tzen, auf
    dieser Insel des Wohlstands zu leben
    und sollten dies auch öfter schÀtzen.
    Mögen die Lenker der Welt etwas
    mehr Weisheit walten lassen…
    (obwohl ich wiederum als
    Realist nicht wirklich
    daran glaube)


    Herzliche GrĂŒsse
    Chris 🙂

  4. Dear Sisu, Mervi
    – and all who are involved in creating KWM!
    Thank you for all your efforts in 2019 and much fun and motivation to carry on in 2020!

    Sisu and Mervi, again youÂŽve outdone yourself! Your wintercollages with all these wonderful polar bears we got to know are beautiful and make me long for a snowy landscape and a real winter – at least for a while.
    My favourite is the one with Kati framed by bullfinches and another little bird, although I loved all of them.
    The subtitles are again nice little stories for themselves.Thank you!

    I wish everybody a good start of a Happy New Year!
    Take care and stay healthy or get well soon!


  5. Dear Mervi
    Sisu and all the Polar Bears are so beautiful.
    2019 turned out to be another year full of close up encounters with Polars.
    I am hoping to keep up the pace in 2020.
    Thanks to everyone who contribute to KWM.

  6. Dear Sisu, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the news from the polar bear world. I hope all babies will grow to the big and happy bears. All polar bear kids will find the place in the good zoos.
    The collages are wonderful.

  7. Dear Sisu and Dear Mervi (and all those giving a helping hand by way of their pics), thank you so much for the wishes for the New Year.
    Thanks to this contribution, I am again more or less updated about the polar bear babies everywhere. For the newborns, I hope that they will become big and strong and for the ones already older than one year, I hope that one day, they all will find a good zoo to stay.
    Mervi, again you did a great job. like all others already wrote: subtitles and collages are super.

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    Dein letzter Newsletter fĂŒr dieses Jahr ist wieder super. Ganz tolle Collagen von unseren weißen Lieblingen.
    Schön, alle kleinen BÀrchen hier zu sehen, und auch unsere Grand Lady Katjuscha. Ich war heute noch bei ihr. Es geht ihr gut.

    Vielen lieben Dank, dass Du uns im letzten Jahr wieder viele schöne Berichte, Fotos, Collagen und News aus der Tierwelt hier prĂ€sentiert hast. Ich weiß, dass das viel Arbeit ist.

    Ich wĂŒnsche Dir und Deiner Familie, sowie allen Lesern von KWM einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr. Kommt alle gut und gesund rĂŒber.
    Ich hoffe, das nĂ€chste Jahr hat viele positive Überraschungen fĂŒr uns.

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

    Auf die letzten Berichte hier komme ich im nĂ€chsten Jahr noch zurĂŒck. Das schaffe ich heute nicht mehr.

  9. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank fĂŒr das schöne BĂ€renalbum zum Ausklang des Jahres.
    Mögen alle Youngsters irgendwann ein gutes neues Zuhause finden und sich unsere
    derzeitigen BabybÀren gesund entwickeln.

    Mervi, Ludmila, Monika, Anita, Evi und allen, die hier Fotos und BeitrÀge beisteuren ein herzliches Dankeschön
    mit den besten WĂŒnschen fĂŒr 2020!


  10. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for all the sweet collages, I wish you, Vesa, Mimmi and Nalle HAPPY NEW YEAR
    thank you for all the joy that you make for us during the whole year, many good wishes and dear greetings to you
    terve my dear Sisu
    thank you for your greetings, I also wish you and all your dear friends a happy New year, your newsletters are always so nice and I like to hear of you. enjoy the wonderful winter season
    big paw waves

  11. Liebe Mervi,
    Vielen Dank fĂŒr die schönen und gelungenen Collagen mit unseren Lieblingen.
    Ich wĂŒnsche Dir und Deiner Familie, sowie allen Lesern von KWM ein gesundes und glĂŒckliches Neues Jahr.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Moni K