We will always celebrate the birth of Knut!

Dec 5th, 2019 | By | Category: The Memory Lane

5.12.2019 – Photos by Gudrun, Collages by Dumba and Mervi

I’m sure we all wish we could celebrate your 13th birthday with you in Berlin. Unfortunately we can’t do that. However, we continue celebrating your birth and cherish all the beautiful, fantastic memories of you!

I had the privilege to be there on your 4th birthday that sadly also was the last time we could sing Happy Birthday to you.

Dear Knut, you looked so surprised when you saw the nice birthday gifts. ‘Are they really for me’ you seemed to be asking.

A tired but a happy Knut

Happy birthday to you in your Bear Heaven!


Dumba’s birthday card


From La Dame Blanche



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  1. Bonjour tout le monde,

    Jamais je ne l’oublierais, il est présent auprès de moi à chaque instant de ma vie

    Tout comme je ne suis pas auprès de vous physiquement pour cette occasion mais par la pensée

  2. Dear Mervi, Gudrun und Dumba!
    Thank you for the pictures and collages of Knut.

  3. Dear Sabine (La Dame Blanche),

    I have inserted your lovely collages in the article. Thank you so much!

    Hugs from Mervi

  4. Merci beaucoup Mervi

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Dumba, Gudrun and La Dame Blanche.

    Dear Knuti,
    We miss you so much. We will never forget you. We will always love you. You will always be in our hearts.

  6. Liebe Mervi,
    liebe Duma,
    liebe Sabine,

    vielen Dank für die Fotos und Collagen zu Knuts 13. Geburtstag.
    Knut hatte immer gute Manieren beim Essen und verspeiste auch seine
    Geburtstagstorten mit großer Hingabe.

    Man mag nicht glauben, dass er nun schon solange fehlt, denn viele
    Erinnerungen mit ihm sind noch so frisch wie gestern.

    Liebe Grüße an alle!


    Dear Mervi, Gudrun, Dumba and Sabine!
    Thank you for having created this affectionate birthday tribute for Knut that evokes so many wonderful memories.
    I remember well the fourth and last birthday of Knut when we had so much snow.

    The “zoo above” is getting bigger and bigger since our bearboy left us and I hope all our beloved ones,- two-legs and animals – celebrate a big party tonight.
    We will never forget Knut and the good times we had with him, his keepers and all his friends.

    Mervi, Dumba and Sabine, Thank you for your beautiful collages
    Sabine, normally I´m not very enthusiastic about graffitis but I really loved yours with this touching portrait of Knut.


  8. Dear Mervi
    Ma chere Dame Blanche
    Kein ander Eisbaer kann Knut ersetzen. Fur mich ist er ein staendige Begleiter, hinauf kuckend und schauend

  9. Wie die Zeit rast – aber vergessen wird Knut nie…

  10. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Dumba, Gudrun and La Dame Blanche.
    Hugs Inge

  11. dear Mervi, Gudrun, Dumba, Sabine
    thank you so much for the special pictures and for the wonderful collages
    we do not forget our Knut
    Knut … geliebt und unvergessen
    dear greetings

  12. Schöne Erinnerungen, die bei uns alllen noch ziemlich präsent vor dem geistigen Auge abrufbar sein dürften. Vielen Dank, liebe Gudrun and dear Mervi. Love especially the picture where KNUT leads his ‘index finger’ to his mouth . . . 🙂

    – – –

    “Tu Aurais eu 13 ans” est une œuvre personelle très spéciale et unique.
    Elle m’a plu beaucoup . . . Nouveau style . . .