Happy New Year wishes from Novosibirsk!

Jan 1st, 2020 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

1.1.2020 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko

Oh bear, some mornings a young polar bear feels so tired!


I just have to try to make some plans even for this day …


Hi, Sis! Waiting for Father Frost and the Snow Maiden is almost more than a bear can take!!! I’m sure you agree!


However, Shauna and Nordi got very curious about what was going on in their enclosure.


Are there any fans admiring us?


Mama Gerda took her twins for a walk on the ice.


Isn’t it wonderful with snow and ice?


Let’s see what papa’s up to ….


Kai is happily napping. He even had some magpies as dinner guests. 🙂


A polar bear polka in the snow is always fun.


The sweet twins look even sweeter in their snowy outfits.


Mama, come and play with us!


Dear kids, you’re old enough to play with each other. Your mama needs a little break now.


Nordi, are you sure Father Frost will come? I’m sure we sent him an invitation – I hope we didn’t forget to post it!


After a short time-out Gerda joined her kids.


Dear children, please, try to behave ….


I have a feeling that Father Frost is already here!


Nordi and Shauna were so excited meeting their new year guests – but after the VIP visitors had left they fell asleep. Tired but very happy! – Maybe we’ll see what Father Frost brought them in the next report from Novosibirsk …..


Knuti’s Weekly wishes Gerda, Kai, Nordi and Shauna a very happy new year 2020. Of course, I wish  the same to all the keepers and visitors in the Novosibirsk Zoo and to all the Russian readers of this magazine!

S novym godom!

I also want to thank Anna and Arkadij for their wonderful photos and Nina for her great videos during the year 2019.


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  1. Liebe Mervi und lieber Arkadij
    Shauna und Nordi sind einfach nur niedlich auch als 1jährige haben sie nichts von ihrem Charme verloren.
    Happy New Year!
    und vielen Dank an die fleiĂźigen Fotografen aus Novosibirsk und Mervis humorigen Texten.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  2. Dear Arkadij, dear Mervi!
    It is great to see the polar bears in the snow. Shauna and Nordi are the wonderful kids. I wish you and the bears a Happy New Year!

  3. Dear Arkadij and Mervi
    Happy New Year to all in Novosibirsk but especially to its beautiful Polar Bear family.

  4. Dear Mervi and Arkadij!
    Thank you for these snowy and delightful impressions from the polar bear family in Novosibirsk.

    It is mood-lifting to see them doing fine after the terrible news from the Zoo Krefeld in the morning that overshadowed the whole New Years day. The start of the new year was as bad as it could be for animal lovers.

    I wish these gorgeous and good looking polar bear family all the best and when it is time for them to leave the zoo a good new home for the cubs.


  5. Eine unglaublig herzige Familie sind GERDA, KAI, SHAUNA und NORDI (ich werde diebeiden nie auseinanderhalten können – sorry).

    Ein unglaublig präsenter Fotograf ist AKADI LAPTENKO.

    And not to forget MERVI who adds some fun by her fitting subtitles.

    Thanks to every-one/-BEAR wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 and an even as HAPPY whole NEW DECADE – not to forget to greet also ANNA with best wishes.

  6. Dear Arkadi & Mervi

    Thank you for this load of cuteness.
    The twins have grown much. They
    are always playful as little kids. 🙂
    And Mama Gerda is very patient.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to Siberia !

    Chris 🙂

  7. Liebe Mervi!

    Erst einmal vielen Dank an Anna, Arkadi, Nina und Dich, dass ihr uns immer mit den Berichten aus Novorsibirsk auf dem laufenden haltet und euch allen ein wunderschoenes neues Jahr. Liebe

    Die beiden sind ganz schoen gross geworden und halten Gerda echt auf Trab und Kai kann stolz sein auf seine Familie.

    Alles Liebe, Erika

  8. Dear Arkadi and Mervi and all other reporters from Zoo Novorsibirsk, thank you so much for sharing these pics with us.
    And what is funnier and cuter that a young polar bear? Exactly, two of the same kind, playing together and having lots of fun with each other and with their mother.