Polar bear family life in Nuenen

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15.1.2020 – Photos by Hans Muskens

The darker shade of white seems to be the latest fashion for the polar bears in Nuenen. Maybe Nivi and Elva are hoping for some snow that would make their furs white and shiny …. Let’s hope they will see some snow flakes during this very ‘odd’ Winter!


Even papa Henk is a dedicated follower of fashion! ­čÖé


Papa, where are you?


Please, join mama and us!


The rhino is very curious about what’s going on in the polar bears’ enclosure.


Of course, papa Henk heard Nivi’s and Elva’s invitation ….


…. and joined his sweet family!


Isn’t this a wonderful sight! We don’t see this kind of scenes so often.


Elva, do you think we can give a kiss on papa’s nose?


I’ll have a chat with him first …..


Happy together!


Sometimes a polar bear papa needs some time for himself, too.


Frimas, Nivi and Elva let him have some rest and decided to take a nap, too.


Finally a study of a beautiful polar bear face


You’ll find Hans Musken’s photos here

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  1. Dear Hans

    What great, fascinating, fantastic and adorable pictures of the whole family!!!!!
    I am always thrilled that things work out so well with Henk.


  2. Dear Hans,
    this polar bear family is very lovely. Henk is a huge bear.
    The fur of the kids look dirty ­čÖé

  3. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Thank you for these astonishing and cool photos of a whole united polar bear family.
    I┬┤ve never seen before a mother bear with her cubs AND the father of the kids in one enclosure together .
    Hopefully it will be possible in the future to see this constellation in other zoos too.
    It would solve the problem of the male bears who are currently often forced to move while their offspring has to be raised.
    I had a good laugh that the whole family of originally white coloured polar bears decided to turn into a darker species… I wonder if they are starting a new fashion trend among polar bears?


  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Hans.
    Best wishes to Henk, Frimas, Elva and Nivi.

  5. Tolle Fotos einer gl├╝cklichen Eisbar-Familie.
    Auch Felix in Fasano, Giovannas Vater,
    war mit seiner Familie zusammen.
    Vielleicht m├╝ssen es einfach
    mehr Zoos wagen… ­čśÇ

  6. Dear Mervi, again a polar bear family that can share the same enclosure. I hope that the more and more, zoos will consider to do the same (of course based on their experience with the male bear). But we have heard about it in Fasano, I saw it in Belgium and now, it happens in Then Netherlands. The more such reunion would be possible, the less the male would be sent on the road.

  7. Dear Hank and Mervi
    It would be great to know from Hank a lot more about how Nuenen does this with Hank and Frimas.
    Perhaps Frimas and Hank are especially relaxed.

  8. Lieber Hans,
    liebe Mervi,

    dieses Familienidyll ist einzigartig sch├Ân und wirklich selten,
    bis auf die Ausnahme von Giovanna in Fasano mit ihrem Vater Felix
    und dem belgischen Zoo, von dem Patrica von einer solchen
    Zusammenf├╝hrung wei├č.

    Auch wenn es in der freien Natur undenkbar ist, scheinen Eisb├Ąrv├Ąter in
    Zoos, wo es keinen Kampf um die Nahrungsmittel gibt, friedlicher zu sein.
    Bei dem au├čerordentlich friedlichen Yoghi hat man sich eine solche Zusammenf├╝hrung mit seinen
    Zwillingen so sehr gew├╝nscht, aber letztendlich doch nicht gewagt.

    Unf├Ąlle oder Missverst├Ąndnisse zwischen den Kids und V├Ątern sind nat├╝rlich
    nie auszuschlie├čen, aber mehrere solcher gegl├╝ckter Wagnisse w├╝rde die Aufzucht von
    Jungtieren gemeinsam mit den V├Ątern sehr erleichtern.
    Das Hauptproblem sind wahrscheinlich die testesterongesteuerten Eisb├Ąrm├Ąnner, wenn ihre Erw├Ąhlte
    vor der Abgabe der Jungtiere noch keine Lust auf Sex hat und der
    Kerl seinen Frust an den Kleinen auslassen w├╝rde – davor f├╝rchten sich nat├╝rlich
    alle Zooverantwortlichen.

    Hans und Mervi, euch beiden ganz herzlichen Dank f├╝r diesen au├čergew├Âhnlichen Beitrag!

  9. Lieber Hans,
    schon sehr au├čergew├Âhnlich da├č der Eisb├Ąrpapa mit seinen Jungtieren zusammen lebt.
    Frimas l├Ą├čt es zu und Henk weiss sich zu benehmen.
    Danke, sch├Âne Bilder und sehr selten so ein Familienidyll.
    Liebe Gr├╝├če Moni K

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