Snowy polar bear games

Feb 4th, 2020 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

4.1.2020 – Photos by Arkadij Laptenko

It’s a  snowy morning in Novosibirsk and the polar bear family is having a morning meeting. It looks like there were very lively discussions between mama Gerda and her twins.


Sometimes Shauna and Nordi have different opinions about the ‘schedule of the day’ so mama has to act as a referee. 🙂


Soon the arguments are forgotten and the kids are playing happily again.

The pylon looks a bit worn-out ….


…. but it’s still a very nice toy!


Dear children, I hope you can play together with the toy.


OK, we’re trying ….


…. I won the first round with the toy!


Shauna and Nordi are so happy about the snow that makes their ‘floor’ so soft and cool.


Can a polar bear be cuter???? Can anything be cuter???


Now it’s time to share the toy!


Dear Sis, it’s your turn!


Ooops! The snow is playing games with us ….


Oh bear, the ground can be very slippery!


After a while the toy has taken an ‘interesting’ shape but it can still be used in many ways! 🙂


Do you recognize me?


This is the perfect thing to use when I want to be incognito! 🙂


Papa Kai thinks the snowy weather is equal to a life in lyxory!



Dear kids, don’t you think it’s time for some cuddling and hugging?


Here we go, mama!


A kiss on your nose shows how much we love you!


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  1. Dear Mervi,
    oh how sweet is this little polar bear-family! Wonderful photos by Arkadij Laptenko! Thank you so much for showing them to us.
    With best wishes,

  2. Dear Mervi and Arkadij!
    Thank you so much for your well-made teamwork and these delightful impressions of a happy polar bear family in the snow. It seems they have the best time of their lives.

    The photos are fantastic and show how much the quality of the enclosure is enhanced when snow covers the surface. I´m quite happy for the bears that they can enjoy their favourite season with ice and snow!

    Although the cone has left its best times obviously behind the cubs really know how to have still fun with it.
    I really loved the affectionate subtitles and had a good laugh about some of them.

    All the best

  3. Liebe Mervi und lieber Arkadij,
    die Eisbären im Zoo Novosibirsk haben das richtige Wetter, frostig kalt und viel Schnee!
    Vielen Dank, wunderschöne Bilder von meiner Lieblingsfamilie und Mervi hat wieder witzigen Text
    dazu gefügt.
    Liebe Grüße Moni K

  4. Dear Arkadij, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of the polar bears in the snow. Shauna and Nordi are very cute and they both enjoy the snow. Gerda is a lovely mother.

  5. Liebe Mervi,

    Wow, sind das super süße Bilder von den drei Schnee-Bärchen.
    Um diese Menge der schönen weißen Pracht würden unsere Berliner Eisbären die Drei sicher sehr beneiden.
    Es ist so schön anzusehen, wie sie im Schnee tollen.

    Es sind alle Bilder echt klasse, aber trotzdem habe ich drei Favoriten. Das 9. Foto von oben ist echt süß. Die letzten beiden Bilder “Kisses for Mum” sind echte Schnappschüsse. Danke fürs Zeigen.

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    die Kuss-Bilder sind auch meine Lieblingsfotos heute, aber alle anderen sind
    natürlich auch toll.
    Im dichten Schnee sieht man nichts von dem engen Gehege und er ist auf
    jeden Fall eine schöne Abwechslung für die Youngsters.

    Vielen Dank an dich und Arkadij!

  7. Dear Arkadij & Mervi

    The twins had much fun, playing in the snow,
    and even their mother did so. Unbelievable how
    the kids have grown ! Thank you for the report. 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  8. Ah – Despite of snow and ice the NOVOSIBIRSK-BEAUTIES have changed their colour from white to rather beige which doesn’t harm their beauty in whatsoever way 🙂

    It’s pure fun to see those lovely rascals and their wonderful mother GERDA in the top-pics of ARKADI LAPTENKO and to read the MERVI-created subtitles. THANKS to the both of you for the pleasure.

    It’s good to see even Papa KAI, the life of whom is for sure a bit more boring than that of his kits and lovely wife but he seems to be in best shape – anyway – as well!

    Ich muss mich mal generell entschuldigen:
    Dass ich über die Maßen viele Tippfehler mache, ist ja hinreichend bekannt, seitdem mein Notebook aber von W7 auf W10 umgestellt wurde, bekomme ich das rote Fehler-Unterwellen nicht weg und demnach mache ich nicht nur jede Menge Tippser, sondern ich scheine weder des Deutschen noch des Englischen auch nur annähernd mächtig zu sein: Meine Texte sind teilweise lückenlos unterstrichen/unterwellt.
    SIGH und SORRY!

  9. Dear Arkadij – wonderful pictures of wonderful bears in snowy weather. Charming, funny and adorable.

    Dear Mervi, thanks for showing. I hope soon to see Nöels cub here.

    Hugs from Copenhagen

  10. Ich liebe Gerda und ihre beiden Teddys!!!1

    LG Brigitte

  11. Liebe Arkadij, liebe Mervi!

    Ich freue mich immer ueber die wunderbaren Bilder und die lustigen Geschichten aus Novosibirsk. Die Familie hat richtig viel Spass und einen tollen Eisbaerenwinter.

    Alles Liebe, Erika

  12. Dear Arkadij and Mervi
    It is good to see that even in Russia my campaign: pylons for polar bears not autobahns! has young supporters.
    The family are looking good.

  13. Dear Arkadij and Mervi, thank you so much for sharing these pics with us. The polar bear family is funny in their snow games. Cubs trying to share the toys, mamma very busy to keep the peace and papa enjoying his peaceful life. But, they all have snow. And that is a thing the polar bears are missing in some parts of Europe.

  14. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Arkadij.
    Best wishes to Kai, Gerda, Shauna and Nordi.