Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) on Wednesday 22 January – Part 2

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23.2.2020 by Ralph Morton

Pixel and Nissan




The relationship between male Polar Bears is similar to the rules of martial arts. Trials of strength are both a competition and a means of reinforcing trust. Nissan and Pixel begin by exchanging taste and scent.



A mixture of wrestling and biting follows.



We are all familiar with these images from Churchill or Svalbard but being able to enjoy them in the gentle Yorkshire countryside makes YWP very special.



The wrestling ends with shows of respect and in Nissan and Pixel’s case, affection.

Victor and Nobby


Victor was enjoying the beach.


Seagulls are a common sight inland in the UK. Victor hardly notices them.


Looking at these photos of Victor heading to the central den area, one could imagine being in the tundra of northern Canada or Russia. Project Polar is as close as one can get to them in a Zoo.


Victor marches past one of the newer toys for the bears, an old kayak.


Victor look almost like Nobby in this cappuccino shade.


Nobby spent some of the time patrolling the fence shown in the distance here. However, he also spent some time shadowing Victor. Victor was still hoping someone would appear with some food!



Nobby making his way to his den. Victor was doing a lot of intense sniffing and occasionally moaned loudly (the adult version of a cub crying for food).


Each of the enclosures has purpose-built stone dens for the bears to rest in. However, Nobby and Victor have also dug themselves small dens in the hillside of the first enclosure.


Nobby likes to make himself comfortable and spent a lot of time before snuggling down.


In this shot Nobby seems to be wishing us all goodbye till we join him again (probably in March)

This link will take you to the Facebook pages of the Fans of Yorkshire Wildlife Park group with some amazing photos. You do not need to take any notice of the prompts to sign in, simply scroll down the screen, ignoring them, and the photos will appear.

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    Thank you for the second part of your YWP reports!

    Pixel and Nissan seem to be acting in a real ‘polar bear manner’. They are good friends but, naturally, they even have to wrestle and measure their power. 🙂

    I’m sure Nobby has learnt a lot from the old chap Victor although there are arguments every now and then. You told us in the Knuipe that Nobby has an injury after an argument with Victor. I hope our young bear is doing fine again.

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Lieber Ralph,

    auch in deinem zweiten Bericht hast du wieder sehr feinsinnige Beobachtungen gemacht
    und fotografisch dokumentiert.
    Ich hoffe, dass Nobbys Verletzung nicht allzu ernsthaft ist und das Verhältnis der beiden
    nicht nachhaltig gestört ist.
    Die Youngsters mĂĽssen manchmal in ihrem Ăśbermut etwas gebremst werden und die Brunftzeit
    macht die Kerle eh etwas unruhig. Aufrund dieses Wissens ist es daher auch klug,
    Rasputin vorerst von der Männergruppe zu separieren.

    Vielen Dank fĂĽr deinen Bericht und liebe GrĂĽĂźe!

  3. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the pictures of Nissan, Pixel, Victor and Nobby.

  4. Hello Ralph

    Thank you for the Yorkshire-Report.
    I hope, Nobby is o.k. after his little
    struggle with Victor…

    Chris 🙂

  5. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the second part of your interesting YWP report. It seems that Pixel and Nissan are best friends and like to measure their strenght with each other… Hopefully it won´t get too serious!

    The relationship between Victor and Nobby appears to be more complicated. Victor is a big and dominant male and can´t take a joke by a younger bear. Hopefully Nobby was not hurt seriously!

    I felt sorry for Victor when I read that he moaned loudly because he was perhaps a little hungry or for whatever reason.


  6. Lieber Ralph,
    es ist interessant erwachsene Eisbären zu beobachten. Nissan und Pixel sind vom Alter auch gut miteinander
    zu vergesellschaften.
    Ist bei Nobby und Viktor viel schwieriger und wie Raspi da zurecht kommt…….wird fĂĽr Nobby nicht leichter.
    Vielen Dank, für deine Bilder und die Beobachtungen vom Zusammenleben der vier Eisbären und ich bin gespannt auf deinen Bericht im März mit Rasputin.
    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe Moni K

  7. Lieber Ralph,

    danke fĂĽr den zweiten Teil von Deinem Ausflug in de Yorkshire Wildlife-Park.

    Dem Nobby wĂĽnsche ich alles Gute und gute Besserung. Er hat es wohl nicht so leicht in Yorkshire.
    Vielleicht kommt er ja später mit Raspi zusammen. Wäre doch schön, wenn er einen Kumpel hätte, mit dem er sich richtig toll versteht.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe. Bis bakd

  8. Dear Ralph, thank you for your report and pics of the YWP polar bears. And I fully agree with you: when seeing them strolling around in their enclosure, one can have the feeling that they are just walking around in the wild. And most probably, that is also the reason why these bears feel comfortable there. Nevertheless, I hope that they all will accept our Raspi-Patatje without a problem.