Nöel presented her cubbie to the visitors

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2.3.2020 – Source: Copenhagen Zoo

On the 27th of February it was time for Nöel in Copenhagen to present her baby bear to the visitors. The cubbie had been very eager to come out of the den but when it was time to do that it hesitated.


Mama Nöel did her best to encourage her baby but it took quite a while until the small bear had mobilized enough guts to make it’s first entry. 🙂


The keepers had arranged a little snow heap at the door and in the snow big pieces of frozen meat were hidden.


While waiting for her cub to come out Nöel took a short swimming tour in the moth and rolled in the snow. Her fur certainly needed to be cleaned after the months in the den!

When Imaq came out there were heaps of hay instead of water in the moth but now there was water. I hope it’s safe for the little one. Of course, Nöel is keeping an eye on him/her (I don’t know the gender yet). Even when she was swimming she never took her eyes of the door to the den – just in case the baby would come out.


A short video showing the baby’s first steps in the ‘big world’

The curiousity won over the fear so soon the baby was exploring the enclosure with mama.

First the cubbie stayed under mama’s belly – a very safe and secure place for a little baby bear!


However, everything looked just too exciting so the baby started to explore the enclosure.



It looks like Nöel is saying: ‘Dear child, there’s nothing to be afraid of! I’m here with you all the time.’


Of course, the baby already understands the polar bear language and became very active! 🙂


This rock is still too high to climb ….


…. but this one wasn’t any real challenge!


Yippee! I made it!


What shall I do next?


Maybe a nice pose for the visitors’ cameras?


Even though the cubbie doesn’t eat solid food yet the frozen meat was very interesting! 🙂


Bye bye for now! It was a long exciting day for the sweet baby bear so it’s time to retire for a nap.


From now on the door will be open so Nöel and her baby can come and go as they want. There are now good chances to meet the mama and her cutie pie even though it might take some patience.

The photos are screen shots from the videos.

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  1. Dear Mervi
    Some people grumbled about the straw in the moat, but after the loss of Augo in Aalborg it seemed to me sensible.
    However, Noel is a watchful mother and the little one seems very cautious. Polar Bear cubs are very hardy and I think if it falls in, Noel will be there.
    If all goes well I should be able to judge for myself in three weeks time
    All the best

  2. Dear Mervi,
    the baby of Noel is very cute. For the first going out Noel and her baby got some snow. I think Noel enjoyed the bath and rolling in the snow very much.

  3. Dear Meri!
    Noel´s cub is a cute and tiny sweetheart.
    I had hoped the zoo would fill the ditch with straw again…
    Keepers and visitors could be more relaxed while watching mother and child during their excursions upon the steep and stony steps.


  4. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank für die schnelle Einstellung der süßen Fotos und Videos aus Copenhagen.
    Der oder die Kleine ist ja wirklich noch sehr sehr klein. Hat aber schon ihren eigenen kleinen Dickkopf, wie man sehen konnte, als sie das gefrorene Fleisch wegschleppte, und Mama mal kurz anmaulte. Von wegen: das ist meins.

    Auf dem ersten Video sieht man schon deutlich, dass Nöel noch etwas unsicher war und sich nicht richtig wohlfühlte. Sie wollte ihren kleinen Schatz lieber in der sicheren Höhle haben. Und das Kleine zuckte auch mal kurz, als sie das ganze Kamera-Geklicke hörte.

    Im zweiten Video sieht alles schon etwas entspannter aus. Super, dass man den Bären Eisstücke auf die Anlage brachte.
    Das hätte ich mir für unsere Hertha auch gewünscht, wenn es schon kein Schnee gibt.

    Jedenfalls war der erste Ausgang des Minis ein toller Erfolg. Ich wünsche den Beiden, dass es weiterhin so gut läuft.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Liebe Mervi,
    kleines Bärchen entdeckt die große Welt, ist immer ganz besonders für die Zuschauer und natürlich das Kleine.
    Noel hat das erste Mal Nachwuchs und sie macht es perfekt und ich wünsche den beiden das es so gut
    weiter geht.
    Danke fürs Zeigen und liebe Grüße
    Moni K

  6. Das Kind ist noch sehr klein, aber schon sehr munter.
    Ich denke auch, dass Noel es für das erste mal sehr
    gut macht. Die Anlage ist natürlich nicht optimal,
    aber man muss sich damit arrangieren. Die
    Idee mit dem Schnee war natürlich gut. 🙂
    Ich wünsche den beiden weiter viel Glück !

  7. Dear Mervi, thanks for the wonderful pictures from “my” Zoo. The little one is adorable. I saw her the first day, she was out and shortly this weekend. I wish them all the best.

    Good night from Copenhagen

  8. Amazing how mother Noel sets her big paws very determined and secured around the delicate seeming cub. Isn’t it a wonder how this works!? Wonderful!

    The baby is just a right tresore. Awwww . . . .! INGE aus Copenhagen (Hi!) must be very happy to have such a lovely ‘right in front of her door’ . . . 🙂

    Thank you, dear MERVI, for having brought another press report to us and to garnish it with your own words!

  9. Sooo niedlich! Alles Gute fuer Noel und das Kleine!

    Liebe Gruesse, Erika