ZOOM Gelsenkirchen December 2019: Forest Animals

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17.3.2020 by Ralph Morton

There is of course a lot else to see at ZOOM beside my favourite Polars. However, it is not always possible for me to film them on my phone.


The brown/Kodiak bears were asleep so I was able to get a couple of shots of them in their large enclosure.


Although they have toys and plenty of different terrain, they do not seem to have the same creativity as Polars and spend much more time sound asleep.


Alaska is also home to a pack of Timber Wolves. They can often be heard rather than seen, but on this occasion I was lucky to catch some shots of them.


Their enclosure is spacious and does look like a forest. The wolves are smaller than the Arctic variety in Berlin.


Their interesting colouring can be seen. It makes them quite hard to spot in a forest.


The wet weather seemed to appeal to the pack and they were more active than usual.


Some of the wolves are darker than others.


I think the rain must have brought up to the surface rodents and other prey. The pack were all foraging busily.


The pack was very relaxed and much quieter than on other occasions.


As soon as they heard one of the numerous vehicles used by the ZOOM keepers, the pack was alert in case something good was coming their way.


This much darker wolf was in a hurry.


This wolf seemed to be bigger than the others, perhaps the Alpha male.


The lake adds some more enrichment and the black wolf had seen something. After a while the black wolf decided to go back to the forest.


On the other side of the lake live another Alaskan animal, in fact two. Elk are equipped with impressive antlers, but the one on the right is just out of shot.

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  1. Dear Ralph!
    The brown bears in ZOOM have a very good enclosure with the impressive falls. The bears look great.
    The wolves have enough place too.

  2. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the pics of the brown bears and Timber wolves in Gelsenkirchen.

    I´m always getting sad and envious when I see brown bears in other zoos.
    Giant pandas are cute but a bit boring and no substitute for them!
    I really miss our dear brownies…!


  3. Ein schönes Wolfsrudel haben sie in Gelsenkirchen.
    Die Kodiak-Bären erscheinen noch etwas müde.
    Auch Familie Elch ruht. 🙂
    Wo ist Antonia ?

  4. https://knutisweekly.com/2020/02/zoom-gelsenkirchen-in-december-2019-antonia/

  5. Dear Ralph,

    Thank you for presenting the sweet brownies and the beautiful wolves! Even the elks look fantastic!

    I know how difficult it is to go away from the polar bears but this time you managed …. 🙂

    Hugs from Mervi

  6. Lieber Ralph,
    schön dass du auch bei den anderen Bewohner der arktischen Welt warst.
    Die Wölfe und besonders auch die Braunbären sind schon sehr sehenswert.
    Danke dir für deine schönen Bilder und liebe Grüße
    Moni K

  7. Dear Ralph, sorry for reacting soo late, but I just discovered your last report. FOEI FOEI, brownies are no lazy potatoes, they were only a tad tired at the moment you took the pic. I love your pics of the timber wolves. In all honesty, I prefer them better than the white ones in Berlin. According to me, they look like “real” wolves.
    And by the way, I have noticed that your photos taken by phone are becoming better and better. While looking at them, I thought: O MY, Ralph should have a camera because he knows very well to frame his photo and to focus on the subject.

  8. dear Ralph,
    you have seen so mäny dear animals in ZOOM Gelsenkirchen, I like the Brown bears, the wolves and the Elk, they all are living in good enclosures. Thank you for your report and for sharing your nice pictures with us, it is always a pleasure
    dear greetings and good wishes to you