Copenhagen – The pandas had their first meeting

Apr 19th, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

19.4.2020 – Source: The Copenhagen Zoo

10th of April – After several months’ preparations it was finally time to let Mao Sun and Xing Er to meet for the first time – and hopefully even mate! The vets and the keepers have followed the female’s heat in order to pick the exactly right moment.


The two pandas played together for an hour but they didn’t mate this time. Well, there’s always tomorrow ….


By the way – it was exactly one year ago Queeen Margrethe declared the panda enclosure opened.

On the 11th April Mao Sun og Xing Er were allowed to be together again hoping that the narrow ‘window’ of 12-36 hours of the female’s heat would result in a mating.


The pandas were together two times. Between the ‘sessions’ they had a break for a nap and a bite of yammy bamboo.



In the video you can see how the meeting between Mao Sun og Xing Er went.

On the 13th of April the pandas had a new chance to mate and were allowed to spend a night together. They were playing a lot but no mating! We will give the pair another chance but it’s totally up to the female if there will be ‘romance in the air’.



The pandas will be together until Tuesday morning (14th of April). Then we can only wait and hope ….


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  1. Dear Mervi and Inge
    I was lucky enough to visit the pandas and meet Inge in the Summer and Autumn last year. The enclosure is very modern and the pandas seemed to be happy.
    Now that they have no visitors watching them they may feel more relaxed.
    Thanks for this heartwarming story.

  2. Das letzte Foto ist der Hit!

    Es erinnert mich aufs Schönste an das herrliche, damals von einer ‘Extra-Dame’ geschossene und so klasse mit “I think she likes me!” untertitelte Foto von ‘meinem’ geliebten LARS!

    Ich denke das oder etwas Ähnliches wird auch hier mit ‘she’ oder ‘he’ gedacht (ich weiß natürlich nicht, wer auf dem Foto Männnchen und wer Weibchen ist!) 🙂

  3. Dear Mervi!
    ” it’s totally up to the female if there will be ‘romance in the air’.”
    There is nothing more to be said… except that NO means NO.
    In the videos the male appears somehow “pushy”…
    But there is still some hope left since they look as if they like each other and seem to be harmonic together
    – occasionally.
    At least they play with each other, that´s a good sign in my eyes.

    Thank you for the update of the giant panda couple in Copenhagen.


  4. Dear Mervi!
    The mating was not easy 🙂
    I hope it was successful.

  5. Dear Mervi
    Thanks for showing. I do miss “my” Zoo. A new rhinobaby and Noels cub and no entrance and no chance to see them in the real life.
    Lots of greetings to all

  6. Liebe Mervi,

    der Wille war wohl da, aber das know how fehlte noch.
    Vielleicht klappt es beim nächsten Mal – der Anfang war immerhin schon vielversprechend und die Chemie muss auch stimmen. Vielleicht kommt sie beim Bambusessen.

    Danke für die schönen Fotos und “sportlichen” Videos!

    Herzliche Grüße an dich und auch an dich, liebe Inge. Hoffentlich kannst du deinen Heimatzzoo bald wieder besuchen!

  7. Ich finde Pandas einfach super und offensichtlich geniessen sie die derzeitige Privstsphaere..Danke fuers Zeigen.
    Als Kind hatte ich einen aus Pluesch, den hat mir mein Onkel aus Kanada geschickt, ich habe ihn zerliebt.

    Liebe Gruesse und gesund bleiben, Erika

  8. Ich wünsche den Pandas Glück.
    Vielleicht gibt es ja bald auch
    dort Nachwuchs ?! 🙂