Aalborg – Close encounters of the polar bear kind

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29.5.2020 – Photos by Jeanette Johnsen

The first step to ‘normal life’ – at least for the polar bear lovers – is that most zoos are open now. Even Aalborg has opened the gates for the visitors. Of course, there are strict restrictions just like in all other zoos. Let’s hope that every visitor follows the rules so the zoo can stay open because the money the visitors bring is urgently needed!

It’s been a long waiting but now Malik could finally welcome the visitors and fans.


Now she could proudly present her adorable twins to the fans. Today the zoo announced the names of the baby girls – Inuk and Imaq. I must say I’m disappointed! There’s already Imaq in Copenhagen (Lynn’s cubbie) and Nöel’s cubbie is Inuvik – very close to Inuk. For me they will be Mette and Jytte – two decent Danish names. 🙂


Of course, the twins were curious about the two legged creatures on the other side of the glass ….


Just like Nuka and Quilaq they came very close to the glass to meet their human friends.


Oh bear, this is so exciting!


These visitors are not much bigger than I am.


They look very friendly so I’m putting on my cutest look.


Hello there! What a nice cap you have.


Why do they have such small paws??


Doesn’t it look like she was wearing a mouthguard just like ice hockey players? Well, I guess it’s a piece of an apple or at least something eatable … 🙂


Wow! Now I saw a bigger visitor but even she has very small paws …. and why are the claws so red??


I must take a closer look.


I would like to kiss your paw, Madame, but this is the best I can do! 🙂


Every visitor’s dream! To be so close to a beautiful polar bear is a fantastic experience!


Dear Jeanette! Thank you so much for the wonderful photos!

Knuti’s Weekly wishes Malik, Mette & Jytte, the keepers and the visitors in Aalborg a most pleasant Summer time.

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  1. Dear Jeanette and Mervi
    I am both crying and smiling as I thank you for these beautiful photos.
    Crying because it does not look like the damn virus will let me travel to Aalborg and we have already missed seeing the cubs when they were first out on the enclosure.
    Smiling because I can put myself at the glass with those visitors thanks to the photos. The cubs are every bit as lively and curious as Nuka and Qillak were. Malik looks as gorgeous as ever.

  2. Dear Mervi and Jeanette!
    Thank you for the beautiful and mood-lifting photos from Aalborg.
    Malik and her little ones are for sure pleased about the visitors on the other side of the pane. These people are so interesting, worth exploring and a good way to busy themselves with exciting observations.
    It is plain to see the visitors are happy too!

    Dear Ralph!
    I´m sorry for you that you had to cancel your travel plans. Hopefully there are more opportunities to see your favourite animals as soon as possible! What a pity you missed the first excursions of the cubs.


  3. Dear Jeanette! Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures of Malik, Mette and Jytte. I am very glad that the zoo is open again.

  4. Liebe Mervi, liebe Jeanette,

    die Bilder an der Scheibe sind zum Dahinschmelzen und deine Kommentare zu den roten Krallen der Damenhand ebenfalls, Mervi!
    Die Namen sind wirklich nicht einfallsreich, da wäre Mette & Jytte viel origineller gewesen, auch als Botschafter für ihr Geburtstland. Keiner weiß, warum ausgerechnet immer Eisbären nordische bzw. Namen aus der Eskimosprache haben sollen. Die Hauptsache ist aber, dass sie gesund und munter sind, und daran lassen diese schönen Fotos keinen Zweifel, auch wenn du, lieber Ralph, dich nicht selbst davon überzeugen kannst, was mir sehr leid für dich tut.

    Herzliche Grüße

  5. I love seeing these beautiful photos that Jeanette shares with us. I too would like to be there in person, but it is impossible for now and for a long time, I fear.

    I cannot believe they named one of the cubs the same as Nord’s daughter in Copenhagen. Nord now has two daughters with the same name!

    If I cannot be in Aalborg, at least I can imagine standing at the glass and seeing these beautiful babies, in these fantastic photos.