Columbus Zoo – Aurora’s baby boy has a name now!

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7.5.2020 – Source: Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

The results are in, and the winner is … Kulu!


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium launched this very special naming opportunity so wildlife fans could have the chance to vote for their favorite name for Aurora’s cub. Approximately 42,000 polar bear fans representing 67 countries voted online for their favorite of three names for Aurora’s male cub (Kulu, Minik, or Corky, a nod to Armstrong World Industries’ beginnings as a cork manufacturer and whose support and generosity has been appreciated by the Columbus Zoo for several years).

The favorite name for this cub (receiving 48 percent of the votes) was Kulu, followed by Minik (13,142 votes), and Corky (8,785 votes). The word “Kulu” is an Inuit term of endearment.


Leading up to the birth of the cub, as well as for weeks after he was born, the Columbus Zoo’s dedicated polar bear care team monitored mom, Aurora, and her little one around the clock via mounted cameras documenting—and sharing in—every moment.



Aurora has been an excellent mother, and keepers have watched Aurora and her little one develop a close bond. Keepers have also been able to expand on their own trusting relationship with Aurora and to develop one with Kulu now that the bears have ventured out of the birthing den, into other behind-the-scenes habitats, and now the large outdoor habitat. Not only has he endeared himself to his loving mother and devoted keepers, but Kulu is precious to this threatened species, offering hope for the future of polar bears. Kulu’s name was announced on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.


Getting to know Kulu:

Born on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2019 to mother, Aurora, and first-time father, Lee, this polar bear cub has shown a great deal of spunk since his arrival into the world. All of Aurora and her twin sister, Anana’s previous cubs (Nora, Neva, Nuniq and Amelia Gray) have each had their unique personalities, and Kulu is certainly coming into his own!



Now an 85-pound furry ball of energy, he is not easily fazed and seems to treat every day as a new adventure. Kulu loves to swim, play with enrichment items, participate in important training sessions with his dedicated Animal Care team, roll in dirt piles and cuddle (as well as roughhouse) with his gentle and ever-patient mom.


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  1. Dear Mervi I suppose Kulu is a bit like Schatz in German.
    He is gorgeous. Thanks for introducing us.

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    nachdem du die Namensverkündung in der Knuipe so geheimnsvoll gestaltet hast, dachte ich zunächst – oh Gott, er heißt womöglich Knut, aber immerhin fängt Kulu mit “K” an, das kann man sich gut merken.
    Ein hübsches Bärchen schaut uns neugierig an und ich wünsche ihm Glück und Gesundheit – die Schminktechnik hat er schon voll im Griff!

    Herzliche Grü0e

  3. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Kulu and Aurora.

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for bringing us the good news from Aurora´s sweet cub.
    The photos and subtitles are heart-warming and to watch this little one in reality must be pure joy.
    His fans chose a good and unique name for him.
    Kulu is as cute and charming as every polar bear baby and I wish him a happy, healthy and long life!


  5. Liebe Mervi,
    Kulu ist ein kleiner Charmeur. Sehr süß, der Kleine!
    Vielen Dank für diesen schönen Bericht.

  6. Dear Mervi,
    Aurora`s cub is very cute. I never heard the name Kulu before.

  7. Süßer kleiner Kulu !
    Und wie man sich
    schminkt, hat er
    auch gelernt. 😀

  8. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist ja auch ein niedlicher kleiner Dreckspatz. Und wie frech er schon in die Kamera schaut.

    Kulu ist mal ein Name, den man aussprechen kann.

    Danke fürs Zeigen.

    Liebe Grüße