Copenhagen – The zoo is open again!

May 23rd, 2020 | By | Category: Denmark

23.5.2020 – Source: The Copenhagen Zoo

Today (the 23rd of May)  the Copenhagen Zoo is again open for the visitors.

You are warmly welcome to visit us!


This will be the first chance for many visitors to meet Nöel’s baby Inuvik ‘live’ so I’m sure there will be many curious polar bear lovers in the zoo today.


Inuvik has grown a lot but she’s still mama’s little princess.


There are many sweet newborns, too!

The lion cubs and the baby rhino (see the second video) will be visitors’ darlings – that’s for sure!


This video presents some of the sweeties waiting for their visitors.

The rhino baby is doing fine and he has now been introduced to the the whole rhino clan in the zoo. Mama rhino is making sure the adults won’t come too near her precious baby.

Knuti’s Weekly wishes all the animals, keepers and visitors a wonderful day in the re-opened zoo!

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  1. All of those little-ones are adorable, “zum Fressen süß!”, besonders natürlich das rennende kleine verwirrte Nashorn-Kind im Video! (mit wem ‘kämpft’ Mama Nashorn denn da? Ist das eines ihrer älteren Kinder? . . ).

    Die Löwen- und Elefanten-Kinder, das fast einschlafende Schafs- oder Ziegenböckchen und natürlich nicht zu vergessen die süße INUVIK möchte man am liebsten right away herzen und küssen und ma besten gleich mitnehmen! ;-))))))

    Thanks ZOO COPENHAGEN – well done_ Kind welcome to visitors’ comeback and press release with the two gorgeous videos.

    Thanks again to you, dear MERVI – this time for your Saturday-treat from Copenhagen.

    – – –

    I am loooking forward to getting personal infos and possibly photos from YOU peronally!! :-)))

  2. Dear Mervi and Inge
    Sadly I will miss seeing these little ones this year.
    Fortunately 2019 saw me in Copenhagen Zoo 6 times.
    The pictures here are very welcome.

  3. Dear Mervi and Vesa!
    Thank you for the update from the Copenhagen Zoo!
    The re-opening is for sure a relief for all those who waited impatiently. Hopefully the visitors will behave reasonable, keep the necessary distance and are careful. The Corona crisis is not over yet!

    Fortunately the young rhino, the lion cubs and little Inuvik are still small… and together with their mothers.
    I hope you can see all these sweeties as soon as possible first hand!


  4. Dear Mervi!
    I am glad the zoo is open again. Maybe you will be able to visit this zoo soon.

  5. Dear Mervi

    Nice pictures from Copenhagen. I have been there twice and shall visit again to-morrow. It is not possible to go indooors, but the rules are easy. Stay to the right and keep a distance. And it is also easy to get something to eat. It was nice to see the Zoo again. The day after to-morrow I have ideas about visiting The blue Planet with the adorable seaotters.
    All the best wishes to you all.