Dierenrijk Nuenen is open again

May 21st, 2020 | By | Category: Featured articles

21.5.2020 – Photos by Hans Muskens

The zoo opened the gates yesterday (20th of May). The number of visitors at the same time is limited so one has to reserve a time online. Of course, even the ‘usual corona rules’ must be respected.

It’s been a long waiting both for the visitors and for the animals. These photos were taken before the opening.

Where are they? We miss our visitors!


I miss them, mooh – I mean, too!


Even the polar bear family is checking if there are any fans around.


The cheetah family had a special visitor 🙂


Waiting is rather boring! What luck we have each other.


Hmm, I must find something funny to do ….


Hey, I know! I’m going to tease my keepers! 🙂


Here I am looking so cute and no visitors to admire me ….


The king of the jungle


We can hear them coming! Oh yeah, our visitors are coming back!


Henk tried to charm Frimas.


He used all the charmeur trick he knew ….


… but Frimas wasn’t interested. Well, better luck next time, Henk! 🙂


Frimas prefered to visit the pool together with Nivi and Elva.


Later papa Henk joined his family.


Time to take it easy before we can meet our fans again! 🙂


I’m so glad my fans are back! I’m sure Hans will be one of the first to visit us!


In the video you can meet many of the animals in this zoo eagerly waiting for the re-opening.

Hans Musken’s photos

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  1. Dear Hans and Mervi
    Thank you for this glorious album. I hope Nuenen will get lots of people even with Corona rules.
    I continue to be amazed by Frimas being so relaxed with Henk around her cubs. They have broken all the usual rules about Polar Bear families. Its a shame that more Polars are not so relaxed. Lions and Tigers but also wolves seem to manage.

  2. The polar bear family has got interesting outfits. Very elegant. Nice colours!
    Es ist immer wieder so schön wie erstaunlich, eine komplette EisbĂ€renfamilie – inklusive Papa – zusammen sehen zu können. No ‘social distancing’, rather ‘social squeezing”, so! 😉

    Thank you very much, dear Hans MUSKENS. Thank you very much, dear MERVI, for caring for the publication in your ‘KWM’ and for the fitting subtitles.

    Great!: The cheetas investigating their visitor on the other side of the glass screen! 🙂

    Die Löwen sind klasse und beim Anblick des sĂŒĂŸen ‘Roten Pandas’ werde ich aufs Angenehmste total mĂŒde und außerdem denke ich an meinen ‘Kleinen Roten Drachen’, der bzw. DIE immer noch mit ihrm Frauchen an der Ostsee bei der echten Oma weilt . . .

    Schöner KragenbÀr.

  3. Dear Mervi and Hans!
    Thank you for these fabulous photos of Dierenrijk Nuenen and the appropriate captions.

    I go green with envy about the good-looking brownies…and had a good laugh about the chimpanzee and
    ” Hmm, I must find something funny to do 
. Hey, I know! I’m going to tease my keepers! ?”
    I wonder what he planned to do?

    The cheetahs seemed to be quite curious about the little fellow at the pane…

    Meerkats are so charming and this family is a cute and cheerful sight.

    ItÂŽs obvious that Frimas and Henk are doing well together with their kids.

    I really would love to visit this zoo, also because our Berlin rhinos Narayani and Jhansi are at home there now and the moon bear looks like our Plato who passed away lately…

    Hugs and paw waves

  4. Dear Mervi and dear Hans, hope that the visitors loved their first meetings with all animals. But frankly said, sometimes I am wondering whether the animals did miss the visitors. For them, it must have been really quiet and relaxing without all these yelling voices all day long.
    Glad to see that Nuenen also allowed Henk to join the rest of the family. In the wild, this would not be possible, but in captivity, males have sufficient food and thus there is no need to hunt baby polar bears.

  5. Dear Hans and dear Mervi!
    I am very glad that the zoo is open again. I like your pictures, dear Hans , and hope you will visit the zoo very soon.

  6. Der Film vom DIERENRIJK NUENEN ist klasse – inklusive der Luftaufnahmen-Anteile, auch der ganzen EisbĂ€renFamilie:toll!

    Auch die anderen Tiere kommen in dem Film wunderbar zur Geltung!

  7. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Hans.
    Best wishes to Frimas, Henk, Nivi, Elva and the other animals in Nuenen.

  8. Der Film ist wunderschoen! Gut dass das Warten fuer die Tiere und Besucher zu Ende ist.

    Liebe Gruesse, Erika

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